Mumbai Cyber Lab A Joint Endeavor of Mumbai Police and NASSCOM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

mumbai cyber lab a joint endeavor of mumbai police and nasscom n.
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Mumbai Cyber Lab A Joint Endeavor of Mumbai Police and NASSCOM PowerPoint Presentation
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Mumbai Cyber Lab A Joint Endeavor of Mumbai Police and NASSCOM

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Mumbai Cyber Lab A Joint Endeavor of Mumbai Police and NASSCOM
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Mumbai Cyber Lab A Joint Endeavor of Mumbai Police and NASSCOM

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  1. Mumbai Cyber LabA Joint Endeavor of Mumbai Police and NASSCOM Dr. Pradnya Saravade Dy. Commissioner of Police (Enforcement)

  2. Our Vision “To create a multi-disciplinary Centre of Excellence for enhancing Cyber Security in Mumbai.”

  3. Our Mission • Promote collaboration among Mumbai Police, Information Technology industry, academia and concerned citizens to address cyber crime and its related issues. • Facilitate cyber crime investigation training among Police officers to standardize investigation procedures. • Conduct industry wide survey to find out the trends in cyber crime. • Improve awareness of cyber crime among the computer-users and enhance Information Security in Mumbai city in general. • Develop pro-active strategies for anticipating trends in cyber crime and formulating technical and legal responses for cyber crime prevention. • Develop cyber forensic tools for criminal investigation. • Act as a Resource Centre for other police organisations in the country.

  4. Roadmap for next 2 years • Infrastructure • Accommodation (State of the Art) • Hardware (10 PCs/2 Laptops/Network/Printer) • Software (Windows/Linux OS/Forensic software) • Personnel (SysAdmin/Police Officers/Student volunteers) • Collaboration • Set up web presence/run discussion forum • Organise regular meetings with all stakeholders • Get assistance of State Forensic Laboratory

  5. Roadmap for next 2 years (Contd.) • Training • Finalise syllabus; identify trainers • Train Mumbai Police officers • Plan training of Public Prosecutors/Judicial Officers • Impart specialised training for Mumbai Police Cyber Crime Cell investigating officers • Incident Survey • Decide on scope and modalities of the survey • Elicit co-operation of the concerned industry segments • Awareness Enhancement • Plan regular campaigns for campuses/industry/home users/children • Prepare informative material and disseminate

  6. Roadmap for next 2 years (Contd.) • Proactive Legal and Technical Response • Collect data about cyber crime trends through active scouting of the Internet • Transmit information requiring investigative action on cases of serious criminal nature • Develop a library of investigative tools already available/identify scope for specialised development • Hold roundtable of the legal fraternity to evolve suggestions for new legislation • Resource Centre • Operate together with other police organisations to exchange information and expertise

  7. ProposedTimeline

  8. Training • Training involving • Law Enforcement Officers • Network Security Professionals • Subjects • Preventive techniques to avert cyber attacks. • Detective techniques to trace the origin of attack. • Investigative techniques & Evidence collection

  9. Awareness • To be created amongst – • Parents. • School Children. • Teenagers • Seminars and workshops to create awareness. • Topics – Safety measures on the Internet, Protecting PC, Protecting one’s identity on the net etc.

  10. Security Incidents Response Team (SIRT • Creation of Security Incidents Response Team (SIRT).Functions of SIRT – • In case of cyber attacks on major networks such as financial corporate, rush to the spot immediately. • If possible involve in damage control exercises at victimized establishment. • Collection of evidence and tracking of the criminal on war footing.

  11. Security Incidents Response Team (SIRT) • Composition of SIRT • Two police officers • Two network security professionals • One forensic expert.

  12. Cyber Forensic Acquisition of cyber forensic capabilities • Hardware • Cyber Forensic Workstation • Mobile Forensic Workstation • Software • Disk Imaging softwares such as Encase, SafeBack etc. • Forensic Analysis tools for analysis of digital data on computers, cell phone and sim cards • Training • Training to personnel dealing in cyber forensic.

  13. Training to Judicial Officers • Workshops and Seminars for - • Public Prosecutors • Judges • Topics – • Technology in nutshell. • Methodology of cyber criminals • Cyber Laws & Digital Evidence

  14. Security Survey • CSI/FBI security survey depicts the security incidents happening in USA. • In India, no such security survey is conducted. • MCL in association with NASSCOM propose to conduct such survey. • Survey will tell the real picture about the security incidents actually happening in industry. • Government would be able to enact appropriate laws depending upon the trends in cyber crime

  15. Mumbai Cyber Lab Thanks for Your Attention