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Why To Choose Pews And Church Chairs

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Why To Choose Pews And Church Chairs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A church is a place where people congregate to pray and it so happens that they need a place to sit and spend some quality time in prayer.

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Why To Choose Pews And Church Chairs

A pew is a long bench seat or enclosed box used for seating members of a congregation or choir in a


An Interesting Piece Of History About Pews

A church is a place where people congregate to pray and it so happens that they need a place to sit

and spend some quality time in prayer. Pews were designed with the aim to help a lot of people sit

while a congregation or mass was in progress. Backless stone benches were the first prototypes for

pews used in churches by 13th century. They were designed such that they were fixed to the walls

and from then on moved to the nave where they were then fixed to the floor. By the end of 14th

century and early 15th century, the stone benches were replaced by wooden benches which became

more common due to convenience. The pews were temporary fixtures before the protestant

reformation. But over time, a pew became a standard part of church furniture.

Why Pews And Church Chairs?

Church furniture is designed with two ideals in mind. The first is to offer comfortable seating for a

large congregation to conveniently sit and pray. The second is to allow for uniqueness rather than

use the normal type of furniture designed in general. Church chairs and pews are not merely pieces

of furniture but are quickly associated with the whole ambience.

Not All Churches Can Afford Pews

Not all churches are able to afford the specialised furniture required for them to function.

Sometimes, the churches rely on donations and grants to function. It means they cannot afford all

the expensive specially designed furniture. This is why pews and other church furniture are available

for rent and sometimes in second hand.

Pew Rentals

In case churches could not or would not buy church chairs and pews, it was common practice to rent

pews to churches for temporary gatherings or an unexpected congregation to gather. In case the

rentals are not considered good options, church furniture is also available for sale in many places.

Church chairs for sale, church pews and used church pews for sale and some other church furniture

are available with various sellers including Born Again Pews.


Service to His people is service to the Lord. Whatever little can be done in the way of service to the

Lord’s people is considered to be done in His service. Born Again Pews believes that serving the

Lord’s people by providing comfortable good quality furniture like church pews, pew benches and

church furniture for sale at very affordable rates is service to Him.

The shop offers original hard church furniture, with no compromise on quality to accommodate the

low costs of the products. They also deal with used furniture, specifically church furniture and offer

good deals with the same.

Church furniture is not merely for use as a proprietary thing. Proper furniture can completely alter

the worship experience, improving it manifold. Choosing the right style and size of furniture based

on the structure and size of the church might make all the difference. It is better to approach

furniture consultants who make customized furniture.


Matthew Simpson is an avid writer and blogger, whose major occupation is professional carpentry.

He takes particular interest in antiques and church furniture, and is associated with many church

furniture stores. He recommends for all requirements of church furniture.