Providing work opportunities for the disable workforce
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Providing Work Opportunities for the Disable Workforce - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Providing Work Opportunities for the Disable Workforce. BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front). Provides quality brand name products for Military consumption at market competitive pricing;

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Bluf bottom line up front
BLUF(Bottom Line Up Front)

  • Provides quality brand name products for Military consumption at market competitive pricing;

  • Eliminate unnecessary cost layers in the Military’s food procurement process that results into cost saving; by purchasing directly from the base manufactures/food processor produced in America for the Military;

  • Provides full cost transparency to the Military and to Congress for audit and for review;

  • Provides employment training and work opportunities to the disable workforce;

  • Summary : Cost savings, Financial transparency, Jobs for Disabled Veterans. Complete accountability / Traceability from intake to Customer use.


“Outstanding Contractor Award” for outstanding achievement, superior performance, and timely delivery of quality & complex items (1996)

“Outstanding JWOD Program Vendor” (1999)

“Contractor of the Year” (2002, 2004)

“Outstanding Performance” Under JWOD (2004)

“Outstanding JWOD Program Vendor”

“Outstanding Performance of

JWOD Contracts” (2004)


Prime Vendor “Commercialization Practices”

Packaging Innovation

  • Reduction

  • Redesign

“Technology Innovation Benefits Government”

Product Engineering Innovation

  • Vitamin A Analysis

  • Easy-Open Can

Logistics and Distribution

Effective Business Practices

  • Identification

  • Testing


  • Markets We Serve:

    • DSCP

    • USDA

      • Export Relief Programs

      • Daycare Facilities

      • Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) Programs

    • Prime Vendors

    • Military Feeding Programs

    • Commercial Food Industry

Amp quality certification

  • We are ISO-9001-2000 Certified byAQA

  • We are Certified by the American International of Bakery (AIB)

  • Comply and Adheres to USDA standards

  • Comply and Adheres to FDA standards

  • GMP Compliance

Amp continous improvement program

  • Performs built in-line inspection;

  • Performs skip-lot testing/random testing such as Vomitoxin Comparison;

  • Collect data from our process and measure the performance using Mini Tab as a measuring tool;

  • Conducts in-house Audits;

Amp leadership

  • AMP Leaders are Retired Military who understands the needs of the customer in important structural areas;

  • Trained and Black Belt Certified in Lean Six Sigma;

  • Trained in Logistics, Transportation, Quality Control, Inventory Management and Overall Military Structure;

Amp offers

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA)

  • Certificate of Conformances (COC)

  • Supplier Non-Conformance Program

  • Corrective Action and Preventive Action Program

  • JUST-IN-TIME Service (JIT)

  • Jobs for Disabled that includes our Disable Veterans.

Production capabilities
Production Capabilities

Our operational innovation delivers quality products when you want them, how you want them, and where you want them.

Our state-of-the-art expansion facility

was completed in 2003

Facilities capabilities
Facilities & Capabilities

  • Production

  • Quality

  • Warehousing and Distribution

Providing work opportunities for the disable workforce

Product Portfolio

  • Over 120 quality products

“Arc-diversified has many strengths. The food it produces is of high quality, it is flexible in meeting the varied needs of its customers, and it is a just-in-time manufacturer.”

-Food & Drink Magazine

Product portfolio

  • Over 120 quality products

“Arc-diversified has proven over the years that they supply high quality products and packaging in a timely manner.”

-Bert Farrish, USDA Deputy Administrator

Warehousing and distribution
Warehousing and Distribution

  • Ship over 75 trucks per week

  • National distribution

Our people our mission
Our People, Our Mission

  • The ARC-Diversified name reflects our diverse group of workers, up to 85% of whom have some type of severe disability ranging from vision impairments to Downs Syndrome

Our people our mission1
Our People, Our Mission

“To identify and assist persons of all ages with all varieties and degrees of disabilities choose how

they wish to live, work and

play in their community

by locating the resources

and technology

necessary to fulfill

their needs and desires

and enhance their

quality of life.”


Mission Statement