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Independent Learning Centre (ILC) Induction

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Independent Learning Centre (ILC) Induction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Independent Learning Centre (ILC) Induction. Follow the instructions carefully, and be sure to complete the activities at the end of this induction. Welcome Message Click on this link to play the welcome message video. It may take a moment to load up. What is Independent Learning (IL)?.

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independent learning centre ilc induction

Independent Learning Centre(ILC)Induction

Follow the instructions carefully, and be sure to complete the activities at the end of this induction.

Welcome MessageClick on this link to play the welcome messagevideo.It may take a moment to load up.
what is independent learning il

What is Independent Learning (IL)?

Developing your own skills outside of the classroom

Reflecting on your own strengths and weaknesses

Setting goals to improve your language skills

Deciding how, when and where to study independently

Group work is also a fun way to work independently.

You are responsible for your own independent learning!

important information
Important Information

The ILC is located at RMIT building 36, level 5, room 15.

It is open from Monday to Friday 8.45am to 7:00pm, weeks 1 – 4.

In week 5, it is open until 4:45pm Monday to Thursday.

The ILC closes on Friday of week 5 (non-teaching day).

The ILC also closes for a half hour lunch each day from 12:15 -12:45pm.

No eating or drinking in the ILC *

No mobile phones in the ILC **

* Bottles of water are OK.

** Turn your phone off or keep on silent mode. If it rings, take your call outside.

ilc facilities

Hotmail, Yahoo mail and Gmail are blocked at REW. If you wish to access these email sites, you will have to do so at the RMIT Swanston Library.

ILC Facilities

The ILC has 45 computers.

You do not need to reserve

a computer to use it.

There is one ILC printer. You are given 75 pages at the beginning of each module for printing. Use this allowance carefully!

You will also find a photocopier in the ILC.

ilc quiet room
ILC Quiet Room
  • The ILC Quiet Room is located in room 5.10 (next to the library).
  • This room is occasionally booked for ILC workshops and academic support classes.
  • The rest of the time, it is a quiet study area. Please do not talk in this room.
computer software
Road to IELTS

Connected Speech



Issues in English

Study Skills Success


Click on this document for more information about computer software programs.

Computer Software

The ILC has several computer software programs that will improve your skills in English:

You do not need to read all of this information in today’s induction.

Why don’t you print this document in your own time and read it at home?

offsite independent learning
Offsite Independent Learning


Building 36

393 Swanston St. Melbourne, 3000.

Other libraries can help you with your English study.

RMIT Swanston Library

  • A large collection of books
  • Newspapers
  • Computers and printers
  • Photocopying
  • CDs and DVDs

RMIT Swanston Library

Building 8, Level 5

360 Swanston St, Melbourne, 3000.


Offsite Independent Learning

Join up today!!

  • The City Library
  • The City Library has one of the largest collections of
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) books in Australia.
  • Readers, talking books, IELTS kits,grammar books
  • DVDs, CDs, magazines and newspapers
  • Computers
  • English software

City Library

253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000


Image source:

reading in the ilc
Reading in the ILC
  • Graded readers (Elementary to Advanced levels)
  • Audio readers

(books with CDs)

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines

Graded readers are books students can read for pleasure. All books have been simplified according to a level of English.

You may borrow two readers for one week.

Present your student card to the ILC desk to borrow a reader.

academic support
Academic support

ILC teachers are available to help you with your work outside of class time. Please note the following important information about academic support:

  • ILC teachers will spend a maximum of 20 minutes per student per day in the ILC
  • You do not need to make an appointment to see an ILC teacher
  • ILC teachers will help you prepare an independent learning plan that suits your learning needs
  • ILC teachers will not correct your writing if you are handing it in to your teacher as homework – they will only give you a general idea of your work
ilc workshops
ILC Workshops

ILC teachers often deliver workshops to students on a variety of different skills, including pronunciation, reading, writing and listening skills.

Workshops take place in room 5.10 in weeks 2, 3 or 4 of each module.

Listen carefully for announcements and more information from your teacher.

This is a great opportunity to build on your skills gained in class!

Maximum of 12 students per workshop.

conversation classes
Conversation Classes
  • Conversation classes are a good opportunity to practise your speaking skills with a native English speaker.
  • There are normally a maximum of 6 students per conversation class.
  • They take place in the ILC in weeks 1 – 4.
  • You must sign your name on the conversation class attendance sheet in the ILC to participate.

Online ILC

The Online ILC is a digital REW resource that you can access in the ILC, on other library computers or at home. It contains the following:

        • Listening and video downloads
        • ILC packages
        • eLearning Centre
        • Discussion Boards
        • Useful English websites
        • …and much more!

Accessing the Online ILC

  • Go to Internet Explorer and type in in the address bar.
  • On the left-hand side of the page you will find a space to enter your student number and password, and click on LOGIN.
  • 3. Click on YES in response to the security question.
online ilc activity
Online ILC: Activity

Now explore the Online ILC and answer these questions…

Click on 3. ILC Staff Information. When did Shane start working at REW?

Click on 4. ILC Packages. Write down the names of 3 packages for your level.

Click on 6. Listening and Video Downloads. Click on Video Downloads. What is the name of the feature program?

Click on 7. Useful Websites. Find a vocabulary or grammar website. Write it down.

Share your answers with a partner

homework go into the ilc to complete the following tasks
Homework** Go into the ILC to complete the following tasks **

ILC Treasure Hunt

  • Write down the name of an ILC teacher.
  • Write down the name of a reader for your level. (Why not borrow it!)
  • In the ILC computer lab you will find four framed photos on the walls. In a short paragraph, describe what you see in one photo.
  • Find today’s newspaper (The Age, The Herald Sun or The Australian). Write down a headline on the front page. Do you know what the news report is about?


Good luck with your studies!

ILC induction written by Shane Talia and Tania Sarunic

Photographs by Laki Sideris and Shane Talia