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Fishing Trips South Platte River

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Fishing Trips South Platte River - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This is a guided, walk and wade, river fishing experience on the North Fork of the South Platte River. You will have approximately one mile of the river at Boxwood and 2 miles at Long Meadow to fish depending on the section/sections that you reserve.\n

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The Best Colorado Fly Fishing you will find, and only 60 minutes from Denver. You

will be fishing for trophy sized Trout with experienced guides on nearly 3 miles of

private water on the North Fork of the South Platte River. It doesn’t get any better.

This is a guided, walk and wade, river fishing experience on the North Fork of the

South Platte River. You will have approximately one mile of the river at Boxwood and

2 miles at Long Meadow to fish depending on the section/sections that you reserve.

We are 1/2 mile past mile marker 216 if coming from the Denver area or 1/2 mile

past mile marker 215 if coming from the Fairplay/Breckenridge area.

1. Plenty of trophy-sized trout.

2. Total Privacy- Boxwood section: If your group is 10 or more only your group will

be fishing the property. If fewer than 10 anglers we may add anglers. They will

have their own guide and share the property independent of your group. At Long

Meadow section, you may see a few other anglers not in your group.

3. Easy river access—no long hikes over rough terrain.

4. Only 60 minutes from down town Denver via State Hwy. 285—no jeep trails.

5. A combination of wild fish, spawned fish, and stocked fish make the fishing

challenging enough for the expert yet friendly enough for the novice.

6. There is a good chance that you will hook into and hopefully land the largest trout

of your lifetime at Boxwood. You also stand a good chance of catching more trout

than you have ever caught in a river fishing experience.

Boxwood Gulch offers several species of trout for the angler who enjoys a mixed bag

or perhaps hasn’t experienced the pleasure of fighting a certain trout breed before.

Tactics for each of our species varies from midging for super selective rainbows, to

streamer fishing for monster browns. Boxwood Gulches population is made up of

over 1500 fish on 1 mile of water with trout ranging from 12 inch brookies to 30 inch

bows and browns – 50% rainbows, 30% browns, 20% cutbows, snake river

cutthroats, brookies, and the elusive palomino rainbow.

Boxwood Bows- Highly successful spawns in recent years

have increased the numbers of young fish which

subsequently brought the average size down from 19″ to

17″, but has increased anglers catches from 15 to 20+ fish

per angler.

Always in tune to the surface, Boxwood bows start rising in March and are still taking

hoppers and attractor patterns well into October. BIG BOWS? One only has to glance

at the big fish board in Boxwoods clubhouse to see countless photos of elated anglers

holding fish of 24 and 28″ to see what awaits them among the riffles and runs of

Boxwood Gulch.

Aggressive, wary, and stout best describes the browns that

average 18″ and are full of color and fight. The fisher that

likes to swing a bugger in pocket water or skate a mouse

pattern across a deep run will find him or herself targeting

this species simply because of the rod jarring strikes.

Bigger browns of the 2 foot caliber are evening predators, and are usually taken on

large streamers like sculpins or string leeches as twighlight begins to shroud

overhanging willows where the ambush by a monster brown is usually the big fish of

the day.

Snake River Cutthroat- Sometimes referred to as Salmo inaccessablis, this trout is

usually taken in tight water after careful stalking and the perfect cast. Known to reach

28″ in length at Boxwood, this species can be both a joy to hook, or very humbling

after countless refusals of the anglers offerings.

POWER, HEAVY, LINE BREAKERS. Easy to recognize immediatly

after the hook set because of their leaping ability and speed.

This fish rarely reaches 22″ in length, but boasts the biggest

girth of all Boxwood trout. With a distinct love for LARGE flies,

the Cutbow is the first to knock a mouse pattern off the water in

early summer or smack a hopper with reckless abandon.

Brookies- The first to look to the surface in early spring, this

species is always an unexpected delight. Averaging 14″ with

some males reaching 17″, they start to dress in spectacular

colors in mid-September in preparation for the fall spawning


Palomino Rainbow- The elusive Palomino is Boxwoods toughest

fish to catch. Because of their unusual coloration this species has

had to develop it’s senses to the highest degree simply to survive

bird predation from Ospreys, Eagles, and Kingfishers. Advice from

your guide on taking one of these is usually two words.

Breakfast and Lunch

Check with your Guide/Outfitter about meeting times, meeting

places, breakfast and lunch or any other special requirements

that you may have. If you book the Boxwood section lunch will

be provided at the Clubhouse. All of our authorized guides and

outfitters will be able to accommodate your requests.


4 and 5 weight, medium fast rods are suggested, backed with disc drag reels. Floating

line and 4x or 5x leaders and tippets. Waist high waders allow anglers to access 90%

of the water, with chest high needed only for the brave at heart. Bring your polarized

sunglasses because you will be sight fishing for “monstertrout” in crystal clear water.

Rain gear is always a good idea.


Dry fly action starts in late March and lasts through early October. Boxwood Gulch

guides suggest that clients use their confidence patterns. Suggested dry patterns are

mostly attractors such as Royal Wulffs, Stimulators, Trude Wing Coachmen, Hoppers

and Caddis in sizes from #14 to #8s. Special Boxwood Patterns such as Olive Death

Gold Prince nymphs.

• Determine which day/days you can fish.

• Review past Fishing Reports for that period so you can see what to expect.

• Determine which property you want to fish.

• Review the calendar below to determine if that date is available or is it reserved.

• If it says Reserved it is no longer available.

• If it says Available you can use any outfitter from our list of Authorized Outfitters.

• If you see an Authorized Outfitter listed under the date you want to fish that means

that outfitter has that date but is still looking for anglers.

Winter Fishing:

Winter months can offer some of the best nymph fishing in the Rocky Mountain

range, because of the mild conditions, we fish in what is referred to as the “Bailey

Banana Belt.” Stone flies, Wooly Buggers, and other nymph patterns can yield an

angler a 20 fish day.

Streamer fishing is a year round affair at Long Meadow. Because of the competition

between more than 2000 fish on approximately 2 miles of river, Streamer patterns

such as Spruce streamers and sculpins, can trigger savage strikes that will make even

the most experienced anglers tighten their drag.