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VFHY Grantee Orientation

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VFHY Grantee Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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VFHY Grantee Orientation. Healthy Communities Action Teams November 3, 2010. Orientation Agenda. Welcome and Introduction VFHY & HCAT Background Training Opportunities and Resources VFHY Grants Administration Notebook Reporting Requirements. VFHY Background.

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VFHY Grantee Orientation

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    1. VFHY Grantee Orientation Healthy Communities Action Teams November 3, 2010

    2. Orientation Agenda • Welcome and Introduction • VFHY & HCAT Background • Training Opportunities and Resources • VFHY Grants Administration Notebook • Reporting Requirements

    3. VFHY Background Created as VTSF in 1999 by the Virginia General Assembly as a result of the Master Settlement Agreement. In 2009, the General Assembly changed our name to the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth and expanded our mission to include the prevention and reduction of childhood obesity in addition to reducing and preventing youth tobacco use.

    4. VFHY Divisions and Initiatives • Healthy Communities Action Teams • 2010 Weight of the State Conference • 2011 Weight of the State Conference • Step Teams • Programs • Marketing • Research

    5. Prevention Connections • Mini Grants • Safe Routes To School • School Vending Machine Replacements http://www.preventionconnections.org/funding.shtml The nonprofit arm of VFHY Grants & Projects Recognize leaders in the community

    6. Marketing New Campaigns targeting youth obesity prevention: • ACTOUT Campaign • Step Royale Danny Saggese Director of Marketing 804-225-3624 dsaggese@vfhy.org

    7. ACTOUT Campaign GOAL: Increase Awareness and Participation in Physically Demanding Activities • Phase 1: Build a database of local opportunities to promote through web, demonstrations, events and promotions • Initial Progress: 183 Interest Surveys Collected • Phase 2: Promote opportunities by scheduling events, distributing incentives, and educating youth about options

    8. T The Ultimate Competitive Step Dancing League in Hamptons Roads 4 Battles and 1 Final Championship

    9. Initial Success • 14 Teams Competing • 206 Dancers • 2,100 Attendees

    10. Research Virginia Research Consortium (VRC) Lead universities: • George Mason University • James Madison University • University of Virginia • Virginia Commonwealth University

    11. Program Department Since 2001, VFHY has awarded: • Over 780 grants for tobacco use prevention and cessation activities! • And in 2010 – 22 Healthy Communities Action Team grants!

    12. VFHY Grants Staff Regional Grants Administrators Judy Link – Southeast Region Jenny Martin – Southwest Region Lisa Brown – North Region Terri-ann Brown – Central Region Training & Resource Manager Charlie McLaughlin

    13. Regional Grants Administrators • Your Regional Grants Administrator (RGA) is your point of contact for VFHY. • Address all inquiries to your RGA – she will be able to help you OR put you in contact with the appropriate resource. • All grant reporting forms will be e-mailed to your RGA.

    14. Communication is Key! Update your RGA as needed regarding: • Project implementation schedules • Staff changes – project and fiscal • Project changes – venue, audience, target group, partners • Successes AND barriers • Budget questions or problems

    15. VFHY Communication • VFHY Website www.healthyyouthva.org • Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/HealthyYouthVA • “LIKE” us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Richmond-VA/ Virginia-Foundation-for-Healthy-Youth • Regional Blogs • VFHY 2nd Weight of the State Conference – Oct. 4-5, Richmond Marriott

    16. Public Relations Richard Foster Public Affairs Coordinator 804-225-3947 rfoster@vfhy.org Press Releases VFHY Grantee Legislative Contact Form Who’s My Legislator? Legislative Letter Templates

    17. Who’s My Legislator?

    18. Legislative Contacts – Greater Visibility for VFHY & Grantee Projects • Legislative Contact Form due byNovember 12, 2010. • Confirm Legislative Contact Form and send first letter by December 1, 2010. • Send second letter by January 15, 2011. • Keep copies in VFHY Notebook. Report them on Quarterly Reports. • Contact your RGA immediately if you get a response from an elected official.

    19. Training and Resource Manager • Identifies, maintains and is familiar with VFHY Tobacco and Obesity Prevention Resources. • Provides proposal technical assistance to prospective grantees and project implementation technical assistance to awarded grantees. • Coordinates required trainings and conferences. Charlie McLaughlin Jr. Training and Resource Manager 804-786-2279 cmclaughlin@vfhy.org

    20. 2011 Reducing Tobacco Use Conference Keeping it Relevant for Kids, Teens and Young Adults April 5-6, 2011 Marriott City Center Newport News Registration Opens January 2011

    21. 2011 2nd Annual Weight of the State Conference October 4-5, 2011 Marriott Richmond Downtown Richmond Registration Opens Summer 2011

    22. Training Opportunities • Annual Training Survey • Training calendar posted in early spring • Workshops offered: April –November • 45 workshops offered in 2010 • www.healthyyouthva.org/training

    23. Obesity Resources • Community Team Development Activities & Resources • Nutrition Activities • Physical Activity • Statistical Data, Trends & Prevalence • Statewide & Local Obesity Resources/Projects • Funding Opportunities • Conferences, Trainings & Events • Fact Sheets & Tips • www.healthyyouthva.org/vyop/resources.asp

    24. We Need Your Help to Identify Additional Obesity Resources! Presenters Events Websites Charlie McLaughlin Jr. Training and Resource Manager 804-786-2279 cmclaughlin@vfhy.org

    25. The VFHY Grants Administration Notebook

    26. Notebook Sections VFHY Orientation Materials Grants Manual Proposal HCAT Information Budget Work Plan Evaluation Quarterly Reports Invoicing Project Information Legislative Contact Information Miscellaneous

    27. The VFHY Grants Administration Manual Grants Administration Manual and all forms are available at www.healthyyouthva.org

    28. General Terms and Conditions • Download and print the Grants Manual. • Thoroughly read and understand all terms and conditions. • Complete the Acknowledgement Form and return it to the VFHY office in Richmond.

    29. Changes and Revisions • VFHY may order changes within the general scope of the contract at any time by written notice to the Grantee. • The parties may agree in writing to modify the scope of the contract. • Budget revisions may be requested utilizing the Budget Revision Request form. If less than $250, a one-time line item change can be made without prior approval by VFHY.

    30. Budget Revision Request Form • Complete all areas and submit form to Regional Grants Administrator. • Provide details which fully justify the need to revise the budget. • Only one budget revision request is allowed per fiscal year and must be submitted before the end of the third quarter (March 31, 2011 and March 31, 2012).

    31. Special Terms and Conditions - Highlights AUDIT – “Grantee hereby agrees to retain all books, records, and other documents relative to this contract for five (5) years after final payment…” “…The Contractor (Grantee) shall utilize the Grants Administration Notebook provided by VFHY to maintain all appropriate records.” SUBCONTRACTS - “No portion of the work shall be subcontracted without prior written consent of the purchasing agency”

    32. Method of Payment “Grantee shall invoice the VFHY on a monthly basis.” Grantees retain ALL receipts, unless requested from VFHY.” “Billing shall be due no later than 30 days following the end of each month in which expenditures are incurred.” However, if necessary the grantee may request to submit quarterly reimbursement requests. Final Grant Close Out invoices are due by July 15, 2012.

    33. Method of Payment • Submit invoices on a monthly basis via e-mail to your RGA • Establish system to confirm payment receipt with your finance department. • Establish electronic payments by enrolling in the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) project with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Accounts. http://www.doa.virginia.gov/General_Accounting/EDI/AgreementVendor.pdf If you have questions about the electronic transfer, contact our Business Manager, Wilma Jordan at 804-786-7409.

    34. Share the Grant Proposal • Print a copy of your grant application from VFHY online grant system at: https://www.grantinterface.com/VFHY/ Common/LogOn.aspx • Share a copy with all grant-related staff (project and fiscal).

    35. Project Reporting Requirements • Acknowledgement Form • VFHY Legislative Contact Information Form • VFHY Invoice/Reimbursement Request Form • VFHY Quarterly Reporting Form • Final Quarterly Report Form • (forms available at www.healthyyouthva.org) • 6. Evaluation Report • 7. All additional materials developed under the grant

    36. Quarterly Reporting Form • Follow instructions and complete all areas each quarter. • The report should have all goals, objectives and strategies included – even if they are not being reported on in that quarter. • Last page – use this page to provide narrative details of accomplishments, barriers or other project information. • Enter name at bottom of form and email it to your RGA. Please title the document with your organization name and quarter number. Example: ABC HCAT Qtr 3

    37. Quarterly Report Due Dates • October 15, 2011 • January 15, 2012 • April 15, 2012 • July 15, 2012 January 15, 2011 April 15, 2011 July 15, 2011

    38. Fourth/Final Quarterly Report • Final Quarterly Report is due July 15, 2012. • Includes Evaluation Report, also due July 15, 2012. • Include an end of year summary and overall analysis of the grant project on the final page. • Final date to submit local evaluation results is July 31, 2012. • Use this as an opportunity to provide input and feedback to VFHY.

    39. Invoice/Reimbursement Request Form • Refer to Helpful Hints handout. • Use only the VFHY HCAT Invoice form. • VFHY reserves the right to request all supporting documentation for monthly expenditures. • If you have problems with the workbook, contact your RGA. • Submit entire VFHY invoice workbook electronically to RGA with “invoice” in the subject line. • Payment is made within 30 days from VFHY acknowledgement.

    40. Site Visits • In addition to the quarterly reporting forms and the invoice/reimbursement request form, VFHY will also conduct site visits. • Site visits are used for review of: • Project status and progress toward objectives • Grant project management and organization • Human resources • Fiscal oversight • VFHY Grants Notebook

    41. Site Visits • Conducted two times during grant period. • Grantees should be prepared and ready to discuss all facets of their grant-funded project. • The VFHY Grants Administration Notebook will be reviewed. • Site visits are great opportunities to: - show off your successes & discuss any barriers - ask questions or request assistance - stay connected with VFHY

    42. QUESTIONS?