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302/302X の復習と試験 PowerPoint Presentation
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302/302X の復習と試験

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302/302X の復習と試験 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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302/302X の復習と試験. Chapter 16. ~てくれる、あげる、もらう ~ていただけませんか。 ~といい ~時 ~てすみませんでした. Chapter 17. ~そうです ~って ~たら ~なくてもいい ~みたいです ~前に / ~てから. Chapter 18. Transitive/Intransitive Verbs ~てしまう ~と ~ながら ~ばよかったです. Chapter 19. Keigo お~ください ~てくれてありがとう ~てよかったです ~はずです. Final Oral.

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Presentation Transcript
chapter 16
  • ~てくれる、あげる、もらう
  • ~ていただけませんか。
  • ~といい
  • ~時
  • ~てすみませんでした
chapter 17
Chapter 17
  • ~そうです
  • ~って
  • ~たら
  • ~なくてもいい
  • ~みたいです
  • ~前に/~てから
chapter 18
Chapter 18
  • Transitive/Intransitive Verbs
  • ~てしまう
  • ~と
  • ~ながら
  • ~ばよかったです
chapter 19
Chapter 19
  • Keigo
  • お~ください
  • ~てくれてありがとう
  • ~てよかったです
  • ~はずです
final oral
Final Oral
  • Date: 5/4 (overflow 5/6, afternoon only)
  • Length: 10分
  • Four topics
    • Entering your sensei’s office
    • Making a request
    • Talking about others
    • Summer vacation plans
the plan
The Plan
  • Over the next two week we will be working on what you have to accomplish in the “interview”. Remember that this is going to be conversational style. So your interview will not be drilling you with questions. I will be interacting with you to get a sense of your overall accomplishments over the past three years.
the interview begins
The interview begins…
  • When you walk in the door. Before sitting down…what should you do?
what you do
What you do…
  • Depends on what they say.
  • Most likely:
    • Confirm the name of the interviewer.
    • Ask if it is okay to sit down if they do not offer. (Don’t sit until you have their approval.)
  • Knock on door.
  • 先生:はい。
  • A:すみませんが、先生、今よろしいでしょうか。
  • 先生:はい。どうぞ。
asking if ok to sit down
Asking if ok to sit down

Point chair:

First and second year Japanese: いいですか。

Showing your third year abilities:

よろしいですか。Or すわってもいいですか。OR すわってもよろしいですか。

making a request
Making a request
  • What vocabulary and grammar would you need to know?
  • How would the conversation be structured?
  • How would you go about asking the interviewer?
making a request1
Making a request
  • You will need to ask your sensei if it is okay to borrow a Japanese book or something to help you with your studies. You may want to explain that you want to improve your reading abilities.
making a request grammar
Making a requestGrammar








~てLinking with verbs and adjectives







  • Entering into a teacher’s office and making a request
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjCeIlvVMFs
  • Making request
  • http://www.youtube.com/user/JPN112UHM#p/u/10/eD_wWR-pReI
talking about others
Talking about others
  • For this activity, you will ask your sensei if they have heard about another student. This student named John, moved to Japan to teach English. You heard the following:
    • He is living in Osaka
    • Teaching at a high school
    • Loves his school and place he is living
    • Studying Japanese everyday
    • Loves eating Japanese food and learning about the culture (文化)
  • ~そうです
  • ~って
  • ~たら
  • ~なくてもいい
  • ~みたいです
  • ~前に/~てから
  • http://wpgenki.whitebase.co.jp/site/self/mov/L17.wmv
  • This is from chapter 17. Use it as an example!
talking about future plans e g summer vacation
Talking about future plans (e.g. summer vacation)

What vocabulary and grammar do you need?

What would the structure be like?

How would you go about asking the interviewer about this?











~てLinking with verbs and adjectives









Summer Plans

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aUQnWbNhBk&feature=related
  • なにをするつもり
  • どこで
  • だれと
  • どのぐらい行きます
  • やりたいこと
how can you get out of a situation politely
How can you get out of a situation politely?




じゃまた。(Not to be used with superiors.)

  • では、しつれいしました。