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B anff A cademy
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  1. BanffAcademy Graphic Communication Exploded Views Technology Department

  2. Exploded Views • Exploded views show objects blown apart to see how they fit together. • This can be particularly useful when showing how to put something together, for example flatpack furniture.

  3. Exploded Views Shown on the right is a real example of one use of exploded drawings. This is an exploded drawing of a flatpack desk that is to be built by the buyer. By clearly showing the position of each part in relation to how it goes together, this type of drawing helps the user to build the desk.

  4. Exploded Views Shown is an exploded isometric view of a trinket box. The next few slides will show you how to draw this.

  5. Exploded Views The assembled trinket box is shown on the right. From this view it is difficult to tell how the box goes together. To make this easier we will draw an exploded isometric view of the box.

  6. Exploded Views • We already know that isometric drawings are drawn using the angles shown below. 30° 30°

  7. Exploded Views We start by drawing the isometric view of the trinket box.

  8. Exploded Views Piece by piece now redraw the parts of the box as if they had been blown apart by a bomb. The pieces should all line up with their original position on the drawing.

  9. Exploded Views This is the final drawing.

  10. PowerPoint Presentation. 2003 Thanks to staff at Peterhead Academy