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Common Mistakes Made With Reverse Osmosis Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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Common Mistakes Made With Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Common Mistakes Made With Reverse Osmosis Systems
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Common Mistakes Made With Reverse Osmosis Systems

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  1. Common Common Mistakes Mistakes Made Made With With Reverse Reverse Osmosis Osmosis Systems Systems Investing in the best RO invested in the best system, you may still achieve poor results. It is essential to correctly install Reverse Reverse Osmosis Osmosis Plant Plant and also you have to maintain the system to make sure peak performance. The membrane can only filter impurities if the surface is clean and also the utility bills can remain at bay if your permeate flow to feed flow ratio is efficient. RO plant plant is not the only thing you have to do. Because even when you have The most common cause of a complete failure of reverse osmosis is insufficient pretreatment of the RO feed water. The systems must be protected from the impurities, from the potential for scale formation and excessive fouling. If there are any compromises made in the pretreatment methods this will result in the downstream of the RO unit. It’s useless to choose a good sparkling premium product if all other aspects of your system are badly made. So, let’s get to know the mistake that you need to avoid.

  2. 1. 1. Irregular Irregular Servicing Servicing Using the RO unit you’ll need to replace them about four times a year depending on usage. The best you can do is to keep an eye on your feed water fouling index, which will help you in your maintenance. Bacterial growth of the system must also be monitored it requires a full diagnosis and aggressive chemical intervention if you suspect any microbiological contamination. Through the regular cleaning, you will remove mineral and silt deposits, hence keeping the pressure within its correct range. The membranes can also be damaged by sudden water pressure changes, so it’s advisable to get your system checked regularly. This simple habit will help in increasing the lifespan of RO membranes. 2. 2. Controls Controls and and Instrumentation Instrumentation The RO System which is regularly well-attended by the professionals will be able to prevent huge failures. You should measure the accurate flow and pressure readings which are critical to monitor the performance of RO. Install flow transducers with a sufficient length of a straight pipe upstream and downstream to meet the manufacturer’s recommendations. Flow

  3. meters should also be measured on its flow rate. It can be quite difficult to manage with the larger systems. 3. 3. Picking Picking a a Poorly Poorly Designed Designed Plant Plant An excellent working RO inexpensive costs. Such systems are picked out to fit the regulations of your industry by engineers who are well educated to give you the precise results you need. RO plant plant delivers performance efficiency and low water loss at A professionally designed plant produces just the right membrane and feed flow needed to lower the fouling while simultaneously ensuring that your input water is used well enough to pull out all traces of chlorine formation. 4. 4. Installation Installation The pre-treatment process aids to keep the membranes clear of any contaminants and avoids damage. Scale deposits are primed for microbial growth and can harm the important membrane your system needs to purify your water. A professionally-installed system will take these facts into consideration while setting to the mineral content in your water and creating a water softening process into your tactics.

  4. 5. 5. Applying Applying Variable Variable Frequency Frequency Drives Drives A variable frequency drive is used to manage the system of the high pressure pump. It can enable the operation of an RO with an optimum permeate flow rate without wasting energy by having to throttle the pump outlet. Even though, if the pump is huge, a substantial reduction in the motor frequency may be required to lower the output pressure. This shifts the pump curve well to the left, which means that too much flow will be going through the pump and it may be impaired. The potential for this issue is magnified when two pumps are used in a series but only one is controlled by a Variable Frequency Drives. What What you you can can do? do? You have to take the action before its too late. The total shutdown of the Reverse Osmosis plant can cost you many bucks and even millions in lost production. Additionally, the cost will keep on adding on various issues and will result in product loss. And you will have to handle the situation to avoid any financial crisis at your hand. However, regular servicing under expert engineers on frequent intervals can definitely boost up the life of the RO system. You can get in touch with Bottling the best RO plants but also we make sure to give your system the proper servicing that it needs. Bottling India India where we not only provide