Unit 4
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Unit 4. Home Improvement . Design for tutorial 7. Check the learning and the homework 10’ Act. 1, describe home improvement /decoration , describe furniture 描述家居装修 , 描述家具 25’ Act. 2, Do it yourself (DIY) 自己动手 10’

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Unit 4
Unit 4



Design for tutorial 7
Design for tutorial 7

  • Check the learning and the homework 10’

  • Act. 1, describe home improvement /decoration, describe furniture描述家居装修, 描述家具 25’

  • Act. 2, Do it yourself (DIY) 自己动手 10’

  • Act. 3, skilled workers and tools 熟练装修工人及工具10’

  • Video 4, Home improvement 家居装修 30’

  • Sup. Listening, Halloween and Edgar Allen Poe 15’

  • Assignment 5’

Key points for unit 4
Key points for Unit 4

  • Discuss home improvement/decoration

  • Describe furniture

  • Describe furniture arrangement

  • Respond to suggestions

  • Talk about repairmen

  • Describe common tools

  • Describe household problems

  • Describe a room

How to do the decorations
How to do the decorations

  • Paint the walls

  • Make the curtains

  • Change the lighting

  • Decorate the ceiling

  • Change the floor covering

  • Make cushion covers

  • Buy plants

  • Buy new furniture

Act 1 listening things they have done and things they are going to do
Act. 1, Listening Things they have done and things they are going to do

  • Things they have done:

  • Things they are going to do:

Made the curtains

painted the walls

replaced the mosquito netting

changed the floor coverings

Buy some plants, make cushion covers, arrange the furniture

Act 1 task 3 describe furniture
Act. 1 Task 3 Describe furniture

It folds up

open.,wooden cubes which stack

Sliding doors, space to hang things in one side,shelves in the other, & a shoe rack

Covered in a bright colored patterned fabric, converts to a bed at night

Act 2 text 2 questions for reading comprehension
Act. 2 Text 2 Questions for reading comprehension

  • What kind of life did the man have before he retired?

  • How about his salary?

  • What did he do for the household problems?

  • Who was more skillful at looking after household problems, the writer or his wife?

  • What about the writer’s life now? How about their time and money?

  • What tools and equipment does the man often use now?

  • Is the writer quite skillful at household repairs? Why or why not?

Act 3 pair work talk about skilled workers
Act. 3Pair work: Talk about skilled workers

  • What tools does a plumber usually use

  • A plumber generally uses screwdrivers, hammer, spanner and pliers.

    Now talk about the following :

    a joiner, an electrician, a decorator, a gas fitter, a glazier, a roofer, a carpet fitter

Pair work talk about the tools
Pair work: Talk about the tools

  • What is/are the use of a drill?

  • A drill is used to make holes.

    Now talk about the following tools:

    a plane, a screwdriver, pliers, hammer, spanner, wire cutters …

Difficult words for video 4
Difficult words for Video 4

  • Concrete, cement 水泥

  • Germs 细菌

  • Hygiene—hygienic 卫生(的)

  • Unsightly: displeasing 难看的,不雅观的

  • Unsympathetic: unpleasant不讨人喜欢的

  • Draughty 透风的

  • Ceramic tile 瓷砖

  • Cowl, hood 排油烟罩

  • Wood parquet tile 木质地板

  • Wood paneling 装饰镶板

  • Double-glazing 双层玻璃

Questions after video 4
Questions after Video 4

  • 1. Describe the negative points of the first flat.

    surface (rough), floor (cement,unsympathetic), kitchen (unhygienic), lightings (not enough), toilet (unsightly), bedroom (uncomfortable), balcony (draughty)

  • Tell about the good points of the second flat.

    flat (renovated), floor (tiled), walls (painted), socket (moved), room space (bed-sitting room, wood parquet tile, sofa-bed), balcony (enclosed), windows (double glazed)

Questions for sup listening
Questions for Sup. Listening

  • What was Edgar Allen Poe?

  • What are the features of his works?

  • When was he born?

  • How about his childhood?

  • What about his marriage?

  • When and how did he die?


  • 1.自录音 Activity 1 (script P.191)

  • 2. 听课后辅助听力练习 Task 1: Having the House Redecorated

  • 3. Net Listening, Website:


Design for tutorial 8
Design for tutorial 8

  • Check the learning and the homework 10’

  • Act.4, Text 3: reading advertisements, identifying household problems 15’

  • Act. 5, Discussing furniture arrangement 30’

  • Act.6, Text 4,5: Describing rooms 25’

  • Sup. Listening: Do it yourself 15’

  • Enjoy your English: Family Album USA 15’

  • Assignment 5’

Act 4 some difficult points
Act. 4 Some difficult points

  • No job too small 什么(小)杂活都干

  • No call out charge 免费咨询

  • General repair specialist 综合专门维修

  • Free estimates 免费上门估算工本价格

  • Pointing 砌砖缝

  • Conservatories 温室

  • Reconditioned 修理好的

  • Loft conversions 顶层楼的改装

  • Steeplejacks 烟囱顶端等高空作业

  • Chimney stacks pointed 多节烟囱接缝

  • Roof felting 封顶铺油毡

Describe problems in your house
Describe problems in your house

is leaking

has broken down.

  • The pipe .

  • My washing machine

  • Our central heating system

  • The lighting

  • The TV

  • The gas pipe in the kitchen

  • The lock

  • There’s an electrical I think.

  • I’m the gas cooker.

  • There’s the air-condition system.

has stopped working.

have fused.

has broken down.

is leaking.

isn’t working properly.


having problems with

something wrong with

Act 5 discuss furniture arrangement
Act. 5 Discuss furniture arrangement

Act 5 discuss furniture arrangement1
Act. 5 Discuss furniture arrangement

Identifying reasons
Identifying reasons

Thesofa bed would be too close to the windowif it wereagainst the right hand wall, in the corner.

Use the model to talk about the following:

  • The wardrobe, block the radiator, between the bed and the wall, behind the door

  • The wardrobe, block the light, the left hand corner, beside the window

  • The desk, block the socket, right beside the wardrobe

  • The storage cubes, Rachel would like to put a plant there, in front of the window

Responding to suggestions
Responding to suggestions

  • ---That’s true. / That’s right. /That’s fine.

  • --- Yes, I like that idea / that sounds great . What else?

  • ---We could, yes. But what about putting it in the left …?

  • ---Yes, that’s a better idea. What about

  • ---Do you think it will fit, without blocking the light?

  • ---Yes, I am sure it will .

  • ---No, I don’t think so. Perhaps it would block …

  • ---Possibly but I was hoping to have a plant…

  • ---Great/ Yes/ Right/ Yeah!

  • ---Well, obviously ,the sofa has to/ can go here/against …

  • ---Well, not right beside the wardrobe. We have to be careful to keep the electric socket free so that we can get to it.

Topics of par for text 4
Topics of par. for Text 4

  • Par. 1: general impression of the room, size, furniture…

  • Par. 2: the decoration of the room, the colors of the paint, curtains, sofa, table…

  • Par.3: other things and favorite possessions, pictures, plants

  • Par. 4: lighting, candlelight, low lamps

  • Par. 5: concluding comment of the room

Match the following words


Sentimental value






Be attached to

Overhead lighting

A box with a hinged lid

Old and worn out

Comfortable and close atmosphere

With pleasant associations with the past

Paint coming off the surface

Light attached to the ceiling

carpet worn-out

Trying to get new ideas

Like sth. very much

Match the following words

Some difficult words for sup listening
Some difficult words for sup. listening

  • Disabled, handicapped 残疾的

  • Carpentry 木匠活

  • Alteration 改造,改变

  • Corridor 走廊

  • Burglar-alarm system 防盗报警系统

  • Extension 扩建

Questions for sup listening1
Questions for sup. listening

Every summer.

1. How often does DIY magazine organize a competition?

2. What prize did Mr.Miller win?

3. What is Mr. Miller’s job?

4. Where did Mr. Miller learn DIY skills?

5. Why did Mr. Miller do something to the house?

6. Why did Mr. Miller make alternations to his house by himself?

7. How much is the prize?

8. What does Mr. Miller want to do with the money?

“Handy man of the year”

A postman.

At evening schools.

For his disabled son.

He could not afford to pay workman.

10,000 pounds.

To start his own business.

True or false questions for sup listening
True or false questions for sup. listening


( )1. Mr. Miller enjoys doing things with his own hands.

( )2. Mr. Miller bought his house because the flat was too expensive.

( )3. Government buildings often have special paths for those handicapped.

( )4. Paul could reach the switches since they were originally installed at the right height for him.

( )5. Do-it-yourself has become one of Mr. Miller’s hobbies.





Assignment for tutorial 8
Assignment for tutorial 8

  • 1. 书面作业四:Activity 6, Task 7: 我的房间 My Room

  • 2. Supplementary listening