what structural problems existed with the league
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What structural problems existed with the League?

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What structural problems existed with the League? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What structural problems existed with the League?. Search: Antonia images. Instructions. The main features will be listed, your job is to consider, comment, listen and express the WHY these might be problems. Take note on the structure and be able to diagram it.

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  • The main features will be listed, your job is to consider, comment, listen and express the WHY these might be problems.
  • Take note on the structure and be able to diagram it.
  • Take notes on all comments in discussion
quick overview
Quick overview
  • The main structures are: judiciary, executive, legislative...just like most government structures
  • In synopsis we will consider things like: how often they meet, how they relate to each other, what powers they have, membership, procedures
  • So be ready, this is exciting!!!
judiciary the international court of justice
Judiciary...the International Court of Justice
  • Dealt with international disputes between member nations
  • Had no enforcement structure
  • Permanently available
  • 15 judges elected by council and assembly (the other two branches)
  • Passes judgement to council and assembly
  • Has free expression/can condemn member states in the press
executive the council
Executive: the council
  • 4 permanent members (Britain france japan and Italy)
  • Up to 10 non permanent members
  • Meets 5 times a yr to discuss urgent issues
  • Major decisions must be unanimous
  • Permanent members have veto power
  • Free expression
  • More serious actions shall be proposed to the Assembly...these are economic/military
legislature the assembly
Legislature: the Assembly
  • 42 member nations in 1919
  • Meets once a yr to discuss budget and elect council members
  • Equal representation amongst nations - 1vote each
  • Major decisions shall be unanimous
a basic recap of what the league can do
A basic recap of what the league can do…
  • Moral condemnation - free expression
  • Economic sanctions - only the assembly can authorize and by unanimous vote. The council can recommend...but to the assembly
  • Military action - same criteria as above, however there is also the limitation of not having a military
  • At face value, numbers are impressive...the league had 42 founding members and over 60 by 1932
  • By then this included Germany and the USSR
  • Quality, however, over quantity...as they say
Membership doesnt have it's privileges...Why did the following countries not join, what are some possible effects of this?
  • USA - Paul?
  • USSR - Daria?
  • Germany - Charlie?
  • Why were Britain and France reluctant to accept responsibility/leadership? - Achilleas?
  • Germany and USSR not allowed to join...made the league look like a club for winners and anti communist (hypocrisy of self determination)
  • USA...isolation and retreat from Anglo American guarantee (more on this later)
  • France was severly weakened and in no position to police the world
  • Britain saw it's own empire as the most secure source of protection...not the league; and therefore continued to pursue it's individual growth
  • The league committed it's members to the concept of disarmament...Wilson 14 pts and Versailles
  • Why might this be reversed or frowned upon by the league even though it is in it's charter? How will the league enforce it?
  • Yazan, any thoughts?
discussion question for aziz and eleni
Discussion question for Aziz and Eleni
  • Overall, was the leagues structure a source of strength or weakness?
discussion question for daniela and mariam
Discussion question for Daniela and Mariam
  • Which was a larger problem, membership or internal structure?
discussion question for irene and alaz
Discussion question for Irene and Alaz
  • Did the league have a chance or was it doomed from the start...why?