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Cingular Business Solutions. Business Continuity, Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery Anne Marie Leahey, Government Solutions – 713.859.1121 [email protected] Business Continuity. Ease of communication required Multi-department communication required

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Cingular business solutions

Cingular Business Solutions

Business Continuity, Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery

Anne Marie Leahey, Government Solutions – 713.859.1121 [email protected]

Business continuity
Business Continuity

  • Ease of communication required

  • Multi-department communication required

  • Continued Information flow

Enterprise paging

Enterprise Paging

Technical Overview

Offer overview enterprise paging

Any Text Messaging capable device

Enterprise Paging Application


SMPP Gateway

Text Messaging Network

Enterprise Paging Gateway – Hosted by Verisign



Std Paging API’s

Dial-up or Internet





Offer Overview: Enterprise Paging

  • Enable enterprise customers to add paging functionality to their Cingular devices, allowing them to use their enterprise paging applications with their Cingular devices and service,

    • Consolidate devices, invoicing and service

    • Differentiate Cingular Wireless offers from the competition

      • Only carrier with enterprise grade paging gateway

      • Only Blackberry offer in market that can support existing paging apps

  • Plug & Play with all standard paging protocols and applications

  • Cingular Wireless subscriber charged monthly flat fee rate unlimited for access to gateway – unlimited MT messages (pages)

Targeted At Application To Mobile Immediate Notifications

It management process
IT Management Process

1. Problem Detection

Solutions such as HP OpenView offer IT infrastructure monitoring to detect any unusual or unauthorized system activity.

5. Resolution

Final resolution of a system issue closes the communication loop.

4. Corrective Action

Field technicians perform corrective actions on systems, networks, routers or databases using browser-based devices such as a RIM 8700.

2. Automated Alerts

Enterprise Paging application is used in conjunction with monitoring applications to provide automated alerts when pre-defined threshold values are met.

IT Technician

3. Urgent Notification

Paging application is pre-configured with user and device information to ensure that alerts reach appropriate field technicians qualified to take action.

Paging functionality
Paging Functionality

  • Benefits of using paging applications & protocols: SNPP & WCTP

    • Positive acknowledgement of message from carrier

      • Know that the message is enroute and not sitting on an email relay

    • Delivery Receipts

      • Know that the message has been received and work is underway

      • Cut escalation times in ½:

        • Without Delivery Receipts: Page  Repage  Page Alternate

        • With Delivery Receipts: Page  if no DR  Page Alternate immediately

    • 2way Messaging

      • Replies to pages are routed back to Enterprise Paging Gateway for pickup by enterprise paging application

      • Messages can be routed back to originator by the paging application or can initiate preconfigured actions (i.e. server reboot, work ticket update, etc…)

    • Multiple Choice Response

      • Page is sent with a series of response options (Option A, B,C)

      • Recipient replies to message with selected option

      • Paging application takes action based on response (accept/reject/close ticket)

    • Performance/Reliability

      • Platform built to deliver 99.2% of all messages within 2 minutes

      • For devices in good coverage, delivery is typically within 20-30 seconds.



Single number dialing with multiple landings

OfficeReach in nutshell

  • Cingular’s OfficeReach is:

    • A voice-based Virtual Private Network solution for customers that use GSMTM service and devices

    • A database driven, intelligent platform hosted by Ericsson

  • Provides enterprise customers a way to control telecom costs and increase employee productivity. Specific features associated with this service include:

    • Private Numbering Plan – Replicates your existing PBX dialing plan and includes Mobile phone users as part of the organization’s common dialing plan

    • User Groups - Employees can be assigned to User Groups which are associated with certain common characteristics

    • Customizable Call Management - Calls may be screened based on various characteristics such as time of day, type of call (on-net, in-Zone, etc.), called or calling party number

    • Zone billing - Special rates on calls within one geographic campus or building

    • One Number Service - “Find me/follow me” service with up to 3 numbers that ring sequentially (i.e., desk, mobile, assistant, home, hotel, etc.) in busy and no-answer conditions

    • Call tracking on bills - Call detail will display abbreviated digits dialed for on-net calls and 10 digits for off-net calls

Key Customer Benefits

  • Telecom Cost Control

  • Special rating applies to users while both users arein their Zone

  • Customizable call restrictions prevent abuse by selectively controlling calls

  • Increased Employee Productivity

  • Consolidating voice messages into a single voice mailbox helps employees respond more quickly

  • Abbreviated Dialing enables short-cut dialing for both desk and mobile phones

  • Ease of Management

  • Bills reflect call tracking of OfficeReach calls

  • End-user management of One Number Service


  • Improved Employee Accessibility

  • Customer-facing employees can use One Phone for all calls

  • One Number Service allows calls to “follow” the employee

City government example
City Government Example

  • Business Challenge: City employees spend the majority of their day within the City Hall and nearby government office buildings. Meetings and other commitments require them to be mobile throughout these buildings during the course of the day.

    • Operating under a tight budget with strict cost controls in place.

    • Need to control wireless usage.

    • Having a way to restrict calling to city-business only

  • Solution: Cingular’s OfficeReach

    • Enables the City to better control personal or unauthorized calling by City employees

    • Reduce the complexity and minimize the amount of phone numbers and extensions users typically need to remember in order to reach someone

    • By using ONS, City employees can use their office voice mailbox as their primary depository for messages from all callers regardless of whether they call the mobile or PBX number

Public school bus driver example
Public School Bus Driver Example

  • Business Challenge: Wireless bills seem to fluctuate widely each month and have been steadily increasing since the buses were equipped with phones.

    • There is high degree of driver misuse of the phones for personal calls.

    • There is an increased administrative burden to review each driver’s bill and ask for payment for personal calls.

    • There is a lack of trust between the administrative office and the school bus drivers.

      Unless they can get costs more in line with the budget and limit the

      drivers’ calling to business only, they are going to have to remove the

      phones and go back to radios.

  • Solution: Cingular’s OfficeReach

    • Allows the school district to customize calling restrictions for the school bus drivers

    • Continue to enjoy the benefits they have been experiencing from putting mobile phones on each of their school buses.

    • Better manage the calling behavior of the drivers and have a defense against unauthorized usage and potential abuse

Emergency management

Emergency Management

The Fleet Management Response

Wireless mobility

Wireless Mobility

The office, wherever you are

Introducing broadbandconnect
Introducing BroadbandConnect

  • Cingular’s third-generation (3G) Wireless Wide Area Network

  • Provides secure mobile broadband access

  • Austin

  • Baltimore

  • Boston

  • Chicago

  • Dallas

  • Houston

  • Las Vegas

  • Phoenix

  • Portland

  • Salt Lake City

  • San Diego

  • San Francisco

  • San Jose

  • Seattle

  • Tacoma

  • Washington, DC



Based on the global standard, Cingular’s technology roadmap is simple and high-performing

  • UMTS currently is the only 3G network supporting simultaneous voice and data

  • Cingular expects to have HSDPA deployed in most major markets in 2006

  • HSDPA devices will be backward compatible with EDGE

  • Full access to back-end databases & enterprise apps

  • Rich video solution

  • New vertical solutions


  • Laptop Mobility

  • Email with Attachments

  • Access to Enterprise Apps


  • Text Email

  • Text Messaging

  • Line-of-Business Apps




Average download 14 Kbps 35 Kbps 70-135 Kbps 220-320 Kbps 400-700 KbpsspeedsApproximate time to download 1MB file 9 min 4 min 1 min 40 secs 15 secs

Wireless implementation strategy
Wireless Implementation Strategy roadmap is simple and high-performing





  • Business & Technical Requirements

  • Pilot

  • Wireless strategy

  • Objectives

  • Business Case

  • Development and Integration

  • Deployment Support

  • Measurement

  • Tracking

  • Reporting


Cingular Wireless is uniquely positioned to provide roadmap is simple and high-performingenterprises with a true end-to-end wireless business solution
















& Security

Products & Services




Corporate Viability

Service Delivery