program overview nomination lms user guide april 14 n.
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Program Overview & Nomination LMS User Guide April’14 PowerPoint Presentation
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Program Overview & Nomination LMS User Guide April’14

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Program Overview & Nomination LMS User Guide April’14 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Program Overview & Nomination LMS User Guide April’14. Step 1 : Login to LMS. Enter your employee code/number. Enter your employee code/number. Step 2 : Click on Nomination link. This link is on LMS Homepage.

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Presentation Transcript

Step 1 : Login to LMS

Enter your employee code/number

Enter your employee code/number


Step 2 : Click on Nomination link

This link is on LMS Homepage

Presentation gives you idea of different learning labs available and supports you for all your queries on nomination process

Clicking this link will take you to nomination page


Step 3 : Nominate your direct reports

Fill what you feel he has learnt from training/ Your Feedback

Fill what you want him to learn from training & click save

You can update what you had already written

Select preferred date from drop down

Once you select the date, click on Enrol


Step 4 : Cancellation of Nomination

Click on Enrolled to cancel the nomination

Pop up screen opens which shows max. possible batch size and already enrolled no. of participants.

Again enrol for a new batch

Click on Disenrol to cancel the nomination


Step 5 : Click on Reports (Optional)

This link is on LMS Homepage

Clicking this link will show you which of your subordinates have completed training and on which date


Step 6 : Use Functions on Reports Page

Filter the data to see report for selected employees

Export this report to view it in Excel

This shows what were your expectations from the employee – “What should he learn from the training”

This shows what you feel he learnt and your feedback for him “Do you think he learnt what you wanted him to learn”


Step 7 : Employee Screen

Employee’s Home Page Screen will show learning event he has to attend based on your nomination