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R-UIM. Gordon Beatty Manager, Technical Consulting Gemplus Corporation December 2005. A Worldwide View of the R-UIM. New CDMA operators launch with the R-UIM Over 40 operators currently using the R-UIM Main drivers Inter-standard roaming Protected content Secure key distribution

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    1. R-UIM Gordon Beatty Manager, Technical ConsultingGemplus Corporation December 2005

    2. A Worldwide View of the R-UIM • New CDMA operators launch with the R-UIM • Over 40 operators currently using the R-UIM • Main drivers • Inter-standard roaming • Protected content • Secure key distribution • Point of Sale cost reduction • PIM and application portability North American CDMA operators today provide GSM SIMs for their world phones R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    3. Minimum Parameter Data for Network Connectivity • IMSI_M and/or IMSI_T • CDMA Home SID/NID • MDN • PRL • UIMID • A-key (if authentication is required) Gemplus generates all A-keys securely with a validated random process R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    4. Possible R-UIM Profile Configuration Basic CDMA ~9KB ~25 KB NAM & Security ~ 2 KB Telecom (ADN List) ~10 KB PRL ~4 KB GSM ~0.7 KB CDMA ~14 KB E-PRL ~2 KB CDMA SMS ~4 KB Other CDMA ~2 KB The R-UIM exists on a Java Card OS allowing for cost effective application development R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    5. IMSI_M or IMSI_T Identifying the Subscriber • IMSI_M = MIN based IMSI • MINs are running out • IMSI_T = True IMSI (not derived from MIN) • Operator determines whether to use IMSI_M or IMSI_T • Ongoing work in the operator community to move to IMSI_T R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    6. R-UIM Post Personalization R-UIMs Deployed in the Field • Operators can remotely manage R-UIMs with OTA • New standards under development in 3GPP2 to enable remote applet management (RAM) and remote file management (RFM) • RAM enables operators to securely and reliably download new applications to the R-UIM • RFM provides operators with the capability to update the R-UIM’s entire file system (create, delete, update, extend) • OTAF and IOTA support still available R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    7. Network SMS or Packet Data Using RAM and RFM RAM and RFM can occur over SMS or packet data Remote Management Gateway Operators can remotely manage their R-UIMs over SMS and Packet Data, home and abroad R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    8. How does the R-UIM Address Security? • Subscription and sensitive data reside in the R-UIM, not in the handset • Secure distribution and storage of keys • R-UIMs provide an economical tamper resistant element CDMA operators should enable authentication to provide the most secure network R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    9. Protecting Handset Subsidies with the R-UIM • ME Personalization (C.S0068 in 3GPP2) • Restricts the handset to work with a specific set of R-UIMs • Operator defined parameters • Handset restriction and tracking applications • ESN or MEID checked during initialization • If the R-UIM detects a different handset, it sends a alert to the network R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    10. Replacing and Updating R-UIMs • Replace when low level secure functionality or memory constraints exist • Major network rollouts such as EVDO • More memory for applications or subscriber desires • High memory and high speed interfaces now available to the R-UIM • Remote Management provides the means to update the R-UIM at all other times • Files • Applications • Network changes (re-branding, PRL) • Patches R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    11. Network Modifications • Billing and IT will be impacted, depending on the operator • HLR/AUCs must be updated with new information • Operators and R-UIM vendors exchange data files for variable data provisioned on the R-UIM • IMSI_M/T • UIMID (or next generation equivalent) • Secret Codes • Keys R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    12. PRI in the RUIM • Handset manufacturers ask operators for PRI (Product Release Instruction) information • A PRI equivalent resides in the R-UIM • Settings for the various configuration items on the handset that may be network-specific but not necessarily subscription specific such as NAM, CDMA channels, SID/NID, cycle index, default PRL, etc. R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    13. AuthenticationCAVE and AKA • CAVE is used for CDMA 2G authentication • Specified from C.S0023-0 • Uses ESN or UIMID • AKA is used for CDMA 3G authentication • Specified in C.S0023-C • Does not use MEID R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    14. UIMID Exhaustion • UIMIDs currently come from the same number pool as ESNs • Exhaustion expected in 2007 but could happen sooner • Ongoing work in 3GPP2 to finalize the next unique R-UIM identifier • Option 2: 56bit, similar to MEID • Option 1: 80bit, similar to ICCID C.S0023-C will support the newly agreed upon unique ID R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    15. Helpful Links • R-UIM FAQ http://www.cdg.org/resources/white_papers/files/CDMA%20Frequently%20Asked%20Questions%20BY%20GEMPLUS.pdf • 3GPP2Standards • http://3gpp2.org/Public_html/specs/alltsgscfm.cfm • Gemplus-Orange PR on 128MB SIM • http://www.gemplus.com/press/archives/2005/telecom/14-11-2005-orange-mmsims.html R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    16. “The smart card is crucial, it is the only point of relation between the operator and the customer” VP Customer Intelligence, Corporate Department, TIM R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    17. Thank You Gordon Beatty – gordon.beatty@gemplus.com Pura Font – pura.font@gemplus.com

    18. Questions and Answers • What type of applications can be loaded in the RUIM? • All kinds – applications can be distributed: the encrypted part is in the RUIM; the rest of the application is in the handset. • Is memory an issue? • No. 256KB cards and larger exist today. Currently the market is not asking for smart cards that large. • Does the RUIM lead to churn? • Just the opposite. RUIMs with personalized services are controlled by the operator and cannot be used by any other operator unless there is a roaming agreement signed. R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    19. Questions and Answers • What is RUIM Lock? • “RUIM Lock” is similar to SIM Lock in GSM. By enabling this feature, the operator prevents the subscriber from using his RUIM with the competition’s phone. The RUIM is tied to the subscribers’ phone. This service is being pushed right now in the standards for CDMA. • A CDMA operator: if the competition’s subscribers use RUIM, then they can buy my subsidized R-UIM-enabled handsets, insert their RUIM in them and it will work, creating loss of revenues for me. • Not true. This can be avoided with RUIM lock. It can also be avoided by not subsidizing RUIM-enabled handsets. R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    20. Questions and Answers • Do I have to convert my whole offer to RUIM? • Not necessarily. The operator can sell RUIM-enabled handsets for certain market segments, such as corporate subscribers and high-end users in general, and continue its own regular offer for the rest of the market. • How much more does the handset cost with an RUIM? • The best advice is to discuss this topic with your handset provider. R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS

    21. Obtaining MCC and MNC Values • The MCC value should be determined using the ITU-T Recommendation E.212 standard enlisted “List of Mobile Country or Geographical Area Codes”. • This document provides a master list of country codes used by the telecom industry. • There is no global governing body managing MNC values. • MNC values should be determined using a local regulatory body R-UIM OVERVIEW FROM GEMPLUS