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Healthy Vision and Eye Care Tips from Professional Optometrists - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Top tips to Maintaining healthy vision for a lifetime should never be an underestimated task as eyes are a vital organ which not only helps under mention tips would help you ,more at visit https://goo.gl/RXU3zc\n

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Healthy vision and eye care tips from professional optometrists

Healthy Vision and Eye Care Tips from Professional Optometrists

Maintaining healthy vision for lifetime should never be an underestimated task as eyes are a

vital organ which not only helps one to see things but also helps to understand the overall

health of your body. Taking care of your eyes should be a habit which everyone must

inculcate in order to maintain healthy vision. Optometrists are eye care professionals who

have experience in eye care as they have dealt with numerous cases. Apart from getting your

eye sight checked, you can always seek them for healthy vision and eye care tips.

The under mentioned tips are a summary of eye care tips from professional optometrists that

would help you maintain healthy vision:

Visit an eye profession for regular eye exams

People who have vision problems are usually told to get their eye sight checked at

regular interval of time or as the eye care professional suggests. However everyone

must make it a point to schedule their eye examinations after regular time intervals as

it determines both the healthy state of eyes as well as body. Eyes are the mirror of

health of your entire body.

You must get eye examinations

scheduled for your children as

it helps in early detection of


Wise use of digital devices

In the era of technology when






completed without the use of

digital devices, we often tend

to overlook the harm we are

causing to eyes. One must use these devices cautiously and take certain steps in daily

practice in order to reduce the harm. Just like reducing the usage of mobile phone

once the light is switched off or if you are the one who has to use computer for your

work, then you must take time to give your eyes proper rest after every half an hour.

Healthy diet is the way for healthy eyes

In order to maintain healthy eyes one must go for healthy food and inculcate healthy

eating habits which should include loads of green vegetables and watery foods. Certain

vitamins like C and E have been proven helpful in maintaining healthy eyes and green

leafy vegetables are a great source of such nutrients. These intakes would certainly

help one maintain healthy eyes.

Do not come in direct contact with sunlight

Healthy vision and eye care tips from professional optometrists

The sunlight and ultraviolet rays have always proven to be harmful for eyes and one

must avoid any such direct contact with sunlight which involves wearing sunglasses

whenever possible. This would help protect your eyes and maintain your vision.

Opt for quality eye care products

When you are opting for contact lenses, eye glasses or any special goggles then you

must make it a point to quality products as it can often lead to deterioration of your

eyesight or cause other vision problems. Always prefer a trusted optician or brand for

eye care products and the factor should not be compromised.

Exercise for your eyes

If you want your eyes to be healthy throughout your life, the preferred advice by most

optometrists is that you should exercise like trying out 20 20 20 exercise, rotating your

eyeballs etc. This would make your eyes adaptable to surroundings and slowly you will

be able to focus more and enhance your vision.

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