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District 5 Staff Agenda PowerPoint Presentation
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District 5 Staff Agenda

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District 5 Staff Agenda
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District 5 Staff Agenda

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  1. District 5 Staff Agenda September 14, 2011 Nelson County Civic Center 10:00 am EST

  2. Personnel & Programs • PERSONNEL UPDATES District and State Levels • SPECIAL RECOGNITION KY State Fair Workers & Picnic Committee September Host: Nelson Refreshments: Breckinridge & Casey • PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS for D5 HORT Dennis Morgeson ANR Ron Bowman 4-HYD Elijah Wilson FCS Christy Nuetzman

  3. InformationEvents & DEADLINES • ACCESS YOUTH REPORT – Due Sept. 15 Complete “Certification Form”: http://goo.gl/3JuVw Hard Copy Report: No Longer Required Contact: Jordan Adler, State 4-H Office Who Reports: All Agents Working with Youth • ADA ACCESSMENTS & COMPLIANCE New Offices & Re-locations: New Form Required Link: http://ces.ca.uky.edu/manual/node/44

  4. Staff Information • ACCIDENT/INCIDENT REPORT FORM Required: Serious Situations/Problems Link: http://ces.ca.uky.edu/cesdd/OfficeTools UK Employees: Workers Care (800)440-6285 • BENEFITS UPDATE Expanded TDL http://www.uky.edu/HR/policies/hrpp082.html Expanded Funeral Leave http://www.uky.edu/HR/policies/hrpp084.html Retirement (FERS Only): Sick Leave ConversionWorker Care: New Drug/Alcohol Test

  5. Staff Information • BUDGET REMINDERS & DEADLINES Tax Rates: Month of Sept. (13 received!) Final Year-End Accounting: Month of Sept. Financial Statements/Legal Notices: Sept 30 Motor Vehicle/Watercraft Tax Form: Oct. 1 Second County Payments: Oct. 10 Nominees for Board Members: Nov. 1 Election of Board Officers: Month of Jan.Concerns: Professional Improvement Limits Reporting Credit Card Expenses Communication of Account Balances Reminder:Program Support Expense Reports

  6. Staff Information • CEDIK STATE ADVISORY UPDATE – D5 REPS. 2nd Year: Becky Nash, FCS 1st Year: Dennis Morgeson, ANR/Hort. Term Ends: Tony Rose, 4-HYD • CERTIFICATION FORMS Agents: All Signed Forms Due Today Prog. Assist: Holly Powell & Brianna Lee - Due EFNEP Assist: Sent by Darlene Tipton State 4-H Funded Assists: Sent by St 4-H Office

  7. Staff Information • CREATING OUR FUTURE COMMITTEE REPORT Committee Member: Christy Nuetzman State Fair Survey: Approx. 200 Participants State Committee Chair: Rick Maurer • CEC FALL MEETINGS – Meet by Nov. 1 • Discuss P.O.W. – Engage Leaders; Share new Census Data • Select 5 Co. Issues from each program area to submit to the District Level – Do not submit duplications • Complete Creating Our Future Survey (Due Nov. 1). Participation is voluntary • Prepare Agendas & Minutes. Submit Copies to D5 Office • Train New Members: SEAL Materials

  8. Staff Information • COUNTY REVIEWS 2012 - Counties: Adair, Cumberland, Taylor D5 Team: Christy Martin & Edith Lovett 2011 – Counties: Clinton, Russell, Wayne Follow-up Reports Due: March, 2012 http://www.ca.uky.edu/psd/affirmative_action.php • DISTRICT FORUM – NOV. 17, 10 am ET – Taylor Co Committee: Glen Roberts (Chair), Marla Stillwell, Debbie Messenger Attendance: Council Coordinators, Leaders + Topics/Facilitators: POW & Creating our Future Recognition: SEC Delegates Lunch Sponsor– UK Cooperative Extension

  9. Staff Information • DIVERSITY Affirmative Action/Civil Rights Resource Guide http://www.ca.uky.edu/psd/affirmative_action.php Terry Allen – Associate VP for Institutional Equity Native of Cumberland Countyhttp://www.uky.edu/EVPFA/EEO/contact.html Tri-State Diversity Conference http://ces.ca.uky.edu/tristatediversityconference/contact.html • EEP/FEP FORMS Agent Responsibility – Use Correct Form EEP Forms must be sent to D5 Office (can fax) http://www.uky.edu/HR/benefits/eep_overview.html FEP Forms – Agent must send directly to UK HR http://www.uky.edu/HR/benefits/fep_overview.html

  10. Staff Information • EMPLOYEE ID CARDS Agents receive today (Pick-up for Absent Agents) • EPSILON SIGMA PHI D5 Contacts: Greg Tompkins & Misty Wilmoth State Mtg.: March 22 In-Service Michele Payn-Knoper Annual Meeting: March 23, Location TBA National Meeting: October 10–13, Syracuse, NY Extension Today Contest:1 Winner per LC & LT

  11. Staff Information • eXtension Handout from Dr. Henning: ID’s for Site Update: Reworked Structure, Added Features Request: Become Familiar with Site • EXTENSION TODAY (Report to the People) Copies due to PSD by December 15th http://www.ca.uky.edu/psd/reports_reporting.php Targeted completion date: Fall CEC Meetings Copies: Send to D5 Office & ESP Contacts

  12. Staff Information • FEDERAL CIVIL RIGHTS REVIEW D-5 Reviewer: Richard Waters, Depart. of Justice D- 5 Dates: Hardin Co – Nov 3 & 4 District Director – Nov 7 Statewide (All Reviewers): Oct. 30 – Nov. 10 • HOLIDAY STAFF & RETIREE GET-TOGETHER Date: Dec 14, 2011; Location: Taylor Co. Attendance: All Staff Highly Encouraged Counties Responsible for Retirees Committee: One Agent from Program Groups

  13. Staff Information • IT/Ag COMM UPDATES Question: How many use Radio Tapes? Request: Publications Feedback for Specialists Co. Events System – Enter Events thru CATPAWS • KY ENGAGEMENT CONFERENCE Location: Curris Center- Murray St. University Date: November 17-18, 2011 Conference theme: “International Engagement: Your World to Explore” Scholarships Available – Contact Karen Ramage

  14. Staff Information • MITT (Managing in Tough Times) October Update: Katie Keith D5 Agent Rep. – Jody Paver, Wayne CEA for FCS • MULTI-STATE REPORT Online Report Due: Oct. 1https://uky.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_25ic4DqO3zz9b1O Include Pac Codes Information: July 1, 2010 thru June 30, 2011 Report Examples

  15. Staff Information • PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS Agents Time Frame: Oct. 1 – Assistant Directors End of October – Dr. Henning, Dean’s approval Near Holiday Break - Agents’ Notified Support Staff Appraisals Forms Due Oct. 1st Website: http://ces.ca.uky.edu/cesdd/biweekly

  16. Staff Information • NEW 4-YEAR P.O.W. (PLAN OF WORK) Instructions & Schedule http://www.ca.uky.edu/psd/program_development.php Guideline http://www.ca.uky.edu/psd/Developing%20and%20Writing/Plan%20OF%20WORK%202013-2017%20chart_website.doc Websites for Trends Issues: http://www.ca.uky.edu/hes/internal/trends2011.php http://www2.ca.uky.edu/4-H/trends Engage Leadership: Councils, Volunteers, Community, etc.

  17. Staff Information • RANDALL BARNETT AWARD – Due Nov. 15 Details forthcoming: Need D5 Entries! • REPORTING Leave: 2011-12 Deadline, July 15 Travel Regulations: Workstations vs. Home State Expense: 30 Day Reimbursement Deadline • SALARIES for HOURLY EMPLOYEES Suggested Minimum Salaries: Full-time - $10.00 Part-time - $8.00

  18. Staff Information • SIGNAGE for EXTENSION OFFICES Outdoor Sign Template http://www.ca.uky.edu/agcomm/Display_signs.asp Contact: Ag Communication • STAFF MEETING SCHEDULE Hold 2nd Wednesday of Month Oct. Date Change (Due to Nat. ESP) - Locations –May Vary Throughout Year Dec: Holiday Event (Taylor County) June, July, Aug: Summer (No Staff)

  19. Staff Information • TAX EXEMPT UK Legal is Reviewing MOU’s for 501c3’s http://ces.ca.uky.edu/manual/financial/memorandum-of- understanding Online System for IRS Reports Reference Site: Office Procedure Manual http://warehouse.ca.uky.edu/Registration/Taxexempt

  20. Staff Information • SECRETARY TRAINING Committee Chair: Tony Rose Tentative Date: Spring, 2012 Location: Pending Attendance: Highly Encouraged • STATE EXTENSION COUNCIL Next Meeting: Feb. 28 – Mar. 1 Location: Embassy Suites, Lexington D5 Delegate Rotation: *Mary Hawes (Green) Eligible - 2nd Term *Chuck Crutcher (Hardin) Eligible -2nd Term

  21. September BIRTHDAYS! • Sept 1 Natalie Frank (Grayson FCS) • Sept 8 Darice Russell (Washington Secretary) • Sept 10 Wanda Miick (Russell Sm. Farms Assist) • Sept 14 Greg Tompkins (Cumberland ANR) • Sept 15 Kisha Atwood (Casey Secretary) Carolyn Morris (Taylor Secretary) • Sept 18 Andy Mills (Meade ANR) • Sept 19 Joy McGinnis (Wayne Secretary) • Sept 28 Brittney Finley (Pulaski 4-HYD) *Special Birthday Wishes for all who celebrated over the Summer months. Hope your days were special!

  22. PROGRAM GROUPS • 4-H YOUTH DEVELOPMENT 4-H Trends for POW http://www2.ca.uky.edu/4-H/trends 4-H Annual Training 4-H Tax Exempt Status - 501c3’s 4-H Volunteer Forum – Proposals due Sept. 15 Client Protection/Risk Management Councils 101 and 102 Advanced VAA

  23. Program groups • ANR/HORTICULTURE Educational Opportunities, Certifications, In-Service ANR/Hort. Updates *Central – Clark Co.; Oct. 19-20 *Western – Christian Co; Oct. 27-28 Farm Bureau Agent Training – Nov. 30; 1 – 5 PM Digital Microscopes AG Advisory Council – Members by Oct. 1 (D5 Reps.) ANR Contact List – Due Oct. 1 Argentina Tour with Chad Lee Forestry Fall Webinars Beef Conference – Oct. 25

  24. PROGRAM GROUPS • FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES Changes in FCS Extension Staff Child Care Provider Trainers County Profiles POW Trends 2S – Second Sunday Exercise Programs EFNEP Reimbursements SNAP-Ed Hours FCS Newsletter All School Conference EFNEP Assistants FCS Initiatives DISTRICT 5 FORUM November 17th 10 am – 2 pm ET Taylor County Extension Office