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Counselling Services. Kadri Korjas Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund 2. September 2011. Counselling Services. Career Services Career counselling Career Information (Career Information Rooms) Job Clubs Psychological Counselling Debt Counselling Addiction Counselling

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Counselling services

Eesti Töötukassa

Counselling Services

Kadri KorjasEstonian Unemployment Insurance Fund

2. September 2011

Counselling services1

Eesti Töötukassa

Counselling Services

  • Career Services

    • Career counselling

    • Career Information (Career Information Rooms)

  • Job Clubs

  • Psychological Counselling

  • Debt Counselling

  • Addiction Counselling

  • Social Rehabilitation

  • Mobile Counselling

Career counselling

Eesti Töötukassa

Career counselling

  • Mostly we provide our clients with individual, but in some places also group counselling.

  • One session usually lasts45-60 minutes.

  • One person usually visits counsellor 1-2 times.

  • Career counsellors work in every county.

  • For registered unemployed people and people with redundancy notice.

Career counselling1

Eesti Töötukassa

Career counselling

  • Career counselling is useful when:

  • Client needs to analyse his knowledge, skills and personality characteristics.

  • Client needs to fill-in a personality questionnaire, ability tests or a career inventory (the need for tests is decided during the counselling session).

  • Client needs help to make a plan how to proceed with his job search.

Career information rooms

Eesti Töötukassa

Career Information Rooms

  • The Purpose of career information rooms is to provide information about different job and study opportunities.

  • Service is open for everybody.

  • Career information specialist can help clients to:

    • Finish their application documents

    • Find the information they need

    • Apply for a job through job mediation site.

  • You can use computers with internet access to apply for jobs or look for open vacancies.

  • You can read books and other materials about job seeking relevant issues.

Job seek er s workshop

Eesti Töötukassa

Job Seeker’s Workshop

  • Main topics:

  • Labour market situation

  • How and where to look for a job

  • Application documents (CV, cover letter, motivation letter)

  • Job interview (how to prepare yourself for the interview)

  • How to handle setbacks

  • For registered unemployed people and for people with redudancy notice.

Eesti Töötukassa

  • Jobclubs

  • For those who need more focused help to develop job searching and social skills.

  • Onegroupofpeoplecomestogetherusually 8- 12 times.

  • Theydiscussdifferentjobsearchrelatedtopics.

Psychological counselling

Eesti Töötukassa

Psychological Counselling

  • Purpose

  • To support clients with their psychological problems in case these are interfering persons job search.

  • For registered unemployed people and people with redudancy notice.

De b t counselling

Eesti Töötukassa

Debt counselling

  • Purpose

  • To help a client and to get an overview of his debts and financial responsibilities and solve these.

  • To find out why did this situation occur.

  • To find solutions how to start taking care of the loans and payments.

  • Learn about one’s rights and responsibilities.

  • For registered unemployed.

Addiction counselling and social rehabilitation service

Eesti Töötukassa

Addiction counselling and social rehabilitation service

  • Purpose

  • To help unemployed clients who can not concentrate on job search due to their addiction problems.

  • Alcohol and drug addiction

  • Gambling problems

  • In order to take part of that service it is important that client himself is interested in dealing and working with addiction problem and wants to find a job.

Mobile counselling mobi

Eesti Töötukassa

Mobile counselling - MOBI

  • Purpose

  • To motivate people to find new challenges in life and come back to labour market.

    MOBI goes where:

  • There is limited amount of information available about job search.

  • There are many people unemployed.

    Main topics:

  • Job search (what should be done to find a job).

  • Appointments with local employers, learning about enterprising.

  • Counselling (e.g. Career counselling, depth counselling).

  • Information about Töötukassa services.

  • Labour market and laws.