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Heavy metal. Characteristics include loud volume, distortion, sreeching vocals, emphatic beats, extended guitar solos, technical skills on instruments, and provides an ideal outlet for frustrastion.

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Heavy metal
Heavy metal

  • Characteristics include loud volume, distortion, sreeching vocals, emphatic beats, extended guitar solos, technical skills on instruments, and provides an ideal outlet for frustrastion.

  • Themes include Social Chaos, good vs. evil, the afterlife, dark/morbid issues, and the supernatural

Heavy metal1
Heavy Metal

  • visual imagery plays a large role in heavy metal

  • heavy metal band's "image" is expressed in album sleeve art, logos, stage sets, clothing, and music videos

  • Some known for outrageous and wild performance personas

Prototypical heavy metal bands
Prototypical Heavy Metal Bands

  • Led Zeppelin

  • Black Sabbath

  • Deep Purple

  • (Blue Cheer’s Summertime Blues often cited as first heavy metal song)

Working class values
Working Class Values

  • Heavy Metal rose out of distrust of American Government “Nixon Scandal,” Anti-War sentiments, high unemployment, increasingly more depressed society, wanting to explore issues such as drugs, mythology, and the afterlife

Term heavy metal
Term “Heavy Metal”

  • First appeared in a few William Burroughs books The Soft Machine and Nova Express.“Heavy Metal Kid.” (Heavy Metal Kid was refferred to as someone with drug addictions).

  • Steppenwolf’s Born to Wild “Heavy Metal Thunder”

Led zeppelin and stairway to heaven from led zeppelin iv
Led Zeppelin and “Stairway to Heaven” from Led Zeppelin IV

  • Led Zeppelin formed in 1968 in London.

    • Jimmie Page, guitar

    • John Bonham, drums

    • John Paul Jones, electric bass and organ

    • Robert Plant, vocals

  • Guitarist Jimmy Page and vocalist Robert Plant were fascinated by mythology, Middle Earth fantasy, and the occult.

  • They became one of the most enduring bands in rock history, selling over 50 million records.

  • Influences drew from various sources: urban blues, San Francisco psychedelia, the virtuoso guitar playing of Jimi Hendrix

Stairway to heaven
“Stairway to Heaven”

  • Anthem of heavy metal music

  • Thunderous volume

  • The eight-minute track was never released as a single. You had to purchase the album to own a copy of the song.

  • The album cover did not bear the name of the album, band, or record company.

    • Led Zeppelin IV eventually sold fourteen million copies and reached Number Two on the Billboard Top 10 LP charts; it stayed on the charts for five years.

Stairway to heaven1
“Stairway to Heaven”

  • Text composed by Robert Plant

    • References to mythological beings

      • The May Queen and the Piper

    • Rural images

      • Paths and roads, rings of smoke through the forest, a songbird by a brook, the whispering wind

    • Helped create a cumulative mood of mystery and enchantment

  • Structure of the song

    • Basic building blocks are straightforward four- and eight-measure phrases

    • Three main sections

    • The arrangement is constructed to create continual escalation in density, volume, and speed.

Black sabbath
Black Sabbath

  • British Band

  • Formed in 1968 by Ozzy Osbourne(vocals), Tony Lommi(guitar, Geezer Butler(bass), and Bill Ward(drums).

  • Originally formed as heavy blues band named Earth covering Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf songs

Deep purple
Deep Purple

  • English Rock Band formed in 1968

  • Once listed in Guiness Book of World Records as “loudest pop group.”