find what ring will suit best on your finger n.
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Find What Ring Will Suit Best on Your Finger PowerPoint Presentation
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Find What Ring Will Suit Best on Your Finger

Find What Ring Will Suit Best on Your Finger

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Find What Ring Will Suit Best on Your Finger

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  1. Find What Ring will Suit Best on Your Finger

  2. What Ring will Suit Your Fingers Best? Different engagement rings suit different finger types. While trying for engagement rings- whether it is for fun or your special day- you will quickly feel that not every style looks good on your finger. Adopting some pointers will help you find the most beautiful ring perfect for your finger’s shape and size.

  3. Find the Perfect Ring Match The perfect combination of finger length x width + ring shape + style will help you find the ideal match for your finger type. Consider the shape & size of the main stone as well as the width & style of the ring itself. The length and shape of of your nails can also impact the fit.

  4. What Suits on Long Fingers Most engagement ring styles work for long and thin fingers. For long fingers, princess-cut and round stones are especially flattering. Long fingers can carry a bold style with wider bands which tend to compliment length.

  5. What Suits on Slender Fingers? While choosing engagement rings for slender fingers, make sure you don't go over the top. Choosing smaller stones and thicker bands will work well to widen the look of fingers.

  6. What Suits on Short Fingers? For choosing an engagement ring for short fingers, try to choose a ring that will appear to elongate your fingers. Oval, pear stones help lengthen the appearance of your finger. -Rectangular emerald shaped stones can enhance length of short fingers as well. -Slender & narrow width bands will be helpful as it creates the illusion of length.

  7. What Suits on Wider Fingers? Best tip for choosing a ring for wider fingers is to find a style that does not show too much skin on either end of the ring as fingers may appear wider. - Go for wide oval, rectangular, or marquise stones and angular or asymmetrical designs to minimize the width of the finger. - Cluster engagement rings and round stones in large settings flatter wider fingers.

  8. Picking Rings on Small and Long Hands For small hands, princess-cut, oval and heart-shaped stones work. For long hands, try large rings with bulky and chunky styles. Try on different rings and see which shape and style looks best on you.

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