Slovak university of agriculture in nitra slovak republic
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SLOVAK UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE IN NITRA SLOVAK REPUBLIC. Slovakia. Official name:  Slovak Republic State formation date:  1 January 1993  Capital city:  Bratislava Population:  5 412 008 (as at 30/6/2013) Population density:  110/km 2 Location:  Central Europe

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Slovak university of agriculture in nitra slovak republic





Slovak university of agriculture in nitra slovak republic


Official name: Slovak Republic State formation date: 1 January 1993 

Capital city: Bratislava Population: 5 412 008 (as at 30/6/2013)Population density: 110/km2Location: Central Europe

(17° – 22° E, 47° – 49° N)Area:  49 035 km2

The mid and the North of the country is mountainous (Carpathian curve), lowlands (important agricultural areas) are typical of the South and the East. The most important Slovak river, the Danube connects the capital city of the SR Bratislava with two capital cities of the neighbouring countries – Vienna and Budapest.


Slovak university of agriculture in nitra slovak republic


Capital city

Density: 367 km², 36700 ha

Elevation: 152 m

Population: 417 389

Population density:1 137,3 inhabitants/km²

First mentioned: 907

River: Dunaj



Slovak university of agriculture in nitra slovak republic

Nitra – city of SUA

Density: 108 km², 10800 ha

Elevation: 167 m

Population: 82661

Populationdensity:765,38 inhabitants/km²

Firstmentioned: 826

River: Nitra


Sua facts and figures
SUA: Facts and Figures

SlovakUniversityofAgricultureis the only agricultural university in Slovakia

Number of students :10,000

Alumni: 67,000

Academics: 571

Research and technical staff: 651

More than100 scientific events organised

with a focus on agriculture a year

Study programmes

Bachelor : 38


PhD: 20

Study programmesin English :20

3Centres of Excellence

  • For protection and use ofagrobiodiversity

  • For white and green biotechnology

  • For integrated river basin management in changingenvironmental conditions

Quality assurance

ECTS Labelwasawarded to SUA by theEuropeanCommission as thefirstuniversity in Slovakia on October 5, 2010

Sua faculties

SUA Faculties

Faculty of AgrobiologyandFood Resources

Faculty of Economics and Management


Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering

Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences

Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development

Faculty of agrobiology and food resources
Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

The faculty prepares specialists in the development, utilization, protection and recovery of food sources of plant and animal origin through the development and application of biological, ecological, technical and economic principles of functionality and knowledge of sustainableagro-ecosystems.

Faculty of economics and management
Faculty of Economics and Management

The principal mission of the faculty is to prepare experts for agricultural and food processing industries as well as cooperating industries and to educate them in the areas of management, economics, accountancy and finance, information and communication technologies, international trade, foreign languages and regional development

Faculty of engineering
Faculty of Engineering

The main mission of the faculty is to train skilled operating engineers and graduate engineers. The faculty does not only rely on an experienced team of teachers, but also on cooperation with many other educational and research institutions in Slovakia and abroad.

Slovak university of agriculture in nitra slovak republic

Faculty of Horticulture and LandscapeEngineering

The faculty´s priority is education of professionals oriented on horticultural production, fruit growing, viticulture, vegetable and flowers, garden design and landscaping.

Slovak university of agriculture in nitra slovak republic

Faculty ofBiotechnology and FoodSciences

The faculty deals with knowing, understanding and managing biological, technological and economic sciences specializing in modern processes of food production.

Slovak university of agriculture in nitra slovak republic

Faculty ofEuropean Studies and Regional Development

The faculty guarantees training of professionals capable of processing the strategic objectives, contributing to the community development, especially in rural environment in cooperation with the governing bodies of public administration, and suceeding in advisory and projective organizations, which prepare projects within the EU programmes

Slovak university of agriculture in nitra slovak republic

UniversityFarm and practicalteaching

  • Exclusive space for verification of scientific knowledge in agricultural practices at SUA

  • Farm area of ​​2,127 hectares

  • One of the leading agricultural entities in Slovakia as forproduction and economicresults

  • Demonstrates a high level of management, including equipment with modern technology in crop production using elements of precise agriculture and advanced technologiesin animal husbandry

Slovak university of agriculture in nitra slovak republic

AgroBioTechResearch Centre

  • The project aims to build a comprehensive, research, innovationand regional competence center focused on the area of agrobiology, agroecology, biotechnology and bioenergy

  • AgroBioTech Center will integrate cutting-edge applied research through thepartnership of theSlovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, University of Constantine the Philosopher and the Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology SAS in Nitra

  • The project is supported by the amount of more than 26.3 million EUR, of which 22.4 million from EU funds and 2,6 million from the state budget

International cooperation and integration

InternationalCooperation and Integration

Visegrad university association


Established on November 11, 2011 at SUA

The main aim of the association is to link partner universities in order to provide quality education and scientific environment and to promote development of closer cooperation among the Visegrad group as well as cooperating regions respecting the neighbouring countries policy of the International Visegrad Fund in the field related to all aspects of sustainability.

Main activities include publishing of Visegrad Journal on Bioeconomy and Sustainable development and organing of scientific and educational events.

50member universities

from 23 countries

International cooperation


ERASMUS :180 contracts , 28Europeancountries

Bilateralagreements : 80

Studentexchange(188incoming, 204outgoing)

  • Cooperationwithinternationalprojectnetworks :

  • MundusCASIA (CentralAsia),

  • MundusEranet, Eranet plus (Russia)

  • Tempus

  • ReshapingofAgriculturalVocationalStudies in the Western Balkans

  • HighObjectivesofNationalorganizationalreforms

  • VocationalTraining in RuralDevelopment and Ecology

  • StrengtheningtheLifelongLearning in EnvironmentalSciencesinRussia

  • DevelopmentofPublicAccreditationofAgriculturalPrograms in Russia

  • JeanMonnet - AgrarianLawof EU (Plaquefor J. MonnetChair)

  • LeonardodaVinci (workplacementsforgraduatesPLM)

  • LeonardodaVinci (universityexpertsVETPRO)

Slovak university of agriculture in nitra slovak republic


Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra honors eminent personalities from the academic world.

Since 1995, 31honorarytitlesDoctorHonorisCausawereawarded.

Cultural heritage

The academic folk ensemble Zobor at the Slovak Agriculture University in Nitra was founded in 1956 and belongs among the oldest folk ensembles in the Slovak Republic. It comprises folk music band, chorus and dance group. During its existence, Zobor has performed countless shows in Slovakia and other 20 countries throughout the world, as well. Performances at EXPO 1998 in Lisbon and at EXPO 2000 in Hannover, festivals in China and USA have been the highlights within the last decade.

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