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The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight. Done by: Justin Foo 3P1 Samuel lOW 3P1. Plot. Series of arrest pushes the mafia’s of Gotham City to desperation In desperation they turn to Lau. When Lau fails they turn to Joker to get rid of Batman whom they identify as the greatest thereat to them

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The Dark Knight

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  1. The Dark Knight Done by: Justin Foo 3P1 Samuel lOW 3P1

  2. Plot • Series of arrest pushes the mafia’s of Gotham City to desperation • In desperation they turn to Lau. When Lau fails they turn to Joker to get rid of Batman whom they identify as the greatest thereat to them • Joker issues an ultimatum that people will die each day unless Batman reveals his identity • Resulting in the killings of Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb and the judge of the mob trials • The Joker tries to assassinate Mayor Garcia during Loeb's memorial service but Gordon takes the bullet and seemingly dies • As a result Bruce plans to reveal his identity but Dent instead names himself. • Dent is taken into protective custody and pursued by the ,Batman rushes to help. Together with Gordon, who faked his death they arrest the Joker • Dent and Rachel are kidnapped Batman wants to save Rachel but saves Dent instead.

  3. Plot • The Joker escapes using an elaborately made bomb. He escape from the MCU with Lau. • Joker bombs a hospital • Joker convinces Dent to join him • Dent kills a number of mobsters and cops • Joker rigs a 2 ferries with explosives and tries to get those in it to blow the other ferry. This plan fails • Bruce uses a tracking device to track the Joker • Bruce saves the hostage and apprehends the Joker • Gordon’s family is kidnapped. Batman saves them • Bruce convinces Gordon to push the crimes of Dent to him

  4. 3 act structure

  5. Theme • Justice and integrity • Reference to The Dark Knight • Doing the right thing under all circumstances(Integrity) • Harvey was unable to do so • After his girlfriend was killed by Gordon indirectly, he decided to take revenge by planning to kill Gordon's family members. This act by Harvey is justified to a certain extent. Although his girlfriend was killed and he lost half his face, he has to understand the fact that this is plan by the Joker, whom soured the relationships between people. He threatened friends of his potential victim, and got the friends to trick the victims into falling into the Joker's traps, thus there were disputes between the various characters(e.g. Gordon and Harvey). By taking revenge upon Gordon, Harvey is letting the Joker get his way(create disputes among characters). Furthermore, Gordon did not want things to turn out this way either, and it is not right to hurt others. By taking revenge,Harvey is stooping to the same level as the Joker

  6. Theme • Get what one deserves(Justice) • Batman and Gordon decided to let Harvey die as a hero, and thought that they should not let the public know about the evil he attempted to do/has done towards the ending of the  movie, and Batman took the rap for Harvey. • Batman is one who believes in justice and integrity, however, this act which he has done for his friend seems to be a bend in his principles. If he stuck to his principles, Harvey might have died with a tarnished reputation. However, that would be a justified ending, as he has to suffer the consequences of his actions, and there is no reason why Batman should be punished for what he has not done.

  7. Theme • Batman probably took the rap for Harvey as he felt a sense of pity for his friend, who was the greatest among them 3(Harvey, Gordon, Batman) and the downfall of Harvey was one of the very rare times when Harvey did something wrong, therefore the public should not remember Harvey for the few bad things he did, but the good ones instead.

  8. Favorite scene • When Batman hangs Joker upside down. • The villain was finally arrested • Justice being done • The way they shot Joker was very interesting • Turned the camera upside down • Creative way of filming • Created the illusion that Joker was still standing up

  9. Comparison • The Matrix vs. The Dark Knight • Both are action films • Most action films have epic fights for their climax, which lasts for around 5 to 10 minutes, before everything stabilizes and the ending takes place • The Matrix • Climax: Neo was shot, he appeared dead, but soon after, he got up and killed one of the agents • All hope seemed to be lost • Neo was dead • Trinity shed tears, as she had a crush on Neo • Then soon after, the situation looked promising • The Dark Knight • Climax: Harvey was about to kill Gordon’s family, and again, he used the coin to make the decisions for him • There was hope, because Batman was still alive and kicking, and he came to the rescue • Significance: If Harvey killed Gordon’s family that would tarnish his reputation, and the 3 of them were good friends, thus it would mean that the Joker succeeded in turning the characters against each other

  10. Who is the Dark Knight? • Definitions • Dark • Literally, it could represent the colour black • In a symbolical sense, it could represent evil • Knight • A man upon whom the nonhereditary dignity of knighthood is conferred by a sovereign because of personal merit or for services rendered to the country • 3 possibilities(Harvey, Gordon, Batman) • Harvey • He had great contributions to society and his country(Knight) • Later he turned into an evil person who attempted to exact revenge for his girlfriend(Darkness) • If Harvey is the Dark Knight, this term could be an irony, as a Knight is one who contributes to the country and does good, but yet, Harvey committed evil acts towards the end of the movie. But he is remembered as a dignified knight because of his contributions. Evil contradicts good, which is the irony.

  11. Who is the Dark Knight? • Wayne • If you take “Dark” literally, Wayne(Batman) often emerges from the dark(e.g. the scene when Wayne emerged from the dark to punch the Joker when the Joker was tied up and left sitting on a chair in a room), Wayne did make contributions and sacrifices for his country, however, he wasn’t recognised as a knight, as the hero • Gordon • The show showed more of Wayne’s and Harvey’s contributions, and Gordon doesn’t seem to be a significant figure among the 3 friends. • It could be that Gordon had been contributing to the country, but yet isn’t recognised, and thus he could have purposely brought Harvey’s girlfriend to the location of her death(where the bomb exploded), which caused her death. This is probably an act of revenge, an act of vengeance from Gordon, as he might have been jealous of the recognition Harvey had been receiving from the public

  12. Who is the Dark knight? • Hard to tell, since the movie had a cliff-hanger ending • None of the 3 friends had all the characteristics of a Dark Knight • A knight is one who is recognised for his contributions • Gordon • He received the least recognition among the 3 friends • Harvey • People recognised him for the good man he WAS, but was unaware of the evil acts he tried to do, which isn’t a quality of a true knight • Wayne • People didn’t even know he had contributions

  13. Food For thought • Who is the real Dark Knight? • Think, before the words “The Dark knight” flashed on the screen, what was the scene before that? Could the director be trying to hint at something?

  14. Thank You

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