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ROI of UX. Hi! My name is Ingrid. BSC Systems Engineering Usability evangelist 1995 inUse agency 2002 2005: BIM evangelist (Business Impact Mapping and Management). Ingrid Domingues The investors ’ idea.

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hi my name is ingrid
Hi! My name is Ingrid
  • BSC Systems Engineering
  • Usability evangelist 1995
  • inUse agency 2002
  • 2005: BIM evangelist(Business ImpactMapping and Management)







  • Weak definition ofrequirements
  • Poorcommunication
  • Stakeholders lack commitment
why ux is the solution

an important part of

Why UX is the solution
  • Starting withhighleveldesign forces the stakehholderstohavetheirprioritiesclear
  • Whenreqiuirementsbecomesvisual and interactive, theyaremuchbetterunderstood
  • Goodtechniquestohelpstakeholdersto understand theircustomersneeds and whyone design fails and another is a greatsucess
sucessful ux activities
Sucessful UX activities
  • Stakeholderinterviews
  • Observeusers
  • First design the mostimportantflows
  • Test in use, early and continously
  • Followpatterns for detailing design
3 areas for roi of ux
3 areas for ROI of UX
  • Efficiency (task oriented) solutions
  • Commercial solutions
  • Project and Maintenance
roi types task oriented
ROI types – task oriented
  • Increased efficiency
  • Shorter time to learn
  • Decreased user errors
  • Decreased costs for user support
roi decreased cost for user support
ROI : Decreasedcost for user support

”Hidden support costs for coworkershelpingothersis estimated tobetween 6000 to 15000 dollar eachyearfor every computer”

Bulkeley 1992

roi types commercial
ROI types – commercial
  • Increased customer satisfaction and strengthened brand
  • Increased sales
    • Existing customers buy more when visiting the site
    • More and returning customers
  • Decreased customer support costs
roi increased sales
ROI : increasedsales

“One study estimated that improvingthe customer experience increasesthe number of buyers by 40% and increase order size by 10%.”

Creative Good, 2000

roi customer support costs
ROI : customer support costs

Clean, Cutting-Edge UI Design Cuts McAfee's Support Calls by 90%

Software CEO, 2004

roi from ux project maintenance
ROI from UX – project & maintenance
  • Savings gained from making changes earlier in the design process
  • Clear and focused requirements, less time spent on guessing
  • Reduced costs for support
  • Less time spent on discussing bad design alternatives
  • Reduced costs for maintenance
roi less time spent on discussing bad design alternatives
ROI: Less timespent on discussing bad design alternatives



Applyestablishedpatterns for interaction eg”the moment ofseduction”

roi reduced time cost for maintenance
ROI : reducedtime (cost) for maintenance

Solutions that follows a clear pattern for UI is saving money. The User Interface of software is:

  • 47‐66% of a project’s total code
  • 80% of the unforeseen fixes required (the other20% arebugs)
“The average business metrics improvement after a usability redesign is now 83%.

This is substantially less than 6 years ago (135%), but ROI remains high because usability is still cheap relative to gains.”

Jacob Nielsen, 2008

1 b ased on a fatal misconception
1 Based on a fatalmisconception

Managers thinkthat design is extra work, thereforetheyneedtofindoutifit`sworth it.

“…whether design is necessary or affordable are quite beside the point: design is inevitable.

The alternative to good design is bad design, not no design at all”

Douglas Martin Book Design

2 not applicable in the formal sense
2 Not applicable in the formal sense

ROI is a quantitativefinancial approach and focus on valuesthatareforseen an easilymeasured.UX is aboutfinding new waysofhelpingpeople do whattheywant in smarterways, and changingpeoplesbehavioirs.

The UXdesign process is itself a wayofchanging business.

3 m anagers seldom check the result
3Managers seldom check the result

70% do not have a structuredfollowup on ther IT investments

Öhrlings PWC 2007

this is what really matters
This is whatreallymatters
  • Knowingwhatto do
  • Producinggood design
  • Managingsucess


  • Knowingwhatto do
  • Producinggood design
  • Managingsucess


  • Knowingwhatto do
  • Producinggood design
  • Managingsucess



  • I find more than expected
  • Related content
  • Persona pages
  • I get what I want
  • Suggestions based on previous use of the service
  • I find what I want
  • Good search functionality
    • - Suggestive search
    • - Easy text input (Box)
  • Effective browse
    • - Latest content displayed on top


  • Hard to find/Can’t find
  • Not available
  • The content is not in the service






inUse helped a customerprioritize CR:s, based on a Business ImpactMap.

Savings: 1/3 of all incoming CR could be neglected1,5 yearofdevelopmenttime



  • Knowingwhatto do
  • Producinggood design
  • Managingsucess
business needs gives the framework
Business needs gives the framework

Average tip +12% “The $144,146,165 Button” = 694 520 000 SEKMay 13, 2012



  • Knowingwhatto do
  • Producinggood design
  • Managingsucess
business impact management
Business Impact Management
  • Knowwhatto do
  • Start with the mostimportantflows
  • Knowwhatto test = the thingsthatusersevaluate = the productcapaibilitiesthat serves theirneeds.
  • Feed back to managers by progress measured in fulfillmentofuserneeds, not onlytime and costs.


Knowingwhatto do

Producinggood design