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  1. ABOUT THEBRAND • Shopotox, an online portal where consumers can gain • access to the finest high end luxury products and services, is a brand being promoted by Virgo Cluster Lifestyle Products andServices • We started our retail venture by offline mode of retail but decided trying to go isthe to build an in another direction as we believee-commerce future,and • our reach would be much wider through an onlineportal • Virgo Cluster Lifestyle Products and Services was founded by Mrs. Jimmy Kaul with the support of Mr. Prashant Jain. The company is a subsidiary of Paras Power and Coal Benefication Ltd. and is based out of Chhattisgarh

  2. BRANDINCEPTION The online retail space in India is young and possesses an immense potential for growth and success. In addition to this, young India has also shown a trend of moving awayfrom traditional methods of retail. For us, it is important to keep up with these changing trends and technological advances so that we can cater to our customers in the best possible way that wecan. At Virgo Cluster Lifestyle, we believe that e-commerce is one of the most important facet of the online medium which has boomed greatly in the recent times. It is ideal for niche products and could generate viable volumes by getting far more customers than by running an actual shop, and hence, “SHOPOTOX” came intobeing.

  3. MISSION Convert browsers into buyers and deliver product with speed, quality and affordable price • • Empower the consumer to buy anything, anytime anywhere from any connected device • Find creative and innovative ways for the company,it's business partners and the employees to grow with eachother • Create a customer centric system that will work favourably to help customers for any concern

  4. VISION To survive and grow faster than themarket.

  5. WHYSHOPOTOX Unique productline Affordable luxury segmentproducts at bestprices Bringing thebest boutiquesonline Reviving artandcraft from all states of the country and making them easily available in themarket

  6. COREVALUES • Aim to act withcourage • Connecting withtransparency • Constantimprovement • Costconsciousness • Innovation, change andimpact • Customer feedbackimportance

  7. TARGETAUDIENCE • AgeGroup • 18 years to 50years • Psychographics • Students • Youngcouples • Families • Corporate executives /Professionals • Brand & fashionconscious


  9. CONSUMERBENEFITS An online portal with clean lines, easy navigation and a user friendlyinterface Dedicated to promote world wide fashion boutiques & artifacts Customers from India and rest of the world will be catered to Shopotox will set up an efficient customer care service to address customer queries &doubts Easy access to luxury & designerproducts Making art and craft easilyreachable Consumers will have a greater control to choose & order products according to their personal uniquespecification Online transactions will be handled with quick response time as Shopotox will partner with the best logistics & technicalteams • • • • • • • •

  10. SUPPLIERBENEFITS • Suppliers from home & abroad can reach / enter the Indian market withease • Suppliers will be privy to reduced costs in terms of inventory management costs, labour costs, advertising costs,and costs incurred while establishing a storefront • All products will be sold upfront. Hence suppliers will not have a backlog ofinventories • Suppliers can achieve the scale without having to invest in theinfrastructure

  11. MARKETINGSTRATEGY Social media is a great universe to tap. It helps to reach out to prospective customers in a highly targeted way. Also, there is room for extensive creativity. Its an all in one medium that supports static, dynamic and audio- visual creative's effortlessly. Virgo Cluster Lifestyle has already tied up with a digital marketing company who would ensure to escalate the recognition about the portal through social media and audio- visualadvertisement.

  12. CORPORATE SOCIALRESPONSIBILITY At Shopotox, we strongly believe that businesses are intrinsically connected to the community and society that surroundsit We are committed to achieving business while leaving a positive imprint onsociety Asourcontributiontothewellbeingofsociety, • • • Shopotox will partner with NGO’s in order to support underprivileged children and women wherein a certain percentage of the sales from the online portal will be dedicated to these social causes. Our way of giving back to the society we livein

  13. OVERVIEW OFTHE INDIANINDUSTRY The online retail spending in the country is expected to reach $16 billion(around Rs.1 Lakh crore) by 2018 with the number of people buying online touching 128 million. Billions of devices will be connectable with the ability to drastically enhance the quality of living and change the way products areexperienced. Although India had the smallest B2C E-Commerce market size and spending per online shopper of the BRIC countries last year, the country is a leader in Internet connectivity growth, particularly through mobile devices. Mobile shopper penetration in India tops many other countries, ranking third among emerging markets and fourth among Asia-Pacific countries. Some online merchants report double-digit mobile traffic shares. Over 90% of several hundred million Internet subscriptions registered by the end of 2013 weremobile. With continued high growth, the number of internet users in India could reach several hundred million in the next 3 years, and the number of online shoppers is forecasted to double in that time. Because of this increase in Internet penetration B2C E-Commerce sales in India have shown double-digit growth rates in recent years, placing the country fourth world-wide in sales growth. Continued growth at above 50% average annual rate is forecasted for the next severalyears.

  14. Our Product • Visit Our website • Women Clothing • Dresses • Saree • Kurti • Women Jeans • Tops • Maternity wear • Lingerie • Palazzo • Men Clothing • Kids Clothing

  15. Shopotox A Virgo Cluster Lifestyle Products & Services Pvt.Ltd. Venture # 204, PowerPoint Lane 6, Koregaon Park,Pune-411001 Maharashtra Mobile: +919752532103