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things to know about mineral water plant n.
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Things to Know About Mineral Water Plant PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to Know About Mineral Water Plant

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Things to Know About Mineral Water Plant
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Things to Know About Mineral Water Plant

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  1. Things To Know About Mineral Water Plant

  2. When people hear the words "mineral water", they usually think of the water that is coming from vari-ous natural springs which are believed to have curative and medicinal value. Today, although natural mineral water still contains some dissolved medicinal properties, it is no longer as potable as it was a couple of decades ago because of the presence of harmful microorganisms, bacteria, and toxic substances. The demand for bottled mineral water in India is continuously increasing. As the water sources become more contaminated with various kinds of toxic materials, people realize the need to buy bottled mineral drinking water.

  3. If you are planning to start a business in India, investing in a mineral water plant is a good idea. Bottled mineral water is considered as one of the most profitable businesses in India today. No wonder why a lot of entrepreneurs are getting interested in starting their own mineral water plant.

  4. Machinery and Other Accessories For the machinery and other accessories, you can either hire them or perhaps arrange a long-term lease agreement. If your budget allows, you can also consider buying them. Some of the items that you need are as follows:

  5. Market Research Before starting, you should do a market research targeting your local market first in order for you to know further the major things that are involved in the business. Through market research, you will be able to identify an ideal type of packaged drinking water to produce, the best location, and the most appropriate price for each product. Business Plan You should also have a profitable mineral water plant set up a business plan. Your business plan will serve as the backbone of your business. It should include your legal procedures, financial projection, management team, marketing strategy, and staff pattern.

  6. Generator set Raw water pump Micron filtration system Ultraviolet system water storage tanks Water filling machines Water treatment machines and filters (including the activated carbon filter, and sand filter) Conveyors, sealers and bottle loaders (Automatic bottle Rinsing, filling and Capping line) Softener Water sterilizers and dispensers Enough number of delivery trucks

  7. Mineral Water Plant Setup Cost One of the major things that you need to consider when starting a business is the cost of setting up the mineral water plant. The cost may vary from time to time depending on the location and size of plant you will setup. Here are a few items that are included in the mineral water plant setup cost.

  8. Land and site development Water plant and machinery Technical know-how and engineering Building Contingencies Other misc. fixed assets Margin money for working capital Preliminary and preoperative expenses

  9. Indian Ion Exchange D - 11, Diamond Park, G.I.D.C. Naroda, Ahmedabad Pin Code - 382330. Phone - 8511112277 You do not need to have a very spacious land for your water plant. If you have a land that measures around 2,000 square feet, you can already set up your own water plant. Those that are listed above are just the common items that are included in the mineral water plant setup cost.