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Brain Hurricane Tutoring PowerPoint Presentation
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Brain Hurricane Tutoring

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Brain Hurricane Tutoring
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Brain Hurricane Tutoring

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  1. Brain Hurricane Tutoring adds Fun to the Learning Process

  2. Brain Hurricane tutoring adds a fun element to the learning process by making the classroom a place for interaction among the teachers and students. The tutoring programs developed by Brain Hurricane teach students through interactive teaching sessions that involve hands on learning for subjects like math and reading skills. The Brain Hurricane tutoring programs let the

  3. students solve classroom related problems unlike making them listen to lectures while their attention drifts away. The student participation in the learning process sets the Brain Hurricane tutoring program different from regular methods of teaching. The teachers at Brain Hurricane developed relevant curriculum that includes interesting content for students of all grades.

  4. The Brain Hurricane tutoring program divides the students into teams and offers hands on learning lessons where the students solve problems which have divergent solutions. Working together in teams allows the students to learn collectively and also brings out the competitive streak in them. Brain Hurricane tutoring programs encourage the students to come up with as many solutions as they can for each problem.

  5. The Brain Hurricane program tests the knowledge levels of the students and also helps them in finding their creative side which allows them to find different solutions for a problem. Brain Hurricane teachers have worked hard to develop curriculum that is of interest to students of all ages and corresponds to state and national standards.

  6. About Brain Hurricane Brain Hurricane is a family company founded by Reed Howard. Brain Hurricane tutoring programs are free and teach students how to think creatively in the class and in life too. Find out more about Brain Hurricane by browsing through