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student-centered. Student Affairs serves as “home base” or the “dugout” for students by giving students a sense of stability, community and identity before they go out into their field of study… .

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Student Affairs serves as “home base” or the “dugout” for students by giving students a sense of stability, community and identity before they go out into their field of study…

Student Affairs is the “glue” that keeps students engaged in programs and on track to graduation.

Student Health

& Counseling Center

Multicultural Center

  • Student Affairs shows that it’s not just about pounding books, it’s about us being a family.

Student Affairs gives students the feeling of family, making students feel like they belong.


Information Advisors


Talent Search


commitment to care

Student Affairs cares for students by “focusing on looking through students’ eyes and listening to what the student wants.

  • Student Affairs cares for the whole student – building each student up for success.


Student Services

Office of the Registrar

  • So proud of colleagues and how care for students with answering oddball questions.

The level of care in Student Affairs is unique to us within UAA: if a student has a need, she or he is going to be seen fairly quickly.

Dean of

Students Office

Disability Support Services


driven to improve

Student Affairs is engaged at an institutional level and has representatives in almost every task force

Student Affairs is student-centered and student-focused because of its adaptability to the changing needs of changing students.

Office of the Registrar

Electronic Student Services

  • Student Affairs is becoming more efficient and has more time to volunteer for various campus programs.

Student Affairs has employees who go the extra mile to make UAA a great place for students, serving students all day long to answer questions to the “nth” degree.


Financial Assistance

Student Union &

Commuter Student Services


transforming reputation

Twenty years ago, Recruitment had a hard time getting into local high schools to promote UAA, today schools are fighting for our time.

  • Student Affairs at UAA embodies the spirit of the Last Frontier and is no “podunk operation.”

New Student Recruitment

Dean of

Students Office

The dedicated staff of Student Affairs has vision and bright ideas for the future, making UAA what it is today.

New Student




Geographical location of Student Affairs departments in the University Center is problematic since it is difficult and cumbersome for students to access.

  • The separation of Recruitment and Enrollment Services from the relevancy and vibrancy of the campus community is detrimental to recruiting prospective students.

Student Life

& Leadership

New Student Recruitment

Student Affairs would be much more efficient if the departments were in closer proximity with the people they work with.

Dean of Students Office


communication with students

  • Student Affairs needs to make sure what is provided is what students want/need and that events and workshops are for students.

Student Affairs departments hears a lot of conversations with students about how “UAA did this to me” and must communicate better with students to improve student understanding of obstacles.

Office of the Registrar

Multicultural Center

Departments need to be more flexible in their communication formats with students, focusing on what works best for the student.

  • Student Affairs needs to communicate more effectively with high school students to prepare them for the higher education experience.

New Student Recruitment

Student Health & Counseling Center


promoting services

SafeZone training program was a good start to creating a welcoming environment for LGBT students but that Student Affairs must go further in its efforts, as UAA is not where it needs to be in comparison to peer universities

While promoting its services, Student Affairs needs to ensure that it is providing enough services for older students, single parents, and non-traditional transfer students.

Native Student Services

Student Union & Commuter Student Services

Getting the word out to students about services Student Affairs has and making sure what is provided is what students want and/or need.

  • Student Affairs could better promote how it works in greater Alaskan community and the services it provides.

Educational Talent Search

Career Resource Center


greater collaboration

Internal hotline for faculty and staff to access on behalf of students concerning all of the resources available through Students Affairs.

  • All of Student Affairs has the same focus but we’re accomplishing it in different ways and so we need to collaborate to help other offices.

Advising & Testing Center


Financial Assistance

Student Affairs needs to address the existing achievement gaps amongst students of color and needs to partner with Academic Affairs to extend a culture of care.

Student Affairs is able to adapt and be relevant but we need to do that with less panic and survival drive and instead more intentional collaboration and adaptation in various pockets.

Multicultural Center

Dean of Students Office


more space

SU&CSS could produce more revenue if the Student Union had more space for meeting and student gatherings to rent.

Student Affairs would benefit enormously from having a dedicated Banner training lab.

Student Union &

Commuter Student



Student Services

  • SHCC could better serve students and be a huge training site if we had a larger space to accommodate it.

More recreation space and a traditional hall would greatly benefit residential students.

Student Health

& Counseling Center

Residence Life


more staff

Mental health counselors to support the 58% of students are who are determined as “underprepared” – both in the classroom and with the issues they bring with them.

Student Affairs has so many ideas of how to improve but have so much to do, ideas don’t come to fruition.

Student Health

& Counseling Center

Office of the


  • Outreach programmer to better support rural and Native Alaskan students.

Student Success Counselor Liaison to Faculty.

Native Student Services

Dean of Students Office


more data

Historical statistics enable staff, especially new employees, to move forward more efficiently.

Data is vitally important to record and showcase successes.

New Student


Student Health

& Counseling Center

  • Student Affairs could be much more efficient with access to live data.

Student Financial Assistance