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Cosmetic Dentistry Seattle, Implants Bellevue - Bpdic.com

Bpdic is a leading cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontist, veneers,implants specialist in Seattle,Bellevue. We provide high quality personalized prosthetic dentistry to solve even the most complex reconstructive needs.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Seattle, Implants Bellevue - Bpdic.com

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  1. Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implants Seattle, Bellevue – Bpdic.com

  2. Cosmetic dentistry is transforming lives through complete smile makeovers, Veneers Seattlelead the list of aesthetic treatments as a wildly popular procedure. When a tooth is lost the specialized bony process that houses the tooth begins to resorb due to lack of stimulation. This causes a decrease in width and height of the bone in the area the tooth is lost. Neighboring teeth and opposing teeth begin to move into the space. This causes food lodgment, subsequent decay, gum disease and abnormal forces being transmitted to teeth leading to fracture of cusps which may necessitate root canal treatment or extraction. Loss of teeth can also cause the cheek and lips to collapse giving an aged look.The consequences of tooth loss can be prevented by replacing the lost tooth in a timely manner. Although there are several options to replace a missing tooth the number one choice for replacing lost teeth are dental implants. Implants are tiny titanium screws or posts that are surgically placed in the bone. .

  3. Once integrated into bone they act like roots onto which small posts are attached which protrude through the gums. These posts provide stable anchors to the replacement teeth. Dental Implants maintain the bone height by stimulation and prevents unnecessary trimming of adjoining teeth for bridge placement. Since implants are titanium posts there is no chance for decay on implants. Implants can service you for several years with regular professional cleaning and proper home care.

  4. Many people who are missing a single tooth opt for a fixed bridge; but a bridge may require the cutting down of healthy, adjacent teeth that may or may not need to be restored in the future. Then there is the additional cost of possibly having to replace the bridge once, twice or more over the course of a lifetime due to decay or gum problems affecting the anchor teeth.Are you looking for a Cosmetic Dentistry Seattle, Bellevue. Visit: bpdic.com

  5. Contact Us:Dr. Michael W. Johnson Bellevue Prosthodontics1370 116th Avenue NE Suite 212Bellevue, WA 98004Phone: 425-455-4993Refer: http://www.bpdic.com

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