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Focus of Today

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Focus of Today
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Focus of Today

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  1. Role of Higher Education in Lifelong LearningConference on Frontiers of Higher EducationAmerican University of ArmeniaSeptember 30, 2011Carol Aslanian

  2. Focus of Today Importance of Colleges and Universities in the Supply of Lifelong Learning Education over a lifetime… why? Educated society is key to economic and social advancement Constant change in our lives makes it essential… cannot stand still Lifelong learning is the vehicle to successful personal and professional lives Depressed economic environment and challenged workforce New sources of revenue for institutions

  3. Lifelong Learning… continuous building of skills and knowledge over a lifetime many adults pursue additional job training or education in order to remain employable and remain in job market can be formal (training, higher education, tutoring, etc.) or informal (experiences, situations, etc.) Types of activities: continuing education, professional development, workforce development, executive education, vocational education, certificate programs, corporate training and partnerships Purpose: personal or professional Target: adults 25 yrs and older

  4. Explaining the Timing and Reasons for Adult Learning Why do adults return to education when they do? Life Events (“Triggers”) set the time for learning. Life Changes (“Transitions”) set the reasons for learning.

  5. Providers of Lifelong Learning • Colleges and universities • Training companies • Professional associations • Businesses • Government agencies • Community organizations • Formats: classroom and online

  6. Impact of Lifelong Learning on Higher Education • United States- 2011 • 20 million undergrad and grad students • 40% are adults 25+ yrs • Another 20 million in noncredit programs • Adult Student Profile • Majority Female • Median Age: 35 • Married • Working full time • 60% degree seekers – 40% non-degree

  7. Higher Education Options • Degrees • Certificates • Licenses • Individual Courses • Noncredit Programs • Short term, modular, compressed • Partnerships with business, government, and other organizations

  8. 10% of all college students study online only – primarily adult students 20% of all students take one or more online courses in a single term No end in sight! Impact of Technology on Lifelong Learning Today in the USA

  9. The Future?Tech-Savvy Kids

  10. Lifetime Job Attainment 10.8 jobs over a lifetime Average time with any employer- 3.5 years Only 28% of employees have been with single employer for 10 years or more

  11. Lifelong Learning: The New Normal for Higher Education Becoming cornerstone of the education system Focus on both the young AND the adult Expanding and new opportunities for colleges and universities Power the workforce Expansion of traditional degree-credit offerings with adult, continuing, and executive education ( credit and noncredit)

  12. AUA Turpanjian Rural Development Program • Mission – Promote sustained economic development in rural Armenia • Improve lives of rural families through development of econ. opportunities and educ. • Generate new business ideas • Provide training for successful entrepreneurs • Centers in Gyumri, Stepanakert, Ijevan

  13. AUA Extension Program • Principle community interface • Quality courses target academia, private organizations, and individuals • Fulfill professional and/or career goals through training • Computer Literacy • Information Technology • Leadership, Business, and Entrepreneurial • General English Program

  14. Extension Programs

  15. 7th Annual “Adult Education Week in Armenia – 2010” On October 25-31 series of events are to be launched within “Adult Education Week in Armenia – 2010” for the 7th time. This year again the activities cover not only capital Yerevan but also the cities of Gyumri, Vanadzor and Ijevan. “Adult Education Week in Armenia – 2010” has been organized by the “Adult Education and Lifelong Learning” (AE&LL) Association and the Armenian branch of dvv international. October 25.  Training for journalists will mark the beginning of “Adult Education Week in Armenia – 2010”  and will be hosted by EU delegation to Armenia. The training covers three main topics: Adult Education, Lifelong Learning, and the EU Projects on Lifelong Learning.   October 26. A series of roundtable discussions on “Organizing Adult Education in Museums” first will be conducted in Gyumri, Public Education Center of Shirak diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church and Gyumri Museum of National Architecture and City Life, as well as on October 29th in the Fine Arts Museum of Vanadzorcity. October 27 and 28. A series of activities to be conducted in the city of  Ijevan such as thematic seminars in Ijevan Center for Youth Activities and discussions on strategic issues in Ijevan Adult Education Center, being constructed within EU Grant Program. October 26 and 27. Stakeholders’ meeting on “Education Strategies for Economic Competitiveness” will be conducted in Ijevan Business Center, and then, on October 28th and 29th in Green House Hotel of Vanadzor city.   October 29-31. A series of DigiLife seminars organized by the AE&LL Association in the framework of DigiTec 2010 Information Technologies Exhibition will be hosted by Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex. The seminars will be open for public and are intended all participants interested in gaining new knowledge and skills. October 30.  Presentations on Mobility in Higher Education will be conducted by AleksanderHakobyan, Tempus H.E.R.E, and Lana Karlova, National Tempus Office Armenia to be held at Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex.

  16. Armenian Universities and Colleges… what's next?