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Botox London

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Botox London

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Botox is a new technology based product that help in keeping the skin of the person fresh and younger It is extracted from a basic life form – a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum Scientists discovered Botox’s positive effect on muscle movement in the late 40’s It makes the skin under eyes and forehead clear and smooth by stopping the linkage between the muscles and nerve cells.

  • At start of the Botox it was also applied for the muscle contractions alleviation. Later on it was introduced in the cosmetics field after being studied by the North American plastic surgeon In 1989 Dr. Richard Clark who lived in California printed its work in a well-known magazine Botox London solution enters the human skin through injections usually applied in the forehead area, around the eyes and on the frown Lips corners are also an alternate position to inject Botox but it is rejected as it is not as favorable area You can spend less money on Botox London injections as most clinics offer such a service To win the race, they may lower the prices and promote their method but in both circumstances you will gain profit.
  • Botox London treatment has a fast effect which is a great thing when you are planning to go to a social event in just a few days and want to shine It diminishes the wrinkles and relax the facial muscles in just 3 to 7 days maximum. You will enjoy your nice look for long time after each treatment of about 2 to 6 months or even more than this duration It also depends upon the patient’s type of skin This method is also applied for fight against hands and underarms sweating in Botox London clinics.
  • You can also discuss your case and about this method with the professional at Botox London clinic You can easily find the Botox London beauty center near your home by searching over the internet. All listings of the locations are gathered at one map and presented at the website.