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Spoken words empowering women

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Spoken words empowering women - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spoken words empowering women . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1s36QHwVRQ#t=10. about Sophia Thakur.

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Spoken words empowering women

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spoken words empowering women
Spoken words empowering women


about sophia thakur
about Sophia Thakur

sophia Thakur is from london her mom was raised in africa.She was only seventeen years old when she started to do poetry.I chose this poem because she spoke about girls how’s world is all about her appearance and she spoke about how in high school and how in high school its like you have to prove something to someone. She speaks about real life for boys and girls by telling us how to act and dress yourself to get respected.

empowering women
Empowering women

empowering women is kinda talking about how school now and days its like you have to prove points to everyone in school. she says people won’t accept you until you accept you. That everyone around you should be as royal as you i think she means by that it like people around you should be someone who is positive and makes you smile and who don't start drama. They don’t have to be popular or a class clown because a bad character can ruin a good character. Also insecurity will tear you apart because you have a lack of confidence.She says women dress how you want to addressed act your age and act you gender carry your self the way you know yourself know your worth.The figurative language

emily dickinson
Emily Dickinson

Emily dickinson was born in Amnesty at the homestead on december 10, 1830. Her lively childhood and youth were filled with reading with schooling reading explorations or nature,religious activities significant friendships and several key encounters with poetry. A few remained unpublished until after she died on May 15 1886. This poem is saying like there are many things we don’t know in life some things we are of and we need to get use to stuff we are not us to.

alice walker
Alice Walker

Alice walker was born on february 9,1944 in Eatonton georgia, the eighth and youngest child in the summer of 1952, Alice walker was blinded in her right eye by a bb gun pellet while playing “cowboys and indians” with her brother in the summer of 1966 she returned to mississippi where she met a jewish civil student named mel leventhal. They got married and moved back to mississippi. They might be the first interracial couple to in mississippi and as a result had to deal with constant streams of violence and murderous threats from ku klux klan. Alice again got pregnant but sadly lost the baby. This story was about like having a better life than she already had.

rudy kipling
Rudy Kipling

Rudyard was borned in bombay but educated in England at the United Services college westword bideford. The literary career began with departmental Ditties but subsequently he became chiefly known as a writer or short stories. this poem is like how people with judge you no matter who you are or what you do.

maya angelou
Maya Angelou

Born on April 4,1928 in St.Louis Missouri

At the age 14 she dropped out of school. San Francisco's first African American female cable car conductor she later finished school giving birth to her son “Guy Johnson”a few weeks after graduation. Still i rise i about like no matter how many people try to put you down you can still rise up from that.

james weldon
James Weldon

Born on june 17,1871 in jacksonville florida james weldon Johnson was a civil rights activist, writer,composer,politician, educator and lawyer. i think this means like dont be afriad to speak up