don t make this big mistake when moving n.
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Don't Make This Big Mistake When Moving - Bonza Bins PowerPoint Presentation
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Don't Make This Big Mistake When Moving - Bonza Bins

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Don't Make This Big Mistake When Moving - Bonza Bins - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bonza Bins presents a slideshow on the big mistake everyone should avoid when they're moving house.

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Don't Make This Big Mistake When Moving - Bonza Bins

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you re moving house you ve got the keys to your

You’re moving house. You’ve got the keys to your new place and you’re getting ready to say goodbye to your old one. You’ve made checklists, rounded up all of your spare keys, and packed up your worldly possessions, ready to make the big move.

So, where are you going wrong? We’ll tell you.

You’re taking too much with you!

your moving checklist
Your Moving Checklist
  • Maybe you did a pre-move purge that resulted in a thinned-out wardrobe and a few less pots and pans, but we can almost guarantee that, if you’re getting set to move home, you’re taking too much with you.
  • Think of it this way: the more you take with you, the more you have to unpack, and the more cramped your new home is going to be. This is especially true if you’re moving into a house or a flat that has less space than your previous living space.
  • Some people choose to have a bin in their old home, throwing out things they no longer need before they move, and a bin in their new home, to get rid of items that they find do not fit once they’ve arrived. But is that enough?
  • What can be done? Easy - take less stuff!
  • Here are a few things you can leave behind that will make moving home much easier, and much lighter!
If you scrimped and saved for months in order to buy yourself a retro Smeg fridge that you’ve been dreaming of for years, that’s an example of an appliance that you should absolutely pack up and take with you. If, on the other hand, you’re thinking of loading up your old, rusting, kind of smelly washing machine, then maybe it’s time to think again.

A new home is a time for fresh starts, and this can include your appliances. For anything that has seen better days and just isn’t doing the job properly anymore, you might be better off leaving it behind and purchasing a newer model to be delivered and installed in your new home.

appliances 1
For smaller appliances, consider what you really use. If your morning routine comprises of tea and toast, then your kettle and toaster should come along for the ride.

If you bought a high-end blender and a novelty popcorn maker five years ago and you haven’t used them in the past six months - it could be time to sell them on and free up some counter space.

your mattress
When you consider that mattresses should really be replaced every seven years or so, you might realise that you’re due for an upgrade.

If a mattress goes too long without being replaced, it can begin to sag and stop supporting you while you sleep. Over time, it will become more uncomfortable, and you could be left having sleepless nights.

If it’s time for an upgrade, designate your old mattress to the tip pile, and consider upgrading your bed frame too.

Old bed frames could be donated to charity and your comfortable new bed could be delivered to your new home.

Your Mattress
Not to be rude about your possessions, but there’s a good chance you’re hoarding a lot of junk in your house. We’re willing to bet you have at least one drawer that is set aside for miscellaneous ‘stuff’, and you’re not even completely sure what half of it is for.

Therefore, make it your mission to dispose of as much junk as you can. Get rid of any old wires and remotes that no longer control anything. Throw away the broken nail files and useless batteries that are rolling around at the back of the drawer. Donate old CDs that you don’t listen to because you no longer have a CD player, DVDs that you haven’t watched in years, and books that you’ve only read three chapters of.

Here are some more clutter clearing tips if you’ve got lots of general mess that needs organising.

Ultimately, you could save yourself several trips to the car, laden down with heavy boxes of junk. You’ll also save on skip bin costs, making your move that much more cheap.

old decor
If there’s anything in your current home that you don’t absolutely love and that you have no real use for, no one’s forcing you to bring it along. This means everything from the dusty armchair in the corner to the big potted plant that you’re always forgetting to water.

You want your new home to feel as you as possible - don’t cramp your own style by filling up your new space with items you simply don’t want or need.

Old Decor
if you re moving home and looking to cut back

If you’re moving home and looking to cut back on your belongings, you may well end up with a ‘get rid of’ pile that is bigger than your rubbish bins.

Be prepared - consider skip bins! Our cheap skip bin hire in Perth is the perfect way to rid yourself of old and broken furniture that is getting in your way. Contact us today to find out how we can help, or check out our prices here.