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Demetrios Sampson

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Demetrios Sampson
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  1. TEMPUS JEP-16067-2001:TEACHING BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMSTeaching Business Information Systems in Greece – a case study Demetrios Sampson


  3. Some General Information • Qualification awarded • Ptyhio, 4-year degree in Management Science & Technology • Admission requirements • Students enter the Department through the Pan Hellenic Examinations at the final year of High school. With respect to the university entrance exams, the Department belongs to the 4th (Technological Sciences) and 5th (Economy and Management) scientific field. Thus, it is targeted at two categories of candidates: • Those wishing to study business administration while focusing on new areas of specializations as entrepreneurship, innovation, decision-making, business analysis, supply chain management, e-business etc. • Those wishing to combine the study of Information Technology with Management and Economics

  4. Educational & professional goals The Department’s program of study has been designed so as to prepare managers for enterprises and organizations, managers who will be capable of dealing with the complexity of current and future technological, economic and social challenges. This is why the emphasis of the study program falls on the multi-disciplinary integration of technological, economic and managerial scientific areas. More specifically, the purpose of the program is the creation of executives with basic knowledge of management science, complemented with knowledge and skills in the management and use of modern technologies, as well as the necessary managerial and leadership skills.  With this mix of knowledge and skills, they will be able to efficiently take operational and strategic decisions, a task that, by its very nature, requires a multi-disciplinary approach.

  5. Access to further studies • M.Sc. in Decision Sciences (with five specializations in Management Science, E-Business, Transport and Logistics, Financial Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and New Enterprise Management). This is attended by more than 120 postgraduate students each year from Greece and abroad (both full-time and part-time). The courses are taught in English. • M.Sc. in Human Resources Management (in collaboration with the Department of Marketing and Communications) with specializations in: Staff Training & Development, and Change Management • Executive MBA (in collaboration with the Departments of Business Administration, Marketing & Communications, Informatics). Targeted at executives of Enterprises and Organizations who are already graduates with at least 4 years management experience, and wish to upgrade their scientific background and managerial skills, without having to interrupt their career. • Ph.D. Program, 40 doctoral candidates are currently completing their doctoral theses in contemporary and innovative topics of Management Science and Information Technology including: Change management, eBusiness, Supply Chain Management, Financial Engineering, Innovation Management, Mobile Business, Digital Marketing, Decision Making. Doctoral candidates also assist in the department through tutorials and workshops.

  6. Course structure diagram with credits • 60 credits per year • Students graduate when they complete successfully the program of studies and accumulate 240 ECTS credits. • ..\..\..\..\University-Teaching\Cirriculums\DET-Doukidis\Department of Management Science & Technology.htm

  7. Examination and assessment regulations • The program capitalises on educational methods, such as computer-supported lab activities, simulations, games, groupwork, case studies, role-playing, etc. • Attention should be drawn to the practical exercise of students in the 7th semester in a real working environment. • Courses are accompanied by laboratory support, while there is a 60-seat Educational Computing Laboratory for the department’s students. The educational computing laboratory offers support to over 30 courses. • Courses are examined primarily through written exams and coursework (individual and group assignments).

  8. Contact Details Demetrios Sampson Informatics and Telematics Institute, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, 42, Arkadias Street,Athens,GR-15234,Greece and Department of Technology Education and Digital Systems, University of Piraeus 150, Androutsou Street, Piraeus, GR-18534 Greece