goleta slouth by an amateur n.
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Goleta Slouth (by an amateur)

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Goleta Slouth (by an amateur). Harry Nelson UCSB/Physics RFG December 12, 2005 http://hep.ucsb.edu/people/hnn/goletaslough.html. Conjectured History of Slough. -  (10,000 yr?) to 1780 or so… stable 1780-1925… Euro Agriculture, siltation

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goleta slouth by an amateur

Goleta Slouth (by an amateur)

Harry Nelson



December 12, 2005


conjectured history of slough
Conjectured History of Slough
  • - (10,000 yr?) to 1780 or so… stable
  • 1780-1925… Euro Agriculture, siltation
    • 1812 Earthquake… `land opened up in vicinity (of San Miguel Chapel, Fairview/Hollister) to such an extent that it causes horror’… Chumash withdrew to SB Mission… Mescalitan Rancheria threatened by ocean flooding
    • Legal issue… 1850 at statehood where was tideland boundary?
    • Record rains… Nov. 1861-Feb 1862, heavily silt the slough
  • 1925-present… Euro urbanization
    • 1942/3 filling for airport, leaving the tiny portion extent today

Goleta Slough

rogers 1929 reconstruction
Rogers 1929 Reconstruction

Prehistoric Man of the Santa Barbara Coast, 1929

Goleta Slough

ak brown 1967
AK Brown, 1967

The Aboriginal Population of the Santa Barbara Channel, 1967

Goleta Slough

ak brown overlay
AK Brown Overlay

Goleta Slough

european contact
European Contact
  • My survey not systematic (eg, Cabrillo, Manila Galleon, Vancouver, etc..)
  • At least 3 written accounts from Portola Expedition… Sunday, August 20, 1769
    • Costanso (engineer)… `two mouths’ (Goleta Beach/Devereux)… to east `marshes and creeks of considerable extent’
    • Crespi (priest, two accounts!) `good-sized inlet appearing like a sea arm, which reaches a great way inland’… IV knoll ¼ league in length, mouth at either end… Goleta Beach mouth ` ½ of a quarter league’
    • Fages (soldier) `one comes in sight of a long, bare point of land, on the eastern side of which a great estuary penetrates inland by two separate arms, which are probably about half a league distant from each other. This estuary runs close to the north side of a small hill which rises on a point of land and has the appearance of an island… The estuary spreads continually over the level ground eastward, forming various swamps and ponds of considerable extent…’

Goleta Slough

1782 map by pantoja
1782 Map by Pantoja

Goleta Slough

1782 map by pantoja1
1782 Map by Pantoja

Goleta Slough

1782 map by pantoja2
1782 Map by Pantoja

Goleta Slough

mission era
Mission Era (?)
  • Cattle Ranching (?)
  • San Jose Creek Winery
  • San Miguel Chapel… ruined in 1812, probably near S’axpilil (Fairview/Hollister) (Buffy)

Goleta Slough

diseno maps 1840 18601
Diseno Maps (1840-1860)

1861/2 comes the deluge…

Goleta Slough

1888 county map
1888 County Map

Goleta Slough

sexton memoir
Sexton Memoir…

Goleta Slough

usgs 1902
USGS 1902

Goleta Slough

perspectives conclusions
  • 1954 student name for UCSB… `Slough U’
  • 1969 fight to stop 217 extension through remaining slough (Underground Newspapers…)
  • `Lost Triangle’… Mescalitan/(Fairview/Hollister)/News Press Printing Plant… slated for intense development
  • Complete Restoration?

Goleta Slough