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IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION RECORDS Mary Colbert. Embarkation Ports. Picture of Queenstown harbor, where Annie Shanley boarded the Oceanic. Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division.

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embarkation ports
  • Picture of Queenstown harbor, where Annie Shanley boarded the Oceanic

Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division

Mary Colbert

before 1855 new york
Before 1855 – New York

Immigrants arrived at the docks – where they found runners waiting for them.

John Colbert and Mary Coleman arrived at the docks.

Mary Colbert

castle garden
Castle Garden

August 1855 – April 1890

The Roches,


Ryans, and

Tom Phelan (with Alice and Nell) all arrived here

Mary Colbert

barge office
Barge Office

April 1890 – Dec 1891

June 1897 – Dec 1900

Bessie Shanley arrived here

Mary Colbert

ellis island
Ellis Island

Jan 1892 – June 1897

Dec 1900 – 1924

James Whelan and

Annie Shanley arrived


So did Bessie (2nd trip)

and Mollie

and many Aherns.

Mary Colbert

what you must know
What you must know
  • Name at time of arrival
  • Age
  • Approximate year of arrival
  • Plus
    • Traveling companions
    • Ship
    • Occupation
    • Home County - Residence

Mary Colbert

where to find passenger lists
Where to find passenger lists
  • Online
    • Ancestry
    • Ellis Island
    • Family Search
    • Stephen Morse, one step
  • Microfilm
    • NARA
    • Family History Centers

Mary Colbert

where to find information
Where to Find Information
  • Family Stories
  • Death Certificates
  • Census
  • Naturalization Records
  • Obituaries
  • Biographies
  • Certificates of Arrival
  • Passport Applications
  • Emigrant Savings Bank

Mary Colbert

family stories
Family Stories

“My mother arrived the day McKinley was shot/killed. When she arrived in Battery Park the band was playing. She thought it was to welcome the immigrants, but it was for the President.”

Mary Colbert

what do i know
What do I know?
  • Name: Anne Shanley – nicknames: Annie,
        • Nancy
  • Date of Birth: December 1882
  • Place of Birth: Ross, Meath, Ireland
  • Port of Arrival: New York
  • Year of Arrival: the year McKinley was shot

President McKinley:

Shot: September 6, 1901

Died: September 14, 1901

Mary Colbert

ellis island records
Ellis Island Records
  • Free
  • Must register to see
  • records
  • 1892-1924
  • New York

Mary Colbert

ellis island records1
Ellis Island Records

Annie Shanley

Age 19

Year of Arrival 1901

Residence: Ross

Mary Colbert

Ship: Oceanic

Arrival: Sep 11, 1901

Mary Colbert

ellis island records2
Ellis Island Records
  • Print Certificates
  • View Manifest
  • View other

pages in manifest

  • Add to your

Ellis Island file

  • Order copies
  • Cannot print or

save manifests

Mary Colbert

ancestry passenger records
Ancestry – Passenger Records

Why is Annie listed twice ?

Mary Colbert

Passenger Manifest

Annie was detained until her mother arrived

Mary Colbert

family story and death certificate
Family Story and Death Certificate

“My grandmother came to this country twice –

The first time she was a baby and her father dropped dead coming down the gangplank.

She and her mother returned to Ireland on the same ship.”

Mary Colbert

what do i know1
What do I know?
  • Name – Johanna Roach
  • Country of Origin – Ireland
  • Sisters – Ellen and Mary
  • Brother – John or James

Mary Colbert

death certificate
Death Certificate

Died: February 10, 1927

Age: 69 = Year of birth 1858

In U.S.: 67 years = Year of Arrival 1860

Parents: Michael Roach and Mary Wallace

Father’s Death Certificate:

Date of Death: July 16, 1861

Age: 45 = Year of Birth 1816

Mary Colbert

MARINE INTELLIGENCE.; Cleared. Arrived. Sailed. By Telegraph. Miscellaneous. Spoken, &c. Foreign Ports.

Published: July 9, 1861

Ship Columbia, Bryant, Liverpool May 21, with mdse. and 350 passengers to C.H. Marshall & Co. June 16, lat. 46 30, lon. 48 passed several icebergs. Has had light winds, calms and fogs the entire passage.

New York Times Archives

Mary Colbert

COLUMBIA (2) Columbia was built 1846, by W. H. Webb at NYC, New York. 1051 tons, 171' x 37' x 22'. She was a square rigger which saw long service, was owned by C. H. Marshall & Co. of NYC and operated under the Black Ball or Old Line from 1846 to 1869, averaging 32 days on her westward

crossings. She was a

consistently fast and

reliable performer

Mary Colbert

did she go back on the same ship
Did she go back on the same ship?

From: New York Times, August 1, 1861

Mary Colbert

the nastas
The Nastas
  • Michael and Virginia LiquoriNasta
  • Both born in Formia, Italy
  • She was his second wife
  • He went back to Italy to marry her
  • He worked as a seaman at one time
  • Census 1930
      • he arrived 1900; she arrived 1917
      • Children: Helen, Philip, Frances, Josephine, Mary and Jane

Mary Colbert

passport application
Passport Application

Michele Nasta

Arrived: 14 July 1898

Ship: Vispera

Anchor Line

Born: 28 Sept 1873

Formia, Italy

Mary Colbert

finding the record
Finding the Record
  • Anchor Line – Ship’s Name is Hesperia
  • Stephen Morse One step
  • Searched – for Michele
    • Name of Town – Formia
    • Name of Ship – Hesperia
    • Year of Arrival – 1898

Mary Colbert

Found -

Ellis Island Index: Michele Masta

Ancestry Index: Michele Nasto

Michele Nasta, age 25, Seaman, Italian, from Formia; has $14.00

Going to his brother BenedettoNasto

Certification from U.S. Consul in Naples that immigrants on lines 8 through 22, “are working their passage to New York as stewards..”

Mary Colbert

travel companion
Travel Companion

If you can’t find ancestor – check a travel companion

Mary Shanley – born 1876

Came to U.S. with cousin – Kate Knight

Search for Mary Shanley

Ellis Island – no record

Ancestry – no record

Search for Kate Knight

found – Alaska, 23 May 1892

Mary’s name is given as Shandley

Mary Colbert

repeat trips
Repeat trips

Many immigrants returned to their home countries more than once; some were seasonal workers.

Thomas Phelan

New York 1889 with sisters

Philadelphia 1895 self

New York 1904 with wife

New York 1906 with wife

New York 1913 with wife and son

Mary Colbert

  • 5 years in U.S.
  • Declaration of Intent filed at least 2 years prior
  • 21 years old
  • Good moral character
  • Witness
  • Derivative Citizenship
    • Wives
    • Minors
  • Military

Mary Colbert

  • Before 1906
    • Could file in any court
    • Limited information on petition
    • Varied by court
  • After 1906
    • New agency - Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
    • All records sent to INS
    • Standard forms
    • Detailed information about applicant and family

Mary Colbert

citzenship of women
Citzenship of Women
  • Derivative Citizenship – until 1922
  • Until 1907
    • If husband was a citizen – wife was a citizen
    • If husband was an alien – wife remained a citizen (some disagreement 1866-1907)
  • 1907-1922:
    • If husband was a citizen – wife was a citizen
    • If husband was an alien – wife was alien
    • American women lost their citizenship if they married a noncitizen
  • 1922 – Women applied for their citizenship independent of their husbands

Mary Colbert

american born wife
American born wife

NYS Census 1915

21st A.D; E.D. 31

523 W 133rd Street

Name Age Born Citizen in U.S.

Alex Murray Head M 37 Scotland Alien 12 years

Mary A. Wife F 28 U.S. Alien 28 years

John A. Son M 7 U.S. Cit 7 years

Ethel M. Daughter F 2 U.S. Cit 2 years

Mary Colbert

naturalization date place
Naturalization Date/Place
  • Family Papers
  • Census – 1920 – Year
    • 1900/1910/1930 will have AL/NA/Pa
  • Voter Registration
  • Passport Application
  • Passenger Manifest
  • Military Records
  • Federal Land Records
  • State Census records – some show citzenship

Mary Colbert

where can you find indexes
Where can you find indexes?
  • Ancestry
  • Family Search
  • Footnote
  • Italian Genealogical Group
  • German Genealogical Group
  • Westchester County Archives
  • State and County Sites
  • NARA and FHC (microfilm – not online)
    • List of microfilm rolls is on line

Mary Colbert

where can you find record
Where Can you Find Record?
  • National Archives (NARA)
    • check Regional Offices for available records and ordering procedures
  • USICS – post 1906 only
  • Ancestry (online)
    • has some post 1906 records
    • check pages before and after for additional information
  • Courthouses and Archives
    • Check State/County for available records

Mary Colbert

index card

Record can be obtained from the National Archives

Can order online for $7.50

Mary Colbert

  • Under the age of 18 when arrived
  • In U.S. at least 5 years
  • Reached age 21
  • Did not have to file declaration of intent
  • File includes:
  • Certificate signed by clerk
  • Witness form
  • Date of Arrival

Mary Colbert

voter registration records
Voter Registration Records
  • Aid to finding and corroborating naturalization records
  • Limited Availability
  • Not online
  • Found in varied locations
    • Manhattan only – Municipal Archives
    • Brooklyn – Board of Elections
  • Rarely indexed - need exact address
    • May need specific ward, assembly district, election district

Mary Colbert

lawrence ryan
Lawrence Ryan

Mary Colbert

Naturalized: October 16, 1888

Superior Court New York City

Declaration of Intent: March 30, 1881

Court of Common Pleas NYC

Mary Colbert