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Revolver. Ulises Pérez Sánchez Engl 126 Prof. Dr. Evelyn Lugo.

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Ulises Pérez Sánchez

Engl 126

Prof. Dr. Evelyn Lugo

movie summary

This movie touches the topic of the human psyche in a very particular way. Main character Jake Green spends 7 years in jail with two other prisoners in adjacent cells which never see each other. They know of each other’s existence and play chess using books and writing down their moves. One of them is a master chess player and the other one is a master con artist.


Theyalsowritetheirrespectivephilosophiesontheirowntrade and come up withtheultimate“formula” for winning every game and every scam. Suddenly they dissapear, leaving Green alone.

  • Jake eventually comes out and decides to take revenge on the people who helped get him locked up in the first place. He uses the knowledge he’s acquired to obtain his desires, getting involved in an intricate web of plans and deceptions.

Eventually we find out at the end of the movie that the masters, the people that help him, which are the masters in disguise and also the richest most influential man in town who no one has ever met in person are all constructs of Jake’s subconscious. Created so as to respond to the lacks of skill and power his personality has.

literary theories


  • Existentialism
  • Psychoanalytical
  • Semiotics
  • Hermeneutics (Kabbalah symbols)
Literary Theories