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CAST IP: Introduction and OCP Support

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CAST IP: Introduction and OCP Support - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CAST IP: Introduction and OCP Support. DATE 2011. Introduction and Overview. Who is CAST? How do we provide “A Better IP Experience” What products are available? IP Cores IP Platforms Why Choose CAST?. About CAST. Successful IP provider/developer/partner

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CAST IP: Introduction and OCP Support

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Presentation Transcript
introduction and overview
Introduction and Overview
  • Who is CAST?
  • How do we provide “A Better IP Experience”
  • What products are available?
    • IP Cores
    • IP Platforms
  • Why Choose CAST?

CAST Intro & Overview

about cast
About CAST
  • Successful IP provider/developer/partner
    • Seventeen years experience delivering IP
    • Privately held, financially stable
    • Based in NJ (USA), with international partner network
  • Unique market approach
    • We only do IP, designed for reusability
    • Independent of semiconductor technologies and EDA tools
    • Broad range of IP: 100 cores plus platform IP
    • Featuring 8051s, Image & Video Compression, and the memory, interfaces, and other IP to build complete systems around them

CAST Intro & Overview

expert development team
All products developed by CAST or tightly-coupled partnersExpert Development Team

ProcessorsMemory ControllersBus InterfacesNetwork InterfacesAudio Interfaces

Image CompressionVideo CompressionMemory ControllersEncryption

Multimedia Platforms High-Speed Buses Serial Communications

Processor PlatformsAMBA Infrastructure IP

Automotive BusInterfaces

CAST Intro & Overview

extended partner network
ExtendedPartner Network
  • IP Development Partners
  • Semiconductor Providers
  • Industry Associations & Portals
  • Mixed-Signal Partners
  • EDA & Software Partners
  • Technical Partners
  • Sales Partners

CAST Intro & Overview

extreme customer focus
Extreme Customer Focus
  • Global team of ~100 people
    • CAST offices in East and West coast USA, Brazil, Czech Republic, and Greece
    • Sales/support partners in Europe and Asia
  • 24/7 culture with very fast response
    • Always online with Email, IM, home offices
    • Actual IP developers available to help with support
  • Experience with diverse customers and applications
    • Pre-sales help in selecting the right IP
    • Post-sales support during system integration

CAST Intro & Overview

a better ip experience
“A Better IP Experience” ?
  • Proven, high-quality IP products
    • Broad line from a single, successful provider
    • Competitive pricing and simple licensing
    • Ready to use: docs, scripts, testbenches, etc.
  • Less risk
    • Flexible products
      • EDA-independent, technology-neutral
      • RTL source or FPGA netlist
    • Knowledgeable, technical sales team
      • 1,100 sales to 650 customers
      • We know the questions you should be asking
    • A stable, reliable IP providers with hundreds of design wins
  • Superior support
    • Based on 17 years working with IP customers

CAST makes designing with reusable IP a better experience, from your first "make versus buy” considerations through the successful completion of your product.

CAST Intro & Overview

customer successes
Customer Successes

CAST JPEG IP Core Helps Kapsch TrafficCom Handle Real-Time Image Compression

“The IP-core is well documented and has fulfilled our demands in all aspects of quality, performance, efficient usage of FPGA-resources as well as configurability. “

— Erik Larsson, Product Mgr. for Video and Sensor Solutions, Kapsch TrafficCom, 2010

Pharmaceutical industry printer supplier HAPA used CAST C68000 Core to revitalize existing products with compact, less expensive replacement board

CAST Intro & Overview

customer successes1
Customer Successes

“CAST provided a robust JPEG solution that allowed Pixel Velocity to reduce its development time to get to market faster. CAST provided all the necessary tools to validate the solution in software accelerating the development process of Pixel Velocity personnel. The integration of the CAST JPEG core with the Pixel Velocity system was easy.

The CAST personnel was always available to offer support and answer questions.”

— Josh Patterick: Lead Engineer while at Pixel Velocity

The Pixel Video Fusion™ high-def security system has been installed at Chicago O'Hare International Airport and other locations.

CAST Intro & Overview

customer successes2

“We have been working with CAST IP for the last two years for our state-of-the-art 3D camera. We have found their knowledge of system design to be very helpful for completing our project. CAST’s high level of support has been critical to our success.”

— Eli Larry Electronic Group Manager 3DV Systems (now owned by Microsoft)

“iSine provides custom ASIC and SoC solutions to multiple market segments. The quality and support of CAST IP cores have saved us valuable time to market with these products. In this highly competitive environment, this advantage is critical to the success of our company.

CAST has repeatedly and quickly helped us out of last-minute jams and multi-vendor IP interface issues.”

— Robert Gross Senior Engineer iSine, Inc.


Customer Successes

CAST Intro & Overview

ip products
IP Products


8051s: fast & configurable, small & low-power, entry-level; debug

8-bit: Z80, 6502, 65C02

16 bit: 68000, 80186XL, 80186EC, 387L, 80251 32-bit: 68000 for AHB

DSP: 32025, 32025TX


H.264 encoders, Main & Baseline Profiles; Application Platform

JPEG 2000, App. Platform

JPEG, Extended, Scalado

Speedview, Lossless, JPEG-LS

Support Functions: Deinterlacer, Color Space Converters, etc.

Audio Interfaces I2S, SPDIF


Memory Controllers

NAND flash, SD/SDIO/MMC cards, Mobile SDRAM, DDR1 & DDR2

Storage Controllers

ATA/IDE interface


Smart Card Reader TV DisplayUltra-Res DispalyHigh-Res Display


PCI & PCI Express

Ethernet MACs

USB 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 device, OTG & hub




MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256

Platform IP

Application Platforms: 8051: MAC, PCI, HDLC

Processor Platforms: ARM 7/9, M0 JumpStart; eASIC

AMBA Library


IR Controllers: RC5, NEC Synchronous UARTS



DMA: 8237, 82380, 32b

8254 timer/counter

See more at

CAST Intro & Overview

cast ip highlights
CAST IP Highlights
  • Video and Image Compression
    • Video: the highest quality H.264 encoders
    • Image codecs: the most choices, JPEG to JPEG 2000
  • 8051s
    • The leading IP supplier
    • Multiple versions plus application platforms
  • High-Speed Interfaces
    • PCI Express, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed, more
  • Memory Controllers
    • NAND Flash, Serial Flash, SD, DDR, Mobile SDRAM
  • Platform IP Solutions
    • Pre-integrated cores & software
    • ARM processor systems
    • Cortex M0 JumpStart program

CAST Intro & Overview

h 264 video encoder cores
H.264 Video Encoder Cores
  • No-compromise design for maximum quality
    • Measurably superior compressed video quality
    • Evaluate yourself with simulation models or platform board
  • Economical, efficient performance
    • From mobile screen QCIF to 4Kx4K frames
    • Compresses full HD video
      • 1080p at 30 fps in low-cost FPGAs,
      • beyond 1080p at 60 fps in ASICs
  • Easier system integration and application support …

Main Profile Encoder: best quality video

Baseline Profile Encoder: smaller core, still great quality

CAST Intro & Overview

h 264 encoder cores cont
H.264 Encoder Cores, cont.
  • Easier system integration and application support
    • Streaming-capable interfaces (Avalon-ST, or AMBA options)
    • Stand-alone operation (no processor required once running)
    • Flexible external memory interface
      • Low-bandwidth, latency-tolerant, independent of memory type
    • Run-time tunable operation
      • Switch modes
        • Constant Bit Rate (CBR) to fit restricted bandwidth
        • Variable Bit Rate (VBR) to meet specified quality level
        • Intra-Only for still-image compression competitive with JPEG 2000
      • Deblocking Filter when needed for even better image quality
    • Trouble-free technology mapping
    • Up to Level 5.1 compliance with both CABAC and CAVLC coders

CAST Intro & Overview

image compression cores family
Image Compression Cores Family
  • JPEG Encoder, DecoderScalado SpeedView JPEG Encoder

Lossy compression

    • Cameras, image storage, etc.
  • LJPEG Encoder, Decoder

Lossless compression

    • Professional video, medical imaging
  • JPEG-LS Encoder

Lossless compression

    • The best lossless compression algorithm, from HP
  • JPEG 2000 Encoder

Lossy and Lossless compression

    • Military and aerospace systems,surveillance, medical imaging

CAST Intro & Overview

jpeg 2000 encoder
JPEG 2000 Encoder
  • Flexible: lossless and lossy compression
    • Images stored at multiple resolution levels
    • Ideal for surveillance:
      • Thumbnails for quick scanning
      • Higher-res images retrieved for detailed analysis
  • Encoder features
    • Processing: Tier-1 and Tier-2 (typically left to the user)
    • BIIF option for military imaging standard support
    • Region of Interest (ROI) option for selective quality
  • System performance trade-off parameters
    • Output Bit Rate Control
    • Number of Entropy Encoders
    • Full-image or tile processing

CAST Intro & Overview

video and image compression application platforms
Video and Image Compression Application Platforms
  • Quick way to learn or evaluate H.264 or JPEG 2000 before you design
  • Solid starting point to reduce your system development time
  • Cooperative effort of CAST’s virtual organization:
    • CAST USA
    • CAST Czech Republic
    • Alma Technologies, Greece
    • S2C, China

CAST Intro & Overview

8051 cores
8051 Cores
  • Built on 13 years of 8051 experience
    • Third-generation, proven products
    • Over 200 licenses, dozens of different applications & customers
  • Versions to meet different project requirements
    • T8051 — smallest available (cpu = 2.2K 35nm gates); low-power; mixed-signal and FSM ASICs
    • R8051XC2 — fastest available (12.1x), configurable for functionality/price
    • R8051XC-EP — entry level; for basic systems, start-ups, universities
  • Solutions for quicker development and verification
    • Seamless interface to Keil 8051 software dev tools
    • Native EASE embedded software debugging package

CAST Intro & Overview

pcie endpoint controller core
PCIe Endpoint Controller Core
  • Critical features
    • Multiple device link widths: 1X, 4X, and 8X
    • PCI-SIG certified
    • Low latency, minimal memory requirements, power management
    • Technology independent: ASIC- and FPGA-proven
    • Free PCIe simulation model download for pre-sales evaluation
  • Rigorously verified
    • Tested with Avery’s proven PCI-Xactor verification IP
    • Extensive PHY and Mother Board interoperability testing
    • Works with any 16-bit PIPE-compliant PHY
  • Includes Unique Application Interface (AIF)
    • Bridges Transaction Layer Protocol (TLP) and standard SoC buses
    • Relieves designer from the TLP knowledge necessary with other cores
usb cores family
USB Cores Family
  • Simplifying USB Development
  • Software Support
  • PHY Support
  • UTMI, ULPI, serial transceivers
  • Reference Design
  • Verification Board
  • TLM Simulation Models
  • App Platforms
  • Services
  • Support for USB-IF certification procedure
  • USB Device Controllers:
    • Full-Speed (1.1), Hi-Speed (2.0) and SuperSpeed (3.0)
  • USB On the Go (OTG)
    • Single- and Multiple-Device Controllers
  • USB Embedded Hub Controller
    • Low-, Full-, and Hi-Speed
  • Configurable features and options
    • PVCI or AMBA CPU interfaces
    • UTMI, UTMI+ and UPLI PHY interfaces
    • Protocol-aware DMA option
    • Software stacks and drivers
  • Proven PHY Approach
    • Relationships and rigorous testing with industry’s mixed-signal design experts: SMSC, Richnex, …

PHY USB-IFCertificationsby Customersor Partners

CAST Intro & Overview

memory controller cores family
Memory Controller Cores Family
  • NAND Flash, ONFI 2.2 compliant
    • Supports Single- and Multi-Level Cell (SLC & MLC) devices
    • From 2 up to 128Gb; parameterized for 2k, 4k, or 8K pages
    • Built-in DMA, Error Code Correction, power-saving mode
  • Serial Flash, Serial Peripheral Interface
    • Single, Dual Input, Dual Input/Output, Quad Input/Output SPI accesses
    • Identifies connected Flash memory and communicates at max rate
  • SD/SDIO/MMC/e-MMC Card Host
    • Supports latest specs: transfer rate up to 104 MB/sec, capacity to 2TB
    • AMBA or OCP interfaces; Multi-slot architecture; optional DMA controller
    • Interfaces processor (or DMA) to all standard SDRAM chips &DIMMs
    • Compact, with high-performance pipelined and parallel architecture
  • SDR normal and Mobile SDRAM
    • Flexible, burst-optimized interface for up to four 2GB DIMMs

CAST Intro & Overview

platform ip products
Platform IP Products
  • Application Platforms
    • Compression systems: H.264 video, JPEG 2000 still images
    • 8051 pre-integrated with USB, Ethernet MAC & stack, or HDLC
  • Processor Platforms — processor-ready system designs
    • Infrastructure cores: I/Os, communications, memory controllers, more
    • Essential software: boot code, drivers, low-level OS, more
    • Ready for processor cores from ARM™ and eASIC
  • AMBA Infrastructure Cores Library
    • Individual or complete, bargain-priced package
  • Development Boards and Kits
    • Developed with CAST IP and system integration expertise
  • Integration Services
    • Have our experts help integrate cores or develop custom systems

CAST Intro & Overview

jumpstart for arm cortex m0
JumpStart for ARM® Cortex-M0

Platform and program for quick evaluation of Cortex-M0via simulation or FPGA

  • Pre-integrated, pre-verified, extendible processorplatform ready for Cortex-M0
  • Necessary system simulation elements for ModelSim or Incisive; project for Keil IDE
  • FPGA, board, and software for hardware system evaluation with Keil IDE links
  • Expert system design support options, starting with free

CAST Intro & Overview

cast and ocp
  • OCP bus used internally and/or supported externally for most CAST products
  • Example:used in PCI ExpressController CoreApplicationInterface

CAST Intro & Overview

conclusion why choose cast
Conclusion: Why Choose CAST?
  • 100 Cores and Platform IP ProductsFind much of the IP you need for any system
  • 17 Years IP Business ExperienceTrust our proven products and practices
  • Unique Global TeamRely on fast, expert pre-sales help and post-sales support

Learn more:visit or call +1 201.391.8300

CAST Intro & Overview