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Milestones to Success

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Milestones to Success. Our expectations/concerns. “I don’t want one!” Time issues – how long will it take? How much extra work will be created? Will it work? Improved communication with parents Embedding basic skills using the VLE.

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our expectations concerns

Our expectations/concerns

  • “I don’t want one!”
  • Time issues – how long will it take? How much extra work will be created?
  • Will it work?
  • Improved communication with parents
  • Embedding basic skills using the VLE

Questionnaire sent to all parents November 2009 - expectations

  • School news, information & events
  • Learning resources to use and support my child at home
  • Keep track of child’s progress, assessment & learning outcomes on a regular basis
  • Attendance
  • Communication between home & school
  • Understanding of what is going on in school
  • Make my child more communicative about what she’s doing at school
  • Better understanding of teaching methods
  • Viewing class & homework
  • Homework
  • Achievements
  • Challenging activities
  • Good to share school life with my child

“Bring it on! A great tool that’s long overdue.”

“Excellent use of the internet to keep parents in touch.”

“Schools and the children lead the way with technology with parents like me dragging along behind!”

“It would mean I’d have to make a conscious effort to look on the platform regularly. However this change in lifestyle is needed to help the environment.”

“Individual means I would know how far to push my child in the right areas at home”

It was also interesting to see some comments:

In the future, as the VLE and AFL modules are used more we anticipate parental-child collaboration and engagement will be greater

SLN2 + Parents

  • Expected date for parents: May 2010, actual date: February 2010
  • All parents are ‘live’ – gradual process beginning with Year 6 parents, Key Stage 1 and Early Years went live June 2010.
  • Communication tool responding to previous parental comments about communication between home and school.
  • All school letters on our main school page.
  • Information about their child’s year group’s subjects & topics are accessed via the interest spaces.


Extra pages added

sln2 parents

2 workshops per year group – rolling out to parents one year group at a time.

Initial figures show roughly half of our Key Stage 2 parents are using the platform.

Comments show those using the platform find it a positive experience


How do you interest the pupils?


Interest Spaces

E-portfolio competition


Give them ownership

Empower them

SLN2 + Pupils

the children have been encouraged to share what they ve learned watching these videos
The children have been encouraged to share what

they’ve learned watching these videos

More information is being put on the platform by staff to provide access to out of hours learning.PowerPoints and web links are being used to access lesson content. Embedding video into interest spaces and encouraging children to respond to these through discussions.

SLN2 + Pupils


Responding to events in school

We have used discussions to get feedback on events in school.

Potential use for discussions: ‘What we want to find out’ before beginning a new topic in History, Geography, Science etc. Can also use it for ‘What we’ve learned’ at end of a topic.

pupil voice

School Council Interest Space

Minutes and discussions relating to meetings are found here

Class council meetings every fortnight

Children are encouraged to put comments for discussion on the Learning Platform before the meetings ready for a whole class discussion.

Pupil Voice

pupil s view

Lauren (Y6)

“The Learning Platform was a bit boring to start

with but it was also frustrating because the LPC's

knew everything and I didn't. I sooo wanted to be

like them I wasn't learning properly, trying to rush

things so I knew more stuff!

I've learned now I need to take time to learn

because a learner is a Champion! (I'll be there ONE


P.S- Learning Platform Club is really helpful.”

Pupil’s view

learning platform champions

Year 6 : x 7

Year 5: x 6

Easily identifiable

Help other pupils during first few SLN2 sessions

Support peers…..and staff!

Answer questions

Maintain enthusiasm

Have greater skills

Learning Platform Champions


Initially hesitant about using it. The main worry being what’s going ‘live’ to parents.

Number of dedicated staff meetings.

Staff have been encouraged to develop their class/year group interest space. This is now extending to developing subject spaces.

1-2-1 sessions have helped and staff now see the potential uses of the Learning Platform and how easy it is to use.

SLN2 + Staff

staff room interest space

All relevant documentation including:





staff handbook

link to staff e-mail


calendar with all dates for the academic year

Staff Room Interest Space


Large Governing Body - communication is vital.

All Governors have had training - Clerk to Governors has had extra 1-2-1

All Governors have logged on and do so regularly

Public & Private Interest Spaces.

Interest Spaces for each Sub-Committee.

Are paperless! All communication is now via the Platform and e-mail! Governors know when meetings are and what’s needed.

Very supportive and realise the potential.


sln2 in the curriculum

The next ‘stage of development’ - huge potential for the platform in our curriculum:

Blogging – reading journals, class blog telling parents what they’ve learned at school, recounting experiences, writing for a purpose/audience

Discussions – guided reading sessions where children respond to questions about texts they are reading. Using a different medium to engage our reluctant writers; tackling the tricky writing AFs!

Wikis – children adding information to a knowledge bank about a topic

Embedding videos for discussion/starting points/homework

SLN2 in the curriculum

extending the platform

Year 6 transition group.

Ask questions about moving up to two high schools.

Communicate with future peers from other primary schools.

Parents are also able to ask questions and have relevant documents to hand such as uniform lists etc.

Cluster Group for our area


Extending the Platform

my vision

“I have a dream…”

All parents on the platform at least once a week

Paperless communication – nearly there!

All children engaging in discussions, blogging

Staff using the platform to communicate far more effectively with parents

Staff using the platform in lessons

PTA & Kitchen communicating with parents

Parents, pupils & staff working together – AfL, VLE, e-portfolio

A cluster group sharing and collaborating

Better links & communication with our High School

My Vision

where next

We still have a long way to go!

Assessment live to parents.

Our SLN2 journey will take another 18-24 months before we are happy – and it will have changed by then!

The potential for the platform is huge and we are only just scratching the surface. We want to do a lot but have to pace ourselves (I’m not very patient!)

This academic year - lead again by example, ensuring my class are all LPCs and showing other staff what we can do with the platform in the curriculum to ensure it is a day to day part of our school.

Developing AfL, VLE, Kaleidos Communicator, e-portfolios.

Where next?