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Love, Music and Lyrics: Jim Cuddy PowerPoint Presentation
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Love, Music and Lyrics: Jim Cuddy

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Love, Music and Lyrics: Jim Cuddy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Love, Music and Lyrics: Jim Cuddy. By Kelly Arndt October 2010. "I always write from the wounded side of love." Jim Cuddy (Richard, 2009). Beginning with Love. “Cuddy met his wife, and he recalls the moment with a Zen-like clarity more than 30 years later. “

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Love, Music and Lyrics: Jim Cuddy

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Love, Music and Lyrics:

Jim Cuddy

By Kelly Arndt

October 2010


Beginning with Love

“Cuddy met his wife, and he recalls the moment with a Zen-like clarity more than 30 years later. “

For the first time in my life, it crossed my mind that I could spend my life with one woman.

(Richard, 2009)


Try (1987)

  • Every time you walk in the room I couldn't ever be sure of a smile You were never the same way twice I'm falling in love
  • Oh night after night
  • Oh its crazy
  • So many people who said Girl you've got nothing but time Oh you are a shining star Don't you worry about what you're leaving behind

But Cuddy is the first to admit that it hasn't been all sunshine and roses for the past three decades…When Blue Rodeo began to break big," he admits, "it caused a major adjustment in our lives. We started out as equals; I was playing a bar band and she was a working actress.

(Richard, 2009)


Rena (2005)I look in through The window And I though I'd take my chance

I taught myself to play So I could be where people danced No higher call Than stars that fall I waited patientlyA thousand miles of pavement That became my destiny You can wait a lonely lifetime Wondering when its gonnacome

You can while away the hours Getting stoned


But one day you get lucky And you look in someones eyes That tell you you don't Have to be alone Now I'm falling back Just out of your sight Rena please come out With me tonight Oh now I know the way things go And what I put you through Cause when they try to get to me They get to me through you


Being in Love and Being on the Road

It’s a funny thing, I was just talking about it earlier today, the on-the-road, off-the-road are very different things.

Its difficult to start on the road, because there’s so much discipline involved, and so much depravation—you can’t drink, you’ve got to get lots of sleep, you’ve got to watch just talking and screaming and that kind of stuff.

And then off-the-road you just think, ‘Ah, wow, it’s like having a life again.’ You can enjoy yourself. So the back and forth is difficult. Everybody has their own well worn path to the stage each night.”

( Hammond 2010)


“But when the opportunities come, you can't not take them, and I found myself on the road an awful lot of the time. I started to think that she didn't want to lead the life we were leading. And we had two kids by that time, which made it really tough.”

(Hammond 2010)


Head Over Heels (1993)

Well, I know one night together Won’t make up for ten apart But I’m as steady as rain Nothing ever changes in my heart Throw off the coversOpen the windows

I don’t care what we do I’ve been standing for days Now I get to fall down with you Tossing and turningLike waves in the seaYou show myself to me You lie so easily

That’s the way you come to me I’m head over heels And I’m always gonna be That’s okay I love the way you come to me