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First American Title Holding Company

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First American Title Holding Company. Our 401(k) Opportunity Phase II. A Prospectus.

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First American Title Holding Company

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first american title holding company

First American Title Holding Company

Our 401(k) Opportunity

Phase II

a prospectus
A Prospectus

A legal document offering securities or shares for sale. Among other things, the document outlines the offer, explains the objectives and provides historical financial data.

Understanding key points will aid in making investment decisions.

reading a prospectus
Reading a Prospectus

The three most important things to understand from the prospectus:

  • Investment Objectives
  • Fees
  • Performance

Fortunately, this information can be easily found without ordering a prospectus. provides this needed information for all of our offered funds.


To access the information from

  • Go to
  • Enter the fund name or ticker in the top left window for quotes
  • Fund information will come up and can be printed
investment objectives
Investment Objectives
  • What are the goals of the fund?
  • Do the goals seem realistic?
  • Do the investment objectives of the fund match with personal investment objectives?
fees and expenses
Fees and Expenses

Fees are broken into two categories:

  • Sales Charges
  • Fund Expenses
sales charges
Sales Charges
  • Front-end Load % - A sales charge paid when an individual buys an investment, such as a mutual fund. The purpose of a load is to cover administrative expenses and transaction costs.
  • Deferred-Load -sales charge or commission paid when an individual sells an investment, such as a mutual fund. It is intended to discourage withdrawals
fund expenses
Fund Expenses
  • Management Fees – A charge paid to a mutual fund's managers for their services.
  • 12b1 Expenses - An extra fee charged by some mutual funds to cover promotion, distributions, marketing expenses, and sometimes commissions to brokers.
  • The year-by-year record of a fund's results can be found on the page for each fund
  • The graph showing how a $10,000 investment in the fund would have fared over the years makes it easy to track its performance.
  • As a benchmark, the market has earned an average of 11% over the past 30 years
  • Employees must look for investments that will help meet personal financial goals
  • First American pays many of the fees for investments in its 401(k) program
  • Notice the relationship between risk and return when studying each fund (risk and return ratings provided by Morningstar also)
getting help
Getting Help
  • Sandra Dalton, Merrill Lynch Investment Advisor for First American
  • 208-338-3143
  • 800-964-4048
planservices com
    • After registering as a new user, employees can access their account information
    • A social security number and a birth date are required to register

Morningstar Rating

Fees & Expenses

Chart depicting the return on a $10,000 investment

Risk and Return Ratings