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Winegard. Winegard Company. Wants To Talk To You About The Need and Your Opportunity For The HDTV Market. The Antenna Market Today. CEA reports HDTV sales have tripled every year since 1998. CEA estimates HDTV sales at $10 billion by the end of 2003.

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winegard company
Winegard Company

Wants To Talk To You About

The Need and Your Opportunity

For The HDTV Market

the antenna market today
The Antenna Market Today
  • CEA reports HDTV sales have tripled every year since 1998.
  • CEA estimates HDTV sales at $10 billion by the end of 2003.
  • New antenna market today is directed at the urban/metropolitan locale.
  • Fastest growing sector – is the reception of off-air HDTV broadcasts.
antenna market today continued
Antenna Market Today Continued
  • Growing demand for HDTV programming.
  • From satellite.
  • Local broadcast.
  • Two separate and distinctly different consumer markets.
  • Indoor versions developed for downtown metropolitan “GEN-X” consumer.
  • Outdoor versions for the urban suburbia consumer.
Growing demand for HDTV programming.
        • From satellite.
        • Local broadcast.
  • Two separate and distinctly different consumer markets.
        • Indoor versions developed for downtown metropolitan “GEN-X” consumer.
        • Outdoor versions for the urban suburbia consumer.
what is needed to get true hdtv reception
What Is Needed to Get True HDTV Reception?
  • A local station broadcasting HDTV.
  • The right antenna for the location.
  • An HDTV television with built-in or external HDTV tuner.
  • The right pre-amp/distribution amplifier for best reception (high input level – low gain).
what your distributors don t know about hdtv
What Your Distributors Don’t Know About HDTV
  • How the digital signal is

decoded and shows up

on a TV.

  • Multi-path and/or co-channel interference.
  • The differing input levels of HDTV receivers/set-top boxes.
installation tips
Installation Tips
  • Internet tools
      • Go to www.antennaweb.Org click the antenna

locator link.

  • Enter address and zip code.
  • Note the appropriate antenna color zone required.
  • Purchase an antenna with the appropriate color code on the box.
  • Note – assumes clear “line-of-sight” to transmit tower.
installation tips continued
Installation Tips Continued
      • Go to – gives you an A and B contour.
      • Grade contours take into account terrain masking features for viewing area.
  • Conduct a site survey.
  • Take two antennas to the job site.
  • Select the right Pre-Amplifier (HDP-269).
  • Take 6dB and 9dB attenuators to job site.
to dominate the hdtv market
To Dominate The HDTV Market

The Challenge:

  • To design and produce a superior quality antenna.
  • With with outstanding demonstrable performance.
  • Contemporary styling.
  • New design and technology innovation.
  • Produce it at a manufacturer’s cost based fee:
    • Allowing you to price the antenna at an attractive wholesale price point.
    • At the upper end of the scale.
    • With a very attractive margin.
the challenge continued
The Challenge Continued
  • Mindful of those Installers who are:
    • Informed.
    • Interested in:
      • Minimizing installation time.
      • Maximizing performance.
      • Maximizing profit.
  • To whom price will not be their first consideration.

The NEW Benchmark in HDTV Antenna Systems !




SquareShooterTMon (DS-1111)

SquareShooter TM

a true technology break through was needed
A True Technology Break-through Was Needed
  • Normal RF propagation theorem:
    • Dictates a half wave length diameter of an off-air antenna for channel 7 VHF @ 175.25MHz is 32 inches.
  • The SquareShooterTM HDTV2TM 15 inch element is a true engineering marvel.
  • The SquareShooterTMHDTv2TM compact antenna design can receive and modulate analog and digital TV signals 50 + miles away from the signal source.
a true technology break through
A True TechnologyBreak-through
  • Receives vertical and circular polarized signals.
  • With 3 to 6 db more gain than a traditional antenna.
  • Resonant in High VHF/UHF band (Channels 7 - 69).
  • Tunable for improved High VHF performance.
  • Utilizes non-traditional electromagnetic antenna design.
  • For superior performance.
  • New contemporary “look and feel” desired by the consumer.
laboratory and field testing have proven
Laboratory and Field Testing Have Proven:
  • Superior performance.
  • Performance that combines new Russian and American military technology.
  • Make this antenna absolutely unique.
  • Promises to dwarf nearly all traditional directional antenna systems on the market today.
beta testing
Beta Testing
  • Steve Zahn
    • Respected television reception professional in the Chicago area.
    • Conducted our Beta Field Test.
    • Provided sample prototype antennas and pre-amplifiers in December 2002.
    • Asked to conduct objective performance and installation testing.
      • Numerous locations 2 to 70 miles away from transmit towers.
      • Throughout the Chicago, IL and Tampa, FL broadcast areas.
beta test conclusions the squareshooter tm hdtv 2 tm
Beta Test ConclusionsThe SquareShooterTMHDTv2TM
  • Will find a niche among television reception products.
  • Especially among new products for receiving digital television signals.
  • Represents an entirely new design format in consumer television antennas.
  • Likely to receive considerable attention.
  • Unique appearance will find acceptance within:
  • The new generation of architectural restrictions.
  • That eliminated traditional television antenna installations from many residential settings.
unique benefits
Unique Benefits
  • Compares well with performance from physically larger VHF/UHF antennas.
  • Will outperform all but the largest competitive UHF antennas.
  • Will have a definite market edge over competitive products.
easy to install
Easy to Install
  • The SquareShooterTM::
  • A paintable weather-protective enclosure.
  • Requires no assembly.
  • Mounting assembly uses familiar DBS satellite antenna hardware.
  • Traditional antenna designs require fold out of antenna elements.
  • Provides the dealer with a host of installation choices for a simplistic “Plug-’n-Play” install.
professional television service technician
Professional Television Service Technician
  • Will also find many applications for the antenna.
  • Most service technicians working in architecturally sensitive neighborhoods:
  • Installing television antennas in attics.
  • Is often unsuccessful with digital television reception.
  • Disappointing for HDTV customers.
to professional television service technician
To Professional Television Service Technician
  • SquareShooter TMOffers:
  • Wall mount solution for digital television reception options.
  • Configuration will enjoy acceptance found with DBS satellite antenna installers.
  • Will quickly become the “Cadillac” in urban/metropolitan HDTV antenna systems.
hdtv 2 tm squareshooter tm value added
HDTv2TM SquareShooterTMValue Added
  • SquareShooterTM will be priced comparable to an HD7084P.
  • CEA reports retail prices for antennas steadily going up to an average of….
  • HDTV antenna customers will be more than willing to pay for:
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Versatility
  • Distinctive styling
new hdtv 2 tm squareshooter antenna system
New HDTv2TM SquareShooter Antenna System
  • Best-built.
  • Best performing.
  • Best Looking.
  • Easiest to install.
  • Urban/Metropolitan HDTV Antenna System in the market.

The NEW Benchmark in HDTV Antenna Systems !

national introduction of hdtv 2 tm squareshooter tm
National Introduction of HDTv2TM SquareShooterTM
  • Introduced at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
  • Announced To Trade Press In Major 1 Hour Press Conference Following Panasonic 750 Press Kits.
  • Featured In Winegard’s CES Booth.
  • Supported with full color sales brochure. (Insert Pix of Brochure)
  • Advertised in TWICE Magazine (6 Adds)
  • TWICE Magazine (6 times)
  • Dealer Scope Magazine (2 times)
  • Custom Retailer Magazine (2 times) (Insert Pix of 3 magazine Covers)
soft launch opportunity
Soft Launch Opportunity
  • Taking Orders Now.
  • Be prepared to meet the demand:
  • From Selected Distributors.
  • For Delivery in early November 2003.
soft launch bonus order 100 today
Soft Launch BonusOrder 100 Today
  • Receive your company logo on the front of each Square Shooter HDTv2TM.
  • A $500 dollar value at no additional charge.
  • Support materials:
  • Brochures.
  • Spec Sheets.
  • Posters.
  • What?
  • Samples:
  • How many.