national disability employment awareness month
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National Disability Employment Awareness Month

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National Disability Employment Awareness Month - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Disability :  General term for a limitation; physical, mental or sensory.  A disability is not necessarily a handicap which limits normal life activity. . United States population 5 and over with disability. 49,746,248 .

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Disability:  General term for a limitation; physical, mental or sensory.  A disability is not necessarily a handicap which limits normal life activity.
united states population 5 and over with disability
United States population 5 and over with disability
  • 49,746,248

According to the 2000 Census,

18.6 million people with disabilities

were employed

Disability Etiquette Handbook

From the San Antonio Disability Access Office

Don't assume that persons with disabilities do not want to work.

Don't assume that alcoholism and drug abuse are not real disabilities, or that recovering drug abusers are not covered by the ADA.

Do learn where to find and recruit people with disabilities.

Don't ask if a person has a disability during an employment interview.

Don't assume that certain jobs are more suited to persons with disabilities.

Do learn how to communicate with people who have disabilities

Don't assume that the work environment will be unsafe if an employee has a disability.

Do relax and make the applicant feel comfortable.

Do treat an individual with a disability the same way you would treat any applicant or employee -- with dignity and respect.

Don't speculate or try to imagine how you would perform a specific job if you had the applicant's disability.  

Do train supervisors on making reasonable accommodations.

Don't assume that a person with a disability can't do a job due to apparent or non-apparent disabilities.

2004 Paralympic Games

Athens, Greece

September 17-28, 2004

april holmes
April Holmes

Paralympic Event: Athletics

*Won a surprise bronze medal in the long jump

Disability: Lost left leg below the knee after falling under a train

Occupation: Created the April Holmes Foundation that helps those with physical and developmental disabilities

Factoid: Appeared in artist, Shaggy’s, music video for Strength of a Woman in 2003

bryan kirkland
Bryan Kirkland
  • Paralympic Event: Wheelchair Rugby
  • *2003 USORA Wheelchair Athlete of the Year
  • *2004 Bronze Medalist
  • Disability: C67 Quadriplegia after Motor cross accident
  • Occupation: Sales at Home Depot
trischa zorn
Trischa Zorn
  • Paralympic Event: Swimming
  • *Elected as the 2004 Closing Ceremony flag bearer for the United States after winning her 55th career medal
  • Disability: Visually impaired since birth
  • Occupation: Elementary Teacher and currently attending Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis
  • *First visually impaired athlete to win Division I scholarship (University of Nebraska)
tim hawker
Tim Hawker
  • Paralympic Event: Boccia
  • Disability: Quadriplegic Athetoid CP and Profoundly Deaf
  • Occupation: Data entry and inventory clerk at Lott Industries
  • Residence: Toledo, Ohio
"I WOULD IF I COULD"There's a lot of things I could do, at least according to you.Where there's a will, there's a way, and I won't plan a strenuous day. I appreciate the offer, but I'm afraid I'm going to pass.Like the gauge that reads empty, the car starts, but soon runs out of gas. I know it's hard to understand, but some things are beyond me today.At times I hardly make a move, and just barely get through the day. Sometimes walking across the room, is a mental and physical strain.I know I would enjoy myself, but I wouldn't enjoy the pain. You think I'm being difficult. Believe me, that isn't true.You can't begin to imagine, all the things I'd like to do. Nobody willingly gives up, all the pleasures of the past.We fight to hold on to them, wishing forever they would last. My life now has limitations, far more than you can see.If My "No" disappoints you, Imagine, how it's affecting me!
  • ~Dixie L.Lippert