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The University of Wisconsin–La Crosse Capstone Research Results PowerPoint Presentation
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The University of Wisconsin–La Crosse Capstone Research Results

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The University of Wisconsin–La Crosse Capstone Research Results - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The University of Wisconsin–La Crosse Capstone Research Results. In this presentation we will talk about:. Our results and some statistical data Some of the more memorable moments of our interviews What we concluded from these interviews Our coding method.

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in this presentation we will talk about
In this presentation we will talk about:
  • Our results and some statistical data
  • Some of the more memorable moments of our interviews
  • What we concluded from these interviews
  • Our coding method
We collected data by interviewing faculty members and representatives of the student organizations and campus offices
service work
Service Work
  • Difficulty distinguishing professional, academic, and personal service work
    • Dependent on interview style
    • 25% service requirement
  • Tangible results from volunteer efforts
impact of political climate
Impact of Political Climate
  • Increased sense of polarization
    • Either increased or eliminated political involvement
    • Direct vs. indirect impact (issue based involvement)
  • Voting was unaffected

Exemplary Involvement by UW-L Offices

  • Office of Admissions: The UW-L vanguards are one of the most active organizations on campus.
    • The office’s primary campus project is the UW-L vanguard.
    • High visibility on campus
    • UW-L ambassadors
  • Campus Climate:
    • Raise campus awareness on social issues.
    • Awareness Through Performance (ATP)
  • Murphy Library
    • Voter information
    • Tax information
    • Voting and tax resources
overarching themes
Overarching Themes
  • Within our interviews, we found that when a culture of volunteerism is instilled in an office, there’s more likely to be a community presence by those employees/volunteers outside of work.
  • Using the NCOC form, we found that high numbers in the “civic knowledge and agency” category was correlated with higher levels of online and community engagement.
academic student organizations
Academic Student Organizations
  • Student Organizations split into 3 groups
  • Academic- group based on scholastics and pre-professional programs
  • Exceptional groups that went above and beyond
  • Screaming Eagles Marching Band:
  • Adopt-a Highway
  • Cancun Trip
  • Stepping Out in Pink- Breast Cancer walk in La Crosse
  • Vietnam Veterans
academic student organizations1
Academic Student Organizations
  • Spanish Club:
  • Advocate for the La Crosse Women’s Shelter
  • “Ooley’s in the Cooley’s- haunted trail, pumpkin carvings, spooking children for fun
  • College of Business Administration Student Advisory Council:
  • Hunger Task Force-(Food Drive) worked with Downtown Main Street Incorporated- a non profit organization
  • Collected 517 pounds of food and raised $427
  • Students strive to enrich the community through volunteerism and activism
non academic student organizations
Non Academic Student Organizations
  • Aikido / Competitive Ballroom Dance Team:
    • Not your typical volunteering.
    • Hold dance lessons for residents of nursing homes and kids at the Boys and Girls Club in La Crosse.
  • Newman Catholic Students:
    • Was a standout as far as involvement went.
    • 900 Members, 14,000+ student hours, 2000+ volunteer hours
    • Good Neighbor Day
    • Serve supper for people in need
    • Place of Grace Homeless shelter
non academic student organizations1
Non Academic Student Organizations
  • Resident Hall Association Council:
    • Sanford Block Party
    • Residence Evil
  • Students Today Leaders Forever:
    • Alternative Spring Break
    • 33 students went to 5 cities for 9 days to perform community service projects.
greek life
Greek Life
  • 11 Social Organizations, 9 Honor Societies
    • volunteer requirements
  • Sigma Tau Gamma's Riverwatch
  • Most have a philanthropic cause
greek life1
Greek Life
  • Honors/Academic societies
    • varying levels of involvement
  • Sigma Delta Pi-Epsilon
    • Gundersen Lutheran
  • Delta Sigma Pi's
    • quarterly donation drives
  • Some exist only to recognize academic achievement
some exceptional examples

Volunteering: 52 projects donated more than $25 in goods, money, or services

  • Groups: 497 projects involved attending a group meeting or organization. 358 of these were school or community organizations.
  • Public Work: 51 projects involved educating the public on different issues.
  • Civic Knowledge and Agency: 143 projects provided access to information

Some Exceptional Examples

thank you
Thank You!
  • Interviewees
  • Karin Johnson
  • The Capstone Students that did not present today.