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  1. Streaming Way to bring you lived.

  2. What is Streaming technology

  3. Video Streaming is a technology for distributing and watching digital video over the network. Why we use Streaming technology digital video can only be played after downloading the entire file to one's PC

  4. That’s a long story!!!! 囧 Digital video data is massive compared to text and still image data and it takes long time to download. 剩餘999小時

  5. streaming technology has been developed that receives the data from a server and replays the video at the same time enabling the people to watch the video without waiting. After streaming tech. HA~ HA ~ Enjoy it!!!!!

  6. Video streaming technology is developed based on 2 key technologies the video coding technology and scalable video distribution technology.

  7. Video Coding It needs several 100 Mbit/s of the bandwidth if one simply tries to digitize the televised video. However, one can afford several 10 kbit/s to several 100 kbit of bandwidth on the Internet. The video coding technology can compress the data to 1/1000 - 1/10000.

  8. The scalable video distributing technology flexibly overcomes the change in the bandwidth This technology can automatically adjust the amount of data according to the change in bandwidth. distributes the video data without any deformation of the image.

  9. Video Streaming System consists of an encoder, distribution server and a client that receives the video data. Encoding and distribution is carried out in real time in the case of live distribution.

  10. More About However, ADSL(Asymmetric Digital subscriber Line), other xDSL technologies and the use of CATV and satellites for Internet access are becoming popular, and high quality video data with several 100kbis/s - several Mbit/s will be distributed to the home over the network in the near future. At the moment, the bandwidth used when accessing from the home is only several 10 kbit/s and the video quality is poor compared with the television. 我要看不完的影片!!!

  11. THANKYOUFORYOURATTENTION!!! 老莊今天好帥~~~ 禾斗‧禾斗

  12. The Bandwidth 頻寬 頻寬窄時,常常會使網路瀏覽速度受到限制,而類似塞車… 一般而言,個人電腦的頻寬大約 介於10kb/s~100kb/s不等 頻寬通常指信號所佔據的頻率寬度 在被用來描述通道時,頻寬是指能夠有效通過該通道的信號的最大頻率寬度。 Back