gulf breeze insurance inc n.
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Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc. PowerPoint Presentation
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Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc.

Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc.

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Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc.

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  1. Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc. Here for Health, Life & You

  2. Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc.Company Profile • At Gulf Breeze Insurance we are leaders in the way we think about you, and the way we think about solutions. • Serving the States of Florida & Alabama, our area stretches from Mobile to Pensacola, all the way to Miami. • Member of Gulf Breeze Chamber of Commerce • We are fully staffed to meet all your needs. We believe that a business is a business, whether it has 4 or 400 employees. • We develop employee benefit insurance programs that feature expert advice, outstanding service, and quality products while taking into account your needs and budget. • Our products and services provide a total package of protection.

  3. Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc.Companies Represented

  4. Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc.What we can do Core Products: Group Major Medical Group Life Group Dental Group Vision Employer Contributions Core Solutions Life Dental Vision Accident Cancer Short Term Disability Critical Illness Hospital / Int. Care Voluntary

  5. Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc.Some Facts Employer Survey Eastbridge Consulting Group On Cost 42% will increase employee contributions 37% will increase deductibles Employer Goals 85% help to attract & retain employees 81% Increase employee job satisfaction Decision Maker 85% HR Officer/Manager 4% Owner 40% Surveyed spend between 11% and 24% of payroll on benefits. 65% say employee interest in a product is an important factor in their decision to offer it.

  6. Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc.Additional Services Automatic Premium Deduct and Payment Service Advantages for you: • Value-added “benefit” to offer your employees • Free service – no charge to you or your employees • Option of enabling your employees to purchase Life and guaranteed-renewable individual health and dental insurance from a Fortune 200 company • Competitive “plus” – may help recruit talent • Can help you retain key employees

  7. Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc.Additional Services cont. OUR PARTNER FOR TOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS: ALLSTAFF PAYROLL, INC. • Write one check to cover all your payroll needs, we provide the rest! • Improve your business in just ten minutes! The key to AllStaff Payroll's success is simple: • There is strength in numbers. Streamline paperwork and improve you cash flow today, with dependable, courteous service since 1983 • Payroll Management • Workers Compensation • Employee Leasing • Benefits: Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc.

  8. Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc.Top Reasons To Pick Our Agency • Outstanding customer service. Merging technology with the human touch, Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc. Customer Care operations provide information to enrollees when and how they want it. Speak immediately with a knowledgeable Customer Care representative. • Benefit plan design solutions that fit your unique needs. Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc. offers you the latest solutions in affordable benefit program design, including health savings accounts paired with high-deductible plan designs. The full range of products serves all small and mid-sized businesses (2-5,000 employees) as well as large customers (5000+ employees) in a single site. • A full complement of specialty products. Vision, dental, life, disability, behavioral health accident, cancer and hospitalization plans are integral parts of a complete benefits plan. Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc. offers each of these products and more, all from a single agency – reducing the administrative hassle. • Innovation. Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc. delivers practical yet innovative solutions that meet our customers’ evolving needs. The result is healthier employees, better cost management and less administrative hassle. We look forward to working for you!

  9. Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc.Contacts • CONTACTS Gulf Breeze Insurance Inc. Gulf Breeze, Florida Office: 1-850-221-1309 Fax: 1-850-934-7992 email: • PR/Marketing/Advertising: Raul Ramirez, director of PR/Communications Tel: 1-850-221-1309 Agency License #L003722 Agent License #A214518 FL #A140540