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《 外贸英语函电 》 PowerPoint Presentation
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《 外贸英语函电 》

《 外贸英语函电 》

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《 外贸英语函电 》

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  1. 《外贸英语函电》 外语系 程赟

  2. Unit 4Offer发 盘

  3. Contents Basic Knowledge Concerned • Part One Letter-writing Guide • Part Two Other Commonly Used Expressions and Sentences • Part Three Sample Letters • Part Four Practical Training • Part Five

  4. Part One 1. Offer and Quotation An offer is a promise to supply or buy goods on the terms and conditions stated. In an offer, the offeror not only quotes the price of the goods he wishes to sell or to buy but also indicates all necessary terms of transactions for the offeree’s consideration and acceptance. A quotation is not an “offer” in the legal sense. A quotation is merely a notice of the price of certain goods at which the sellers are willing to sell. It is not legally binding as a firm offer if the sellers later decide not to sell. The price is subject to change without previous notice. However, if a quotation is made together with all necessary terms and conditions of sales, it amounts to an offer. So, these two words are sometimes confusing in use. (1) (2)

  5. Part One 2. Offer and Bid (1) An offer is a response made in reply to an inquiry or an expression made voluntarily with a view to expanding business. An offer may be made by a seller or a buyer. (2) A bid refers to the offer made by the buyer. It has the same features as any offers made by the seller.

  6. Part One 3. Firm Offer and Non-firm Offer (1) A firm offer is a promise to sell at a stated price and condition within a stated period of time (a certain time limit). It usually contains such expressions as “for acceptance within... days”, “firm offer”, “be valid before...”, etc. The firm offer creates a power of acceptance permitting the offeree by accepting the offer to transform the offeror’s promise into a contractual obligation. Thus, once it has been accepted it cannot be withdrawn. (2) A non-firm offer is an offer made without engagement. It is subject to confirmation by the seller after being accepted by the buyer. It usually contains the words “subject to our final confirmation”, or similar qualifying words. Nowadays, a non-firm offer is usually taken as an inducement to offer rather than an offer.

  7. Part One 4. The Contents of an Offer A satisfactory offer usually includes the following: (1) an expression of thanks for the inquiry, if any (2) the name of commodities, quality, quantity, packing and specifications (3) the details of prices, discounts and terms of payment (4) a statement or clear indication of what the prices cover (5) the date of delivery (6) the period for which the offer is valid

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  15. Part Three Expressions (1) 1. (make an) offer, submit an offering 发盘 2. firm offer 实盘 3. subject to... 以……为准 4. hold an offer open, keep an offer open 留盘 5. withdraw an offer 撤回一项发盘; cancel an offer 撤销一项发盘 6. alter an offer 变更发盘 7. extend an offer 延长发盘有效期 8. comply with one’s request 按照某人的要求 9. as requested 按照要求; as stated 如所述; as agreed 如约定 10. specifications 规格

  16. Part Three Expressions (2) 11. offering period 发盘有效期 12. under separate cover, by separate mail 另封;另邮;另寄 13. current price 现价; market price 市价; buying price 买价; selling price 卖价; net price 净价; retail price 零售价; wholesale price 批发价 14. net price without commission 不含佣净价 15. offer from stock 供现货; have goods in stock 有现货 16. make delivery 交货 17. without engagement 无约束 18. in view of... 鉴于……; 考虑到…… 19. quotation sheet 报价单 20. as per attached list 见附页

  17. Part Three Typical Sentences (1) 1. It is our usual practice to supply new customers with our goods for payment within one month from date of invoice, in the first instance, and later to extend this term to three months. 2. We cannot consider these prices firm for an indefinite period because of the situation on the coffee market. 3. This offer is firm subject to your immediate reply, which should reach us not later than the end of this month. There is little likelihood of the goods remaining unsold once this particular offer has lapsed. 4. The offer will remain firm until March 31, 2007 beyond which date the terms and prices should be discussed anew. 5. As requested, we are offering you the following, subject to our final confirmation. 6. As our market is now somewhat slow and prices are generally low, you are very fortunate in making purchase at this time.

  18. Part Three Typical Sentences (2) 7. We are pleased to inform you that there are 50 tons of walnuts now available for export. 8. We are pleased to notify you that the whole of our extensive stock of silks, velvets, ribbons, mantles, shawls, woolen and cotton goods, is now on sale at prime cost. 9. Referring to your letter dated July 10 in which you inquired for plastic toys, we have pleasure in cabling you an offer as follows. 10. We are glad to have received your letter dated November 14 for our bicycles. In reply to your inquiry, we are pleased in making you the following offer. 11. We are making you, subject to your acceptance reaching us not later than September 15, 2007, the following offer. 12. We have here cabled you a firm offer until May 31,2007. 13. We recommend that you take prompt advantage of this offer, which is firm for three days until July 31, 2007.

  19. Part Three Typical Sentences (3) 14. We are making you a firm offer of 30 metric tons Walnut meat at Euro¢2500 per metric ton CIF European main ports for November shipment. 15. In reply to your inquiry of yesterday, March 5, 2007, we have pleasure in offering you these at the very low price of HK$11000 per M/T CIF Stockholm, packed in ordinary gunny bags. 16. We regret to inform you that we do not have in stock the goods in the desired quality. 17. Owing to the increased demand for this type of car, our stocks have run very low. 18. As prices are steadily rising we would advise you to place your order without delay. 19. Thank you for your inquiry of September 4 informing us that you find our canned meat satisfactory and that you are considering placing a trial order with us. 20. Further to our letter of December 12, we now offer you, without engagement, our various items as follows.

  20. Part Four Sample 1 A Non-firm Offer Dear Sirs, We are pleased to receive your inquiry dated May 27, 2007 and as requested1, we are sending you under separate cover, a copy of our catalogue, latest price list, together with our sample books. Details of our conditions of sales and terms of payment are stated therein2. Our cotton table-cloths are enjoying fast sales in the United States and Europe because they are both excellent in quality and reasonable in price. We are looking forward to your order. Yours sincerely,

  21. Part Four Sample 2 A Firm Offer Dear Sirs, Re: Copper We acknowledge receipt of your letter of April 15, and confirm having faxed you today in reply, as per confirmation copy enclosed1. You will note from our fax that we are in a position to offer you 50 tons of copper at the attractive price of Stg.2 £ 600 per ton CFR3Shanghai for delivery within one month after your placing an order with us. Payment is to be effected by an irrevocable L/C in our favour, payable by draft at sight4in Pounds Sterling in London. This offer is firm, subject to5your immediate reply, which should reach us not later than the end of this month. There is little likelihood of the goods remaining unsold once this particular offer has lapsed. Yours faithfully,

  22. Part Four Sample 3 A Letter Confirming Non-firm Offer by Cable Dear Sirs, In reply to1your inquiry of May 2, 2007 asking us to make an offer for our printed shirting2, we wish to confirm our cable dispatched on May 15, 2007 offering without engagement3the following: Article: No.9001 Printed Shirting Design: No.72435-2A Specification: 30*36 Minimum Quantity: 20000 yards Packing: in bales or in wooden cases, at seller’s option Price: US$___per yard CIFC 5% Vancouver Shipment: to be made in three equal monthly installments, beginning from August, 2007 Payment: by confirmed, irrevocable L/C payable by draft at sight to be opened 30 days before the time of shipment4 We trust the above will be acceptable to you and await with keen interest your trial order. Yours sincerely,

  23. Part Four Sample 4 A Buyer’s Bid Dear Sir, We are glad to note from your letter of May 1, 2007, that you, as an exporter of Chinese computers, are willing to establish a direct business relationship with us. This happens to coincide with our desire. At present, we are interested in Changhong Computer, Art. No. CH-0731, and would be pleased to take the initiative in making a bid1. Our bid for this item is US$400 per set CIF Lagos, inclusive of our 5% commission2. Shipment should be in June, 2007. Should the price be found workable, and delivery date acceptable, we intend to place a large order3with you. Your early reply would be highly appreciated. Yours faithfully,

  24. Part Five Beginning Training 1. Put the following English into Chinese. (1) (1) subject to... 以……为准 (2) hold an offer open, keep an offer open 留盘 (3) comply with one’s request 按照某人的要求 (4) specifications 规格

  25. Part Five 1. Put the following English into Chinese. (2) (5) offer from stock, have goods in stock 供现货;有现货 (6) without engagement 无约束 (7) in view of... 鉴于……; 考虑到…… (8) quotation sheet 报价单 (9) firm offer 实盘

  26. Part Five 1. Put the following English into Chinese. (3) (10) as stated 如所述 (11) Your inquiry is receiving our immediate attention and we hope to make you an acceptable offer in a few days. 贵方询盘收到,我方正在处理当中,希望不日即可给你们发出可接受 的报盘。 (12) We thank you for your inquiry of July 6 and we are sending you, under separate cover, a sample of the product you requested together with our price list. 谢谢贵方7月6日的询盘。我们特此另封寄出你们所要产品的样品及我 方的价目表。

  27. Part Five 1. Put the following English into Chinese. (4) (13) With reference to your letter of October 15, inquiring for women’s jeans, we enclose our quotation No.213 for your consideration and trust you will find our prices acceptable. 关于贵方10月15日询问女士牛仔裤事宜,我们随函附上第213号报价 单供你方考虑。希望贵公司认为我方价格是可以接受的。 (14) Our best offer is given below subject to our final confirmation. 以下是我方最优惠报盘,此盘以我方最后确认为准。 (15) We must stress that this offer is good for two days only because of the heavy demand for the limited supplies of these goods in stock. 我方必须强调:由于本商品存货有限,需求较大,此盘有限期仅为两天。

  28. Part Five 1. Put the following English into Chinese. (5) (16) This offer must be withdrawn if not accepted within three days. 如果在三天内不接受,本报盘将会被撤回。 (17) We have taken due note of your requirements for sugar but regret being unable to supply at this present time. We will certainly e-mail you as soon as there is any stock available. 我们很了解贵方对白糖的需求,但很遗憾目前不能供货。将来能供货 时,我方一定通过电子邮件和贵方联系。 (18) This offer expires on August 20, 2007. Your immediate reply by e-mail would be appreciated. 本报盘有效期至2007年8月20日。如贵方能立即以电子邮件答复,我 们将不胜感激。

  29. Part Five 1. Put the following English into Chinese. (6) (19) We wish to state that our quotations are subject to alteration without notice and to our confirmation at the time of placing your order. 我们要指出的是,我方的报价还可能会在不通知贵方的情况下作调 整。最后价格以贵方下订单时我们的确认为准。 (20) We regret to say that the goods requested by you are unavailable for the time being, and for this reason we refrain from making you an offer. 很遗憾贵方所要的货物目前还没有,因此我们只好收回我方的报盘。

  30. Part Five 2. Read the following letters and choose the best one from the given answers for the missing prepositions. to; at; of; with; in; on; for; from; onto; into; by Letter 1 Dear Sirs, We confirm having received your inquiry of August 20 (1) our gold pens CIF London. Complying (2) your request, we are making you a firm offer as follows: Commodity: Seagull Brand Gold Pens Specification: as per attached list Quantity: 1000 dozen Packing: in cartons of 100 dozen each Price: (3) £24 per dozen CIFC5 London Shipment: during October/November, 2007 Payment: (4) confirmed, irrevocable L/C for _______ ______ with ______ at ______ by

  31. Part Five to; at; of; with; in; on; for; from; onto; into; by Letter 1 _______ to This offer is firm, subject (5) your reply reaching us before September 1. Please note that we have offered you our most favorable price and thus we are unable to entertain any counter-offer. We are hoping that you will accept our offer as soon as possible. Yours faithfully,

  32. Part Five to; at; of; with; in; on; for; from; onto; into; by Letter 2 Dear Sirs, Thank you for your letter of September 15, 2007, and the inquiry enclosed for our White Rabbit pajamas. At your request, we are making you a firm offer (1) 20000 dozen women’s pajamas at US$48.5 per dz. CFRC5% Lagos (2) shipment in March, 2008. Payment is to be made by confirmed, irrevocable L/C payable (3) draft (4) sight. This offer is firm subject to your reply reaching us within one week. The relative sample and catalogue have been sent (5) separate mail. Please note all the prices quoted are bottom prices and no counter-offer will be accepted. If you agree to the above, please make confirmation as soon as possible so as to enable us to make the necessary arrangements. We are looking forward to your early reply. Yours sincerely, for _______ _______ for _______ ______ by at _______ by

  33. Part Five Intermediate Training 1. Put the following Chinese into English. (1) (1) 见附页 as per attached list (2) 不含佣净价 net price without commission (3) 另封;另邮;另寄 under separate cover, by separate mail (4) 报实盘 make/submit a firm offer

  34. Part Five 1. Put the following Chinese into English. (2) (5) 交货 make delivery (6) 按照约定 as agreed (7) 凭保兑的、不可撤销的信用证以即期汇票支付 by confirmed, irrevocable L/C payable by draft at sight (8) 撤销一项发盘 withdraw/cancel an offer (9) 现价 current/market price

  35. Part Five 1. Put the following Chinese into English. (3) (10) 现货 goods in stock (11) 谢谢贵公司的询盘。我们有大量的男士皮鞋现货供应,很高兴向贵方报盘 如下。 Thank you for your inquiry. We have a large quantity of men’s leather shoes in stock, and are pleased to offer them as follows. (12) 此报盘以我方在收到贵公司答复时货物未售出为有效。 This offer is subject to the goods being unsold on receipt of your reply. (13) 此报盘有效期仅为三天。 This offer is open for three days only.

  36. Part Five 1. Put the following Chinese into English. (4) (14) 这是实盘,以贵方11月6日前电复到此有效。 This offer is firm, subject to your cable reply reaching here before November 6. (15) 如对我方报价感兴趣,请于10月底前用电报接受。 If our offer is of interest to you, please cable your acceptance before the end of October. (16) 该批花生系用普通旧麻袋包装,每袋净重约50公斤。 The peanuts are packed in ordinary second-hand gunny bags of about 50 kg net each.

  37. Part Five 1. Put the following Chinese into English. (5) (17) 来信要求我方报CIF科威特价,包括贵方佣金3%,我方已立即办理。 In your letter you requested us to quote you CIF Kuwait price, including your commission of 3%, which has received our immediate attention. (18) 我们现有绿豆供应,如有兴趣,请告所需数量,我方将报最优惠价格。 We have some stocks of green beans on hand. If they are of interest to you, please inform us of the quantity required so that we may make you the best price.

  38. Part Five 1. Put the following Chinese into English. (5) (19) 我们相信,该产品在你处会有现成的市场(会有销路)。 We trust this product will find a ready market at your end. (20) 兹确认我方给您的电报发盘,提供20公吨核桃,每吨人民币3500元CIF欧 洲主要口岸价,8月装运。 We confirm having cabled you an offer for 20 M/T of Walnuts at RMB ¥3500 per M/T CIF European Main Ports for shipment in August.

  39. Part Five 2. Supply the missing words in the blanks of the following letter. The first letters are given. Dear Sirs, Thank you for your letter of March 6, 2007, (1)i for our tape recorders and your desire to enter into direct business relations with us. As requested, we are sending you our (2)q sheet covering the types in which you are interested. Unless otherwise stated, all the products can be supplied within four weeks after (3)r of your order. The prices listed are (4)s to our final (5)c . On an order exceeding 10000 sets, we usually allow a 3% quantity (6)d . Some latest (7)c and (8)b have also been sent to you under (9)s cover for your reference. Should any of the items be suitable for your market, please let us know. As soon as your specific inquiry is received, we will make you an offer immediately. Your early reply will be much (10)a . ___________ nquiring ___________ uotation _________ __________ eceipt ubject ______________ onfirmation ___________ iscount ___________ ____________ atalogue rochures __________ eparate ______________ ppreciated

  40. Part Five Advanced Training 1. Letter Composing (1) On behalf of the addresser, compose a letter according to the given information and message. Remember to arrange the necessary parts in proper form as they should be set out in a business letter. Information: (1) Sender’s Name: Guangdong Foreign Trade Development Corp. (exporter) (2) Sender’s Address: 779 East Dongfeng Road, Guangzhou, China (3) Sender’s Cable Address: 5527 GFTDC (4) Sender’s Telex: 44388 GFTDC CN (5) Sender’s Fax Number: 86-20-83328156 (6) Date: September 20, 2007 (7) Receiver’s Name: H. J. Wilkinson & Co. Ltd. (importer) (8) Receiver’s Address: 245 Lombart Street, Lagos, Nigeria

  41. Part Five 1. Letter Composing (2) Message: (1) 告诉对方你收到其2007年9月18日关于葵瓜子的询盘函。 (2) 去函目的是向对方报实盘。说明各项销售条件和支付条件。 (3) 随函附上目录和价格表并另封邮寄样品。 (4) 表示希望能尽早收到对方的答复。

  42. Part Five 2. Letter Replying Read the following letter and then compose a letter in reply to it. Dear Sirs, We learned with pleasure from your letter of April 12, 2007 that you are an exporter of Chinese blanket covers and that you are willing to establish business relations with us. At present, we are interested in blanket covers and would be pleased if you would send us by airmail sample books and all necessary information on blanket covers, to acquaint us with the materials and workmanship of your supplies. Meanwhile, please quote us the lowest price CIF London, inclusive of our 3% commission and provide us with the earliest date of shipment. Should your price be found competitive and delivery time acceptable, we shall place a large order with you. Yours faithfully, Leon Allen

  43. Extra Practice Dear Sirs,This is to confirm your telex of 16 January 2004, asking us to make you firm offers for rice and soybeans C&F Singapore. We telexed you this morning offering you 300 metric tons of polished rice at A$2,400 per metric ton, C&F Singapore, for shipment during March/April 2004. This offer is firm, subject to the receipt of your reply before 10 February 2004.

  44. Extra Practice Please note that we have quoted our most favorable price and are unable to entertain any counter offer. With regard to soybeans, we advise you that the few lots we have at present are under offer elsewhere. If, however, you were to make us a suitable offer, there is a possibility of our supplying them. As you know, it has been a heavy demand for these commodities and this has resulted in increased prices. You may, however, take advantage of the strengthening market if you send an immediate reply. Yours faithfully, Tony Smith Chief Seller

  45. Extra Practice 1.请来电报盘。 2.请把上次合同中订的那种质量的竹笋向我们报个价。 3.我们现在可以报茶叶现货。 4.我们可以按国际市场价格给您报价。 5.我们报实盘,以明天上午11点答复为有效。

  46. Extra Practice 6.您能尽快报一个伦敦港成本加运费价格吗? 7.请报温哥华到岸价的最低价格。 8.请电报5吨核桃仁的价格。 9.我们的报价是每台收录机300元人民币,天津离岸价。 10.我们报成本加运费价每吨250美元。

  47. Extra Practice

  48. Extra Practice

  49. Thank You !