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The 2013 - 2014 SAE Employees of the Year

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The 2013 - 2014 SAE Employees of the Year - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The 2013 - 2014 SAE Employees of the Year. And the Nominees are…. For Teacher of the Year…. Becky Blackman.

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Becky Blackman

She ALWAYS has a smile on her face and she NEVER complains!!! She is willing to help any one at any time. She keeps her students engaged from the moment they enter her room. Her students respect her and she respects them.

I am so incredibly impressed by the way she teaches her math class. She uses a variety of differentiated strategies that are all designed to make the students think about what they are learning. I can't imagine there is a better teacher at Sweet Apple!!!


Amy D’Eloia

Amy is the real deal - a teacher at heart! She loves teaching and loves her students. She is willing to do whatever it takes for them to succeed and celebrates their achievements, no matter how small.

Amy's classroom is filled with activity! Her students are always happy and excited to share what they are learning. It is a place of mutual respect. Her students think the world of her!


Sharon Dye

She always gives 110% to her kids.I believe Sharon should be teacher of the year because she has taken on so much change and done it successfully. During the past year and a half, she has completely changed the way she was used to teaching, to be in sync with the workshop model of teaching. This was not easy for her. She has not only done this, but she has done this as well as found plenty of books for student choice, and has worked tirelessly to find and even create additional choice boards for student work, which she has so graciously shared with our grade level.

In addition to her beginning a workshop model classroom, she has also taken on a bit more technology.

She is no longer afraid to work with the ipads, and asks others for assistance if needed. She has come such a long way in a short amount of time, but the best part, is that she has NEVER forgotten that her students come FIRST!


Jessica Eyre

Jessica is a role model and mentor for any teacher. She is dedicated to every child in her classroom. She is a leader for her grade level as a teacher and peer. Jessica shares her talents as well as seeks new ideas and help when needed. Jessica has a calm and compassionate presence with her students that makes them feel comfortable and capable.

In her classroom, you witness differentiation and children having fun learning. She addresses the needs of all students and has the temperament that a primary teacher needs to be successful. She treats her students like she would her own children.


Kathy Gross

Kathy works very hard to meet the needs of each one of her kids individually. She always has great suggestions and observations for us when we need to find accommodations for a child. She will pick up on something when observing a student that no one else really notices. She is active in different committees and organizations within the school. She is a big "team player" and encourages group collaboration in the interest of our kids.

She has great and innovative ideas to share, regarding students who have needs outside of the "norm". I'm very grateful to work with her on a daily basis. She really does inspire me.


Pam Hopkins

Pam consistently meets the needs of her special students with compassion and enthusiasm.  She is organized, and spends a lot of time searching for and implementing ideas to make learning not only meaningful, but fun for each of her students. She volunteers and participates in many “outside of the classroom” Sweet Apple activities, while balancing church and family obligations. Pam is a nice, kind, caring, patient, and empathetic teacher that deserves to be recognized for all she does at Sweet Apple.


Connie McLaughlin

Connie is enthusiastic, funny and very professional. She has adapted quickly to Sweet Apple and is an asset to our students and staff.

In Connie’s classroom, students working collaboratively. Connie is full of energy which helps to create a positive climate.


Courtney Milliner

Courtney brought whole brain teaching to our school which has proved to be a very successful method in gaining students' attention and ensuring active learning in the classroom. Her classroom is warm and friendly, and her students enjoy her and the classroom environment she has created.

She has played a central part in the rollout of the Sweet Apple Magazine, and I'm certain she will continue to be a key component in the success of our school and a role model to many.


Wendy Seeman

Wendy is extremely creative and develops lessons based on students interestsin order to keep them engaged. I have some extremely difficult students and they love pirates. She developed a whole lesson around pirates in order to motivate them. She was able to tie it to the curriculum by doing portraits of pirates and landscapes etc. it was amazing and the kids loved it.


Andrea Smith

Andrea, who is known as "Susie Sunshine" by those who work closely with her, finds the positive in every situation. In times where it is easy to get frustrated, you never see Andrea Smith lose her cool. She is inspiring to students with her positive attitude and makes the most of every minute to help her students succeed. She also has a way of keeping the mood positive in class.

Andrea is very aware of her students' abilities and attention, and often uses her "Silent Disco" technique as a way of getting students back on track. She has a wall full of reward cards for students to help them achieve personal tasks. Overall, Andrea loves her students and her students love her!


Judy Walker

Judy is always smiling, loving, and helpful. She loves not only her students but all the students at Sweet Apple. She is always willing to offer advice and offer suggestions for teachers to use in their classrooms.

She makes students feel special and they are excited about going to speech. She also has an amazing professional demeanor in meetings with parents and colleagues.


Angela Wilson

Angela Wilson is such an inspiration both personally and professionally.Angela's attitude is always the perfect combination of realistic and optimistic. When most people would be overwhelmed or stressed by the amount of work that comes with being a teacher, grade chair, and mother of two little ones, Angela doesn't stop smiling and laughing and never misses a beat. Without Angela Wilson, there would be far less productivity and far more stress in our world!

Angela is constantly trying to integrate technology and make her classroom engaging. She manages to meet kids at their different levels and make them all feel valuable.