fos campaign 2008 hobble creek district n.
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FOS Campaign 2008 Hobble Creek District PowerPoint Presentation
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FOS Campaign 2008 Hobble Creek District

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FOS Campaign 2008 Hobble Creek District - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FOS Campaign 2008 Hobble Creek District
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  1. FOS Campaign 2008Hobble Creek District

  2. Goals for the 2008 CampaignA New approach • Invite every family to support the cause • Share The Promise of Scouting • Educate potential donors on the need for funds • Ask for a generous contribution • Wrap up entire campaign withintwo weeks

  3. End Results of the 2008 Campaign • Increase knowledge leading to improved attitude towards FOS • Increase percentage of donors (An average of 34% of homes currently donate in our district) • Increase gift size(District average is $48.04)

  4. The Promise of ScoutingTelling the Story • Scouting saves and changes lives • Scouting is an organization that gives back to the community

  5. Scouting saves and changes lives • The Scout Oath and Law • Scouts are more likely to… • Do the right thing verses the easy thing • Think of others before self • Accept leadership responsibility • Share (or contemplate) personal examples

  6. Scouting gives back • Service to the community • Service hours benefited communities over 3.8 million dollars • For every FOS $1.00 donated there is a $1.10 return on Eagle project service hours • The Scouting for Food drive collected 1.5 million pounds of food • Scouting is the state’s largest academic institution • 35,000 volunteer teachers (Leaders and Merit Badge Counselors) • 122 possible merit badges

  7. Proof letter from volunteer

  8. Explain the Needs Contributions support: • A rapidly growing youth population • The largest unit-serving council in the nation • The 4th largest youth-serving council in the nation • 9 council camps

  9. Explain the Needs Contributions also support: • 7 service centers • 32 professionals • 44 council support staff • 2 Camp Rangers

  10. What the council does for the unit • Provide unit serving executives • Provide information from background checks • Advanced training opportunities • Maintain membership records • Programs and special aids • Maintain supplies for special programs • Provide and maintain camping properties • Scouting provides liability insurance for organizations

  11. Income

  12. Step-by-Step Roll-Out for Stake FOS Representatives • Enroll Stake Presidency • Enroll Bishoprics • Enroll/Train Enrollers • Enroll each household • Contact those who were missed • Turn in all funds and commitments by final deadline, June 30th 2007

  13. Enroll Stake Presidency • Talk about the needs and benefits of scouting • Get their commitment or contribution • Schedule bishopric enrollment meeting • Their enrollment sets the example for the stake

  14. Enroll the Bishoprics • Get on the Bishopric counsel meeting agenda • Insure that the bishoprics know they will be making a contribution to FOS • Talk about the needs and benefits of Scouting • Their enrollment sets the example for the ward and ward enrollers

  15. Enroll/Train Enrollers • Benefits and needs of scouting • Inform them they will make their commitments at this meeting • Give enrollers the opportunity to role play at least once during the meeting • 1 enroller per 5 homes (no more than 10)

  16. Enroll each household • Each ward should announce a selected night for the FOS enrollment • Ward members should know when the ward enrollment night is and expect a visit • Offer the option of pledging a small amount each month rather than paying all upfront

  17. Instructions for Campaign Workers • Use provided materials (don’t use tithing slips or envelopes) • Read the back of the collection envelope • Be positive and keep it brief • Turn in all funds and commitments to the stake or council immediately • Do not turn in one check for the ward

  18. Making the Ask • Witness to the power of the Scouting program • Share personal story or example • If you don’t have one, use right side of collection envelope for ideas • Explain the need for funds • Ask the donor to give generously.

  19. Making the Ask • Asking previous donors • Use pre-printed pledge card with last year’s donation amount • Ask them to give as much or more than last year • Asking new donors • Present them with a blank pledge card • Make sure to get their complete name and address

  20. Clean up • Have a plan for those who aren’t home • The wards can determine how to handle this • There needs to be a plan in place • Turn in all funds and commitments to the council immediately • Don’t sit on the money Yeah! You’re done!!