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Crowns and Bridges Seattle, Prosthodontics Seattle - Bpdic PowerPoint Presentation
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Crowns and Bridges Seattle, Prosthodontics Seattle - Bpdic

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Crowns and Bridges Seattle, Prosthodontics Seattle - Bpdic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Crowns and Bridges Seattle - Are you looking for Crowns and Bridges in Seattle?Our Crowns Seattle Dr. Johnson and his team specialize in dental bridges,dental crowns in Seattle.

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Crown and Bridge Seattle , Prosthodontics Seattle, Dental Bridges Seattle WA, Dental Veneers Seattle WA - Bpdic


Crowns and Bridges Seattle

Dental crowns and bridges transform the smiles of people by strengthening teeth and beautifying their smiles. With our Prosthodontist Seattle, around to take care of our patients, anguish over tooth loss, tooth crack, weak tooth or ugly stain over tooth can now be cleared with the help of dental crowns and bridges. When it comes to appearance and functionality, these wonderful Prosthodontic products are identical to natural tooth.

What are dental crowns and bridges?

Dental crowns and bridges are prosthodontic appliances which form a replacement for the crown of natural tooth. Dental crowns are products which are used over natural tooth or an abutment as a replacement for natural crown. Dental bridges, on the other hand, are products which are used to position a crown in place of missing tooth. Bridges require anchor teeth to position the replacement crown in place of missing tooth. Metals, porcelain and ceramic materials are used in production of these products. Depending on the longevity and functional advantages, patients can choose from different types of crowns and bridges.


What types of tooth complications can dental crowns and bridges solve?

Dental crowns and bridges are Prosthodontics Seattle, treatment products which can restore strong and healthy dental structure under number of conditions. These treatment methods are followed when patients are facing one of the following problems.

1) Cracked tooth

2) Decayed tooth

3) Broken Tooth

4) Missing tooth

5) Discolored tooth

6) Improperly shaped tooth

Dental crowns and bridges restoration procedure:

Dental crowns and bridges act as a wonderful replacement for broken tooth or missing tooth. They are anchored over a tooth which is contoured in order to be able to fit the crown. The treatment procedure takes place in number of steps.

Initially the oral cavity is examined and a treatment plan is worked out, based on the condition of the teeth.


Our prosthodontist prepares the tooth/teeth for treatment. This involves removal of some portion of the enamel of tooth/teeth in order to make space for artificial crown to be fit over the tooth/teeth.

Impression of the tooth is taken in order to design the crown/bridge.

The crown/bridge is cemented over the tooth/teeth as a permanent restoration.

The life of dental crowns and bridges depends on how the patient takes care of them. It is important to maintain oral hygiene. Safety measures should be taken to protect the crowns and bridges, just like protecting the natural teeth, when involved activities like adventure sports.

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