Time entry overview march 27 2003
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Time Entry Overview March 27, 2003 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Time Entry Overview March 27, 2003. Types of Time Entry. Web Self-Service IVR Self-Service (not applicable for cost object reporting) Data File Feed (standard data layout required) Paper Time Sheet (faxed to Service Center). Time Entry.

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Time entry overview march 27 2003

Time Entry Overview

March 27, 2003

Types of time entry
Types of Time Entry

  • Web Self-Service

  • IVR Self-Service (not applicable for cost object reporting)

  • Data File Feed (standard data layout required)

  • Paper Time Sheet (faxed to Service Center)

Time entry
Time Entry

Leave Summary - reflects the balances available in the relevant week being displayed

Time entry1
Time Entry

Activity buttons

- Display options control

Sets the column display order

- New

Creates a new line on the screen

- Submit

Registers the time data as correct and

Sends a notification to the supervisor to approve time data

- Use Default Work Schedule

Sets the values in the day fields to the hours that the employee is scheduled to work

- Reject

Notifies the employee that the entries on that line are not acceptable and must make a change

Time entry2
Time Entry

  • Charge/Cost Object Entry fields

  • Optional - if the employee does not use these fields then the time is effectively charged to the home position and organization

  • Project - Highest level of charge object

  • Date sensitive

  • Activity - Subordinate to a project

  • Not younger or older than the project

  • Date sensitive

  • Sub-activity - Subordinate to the activity

Time entry3
Time Entry

  • Hours type

  • Identifies work time or Volunteer/Mentoring time

  • Identifies type of time off recorded on the day


  • If an leave has been recorded, this shows the time off as being relevant for FMLA or FSWP

  • If the employee is recording leave then this will show whether it is to be associated with a current FMLA or FSWP balance

  • If the employee enters leave requiring available balance, the appropriate balance in the section above the time entry area is checked. If there is insufficient balance, the employee cannot enter the time off request.

Time entry4
Time Entry

  • Days of the week

  • Each entry will be associated with a day of the week

  • Could have multiple entries for one day

  • Could have a single line with entries for each day

Time entry ivr
Time Entry - IVR

  • The following voice prompts will direct you through the time entry.

    • Enter your User ID and Password

    • Press 1 for Attendance and Leave

      • Press 1 to select “Record your time information”

        • The next sequence of options will ask you to enter:

          • Dates Worked

          • Hours Worked

          • Time Code

      • Your attendance and leave entries will be repeated back to you.

        • If they are correct, the call will be finished.

        • If you need to make corrections, the prompts will provide you with the opportunity to change your entries.