aacte annual meeting spring 2008
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AACTE Annual Meeting Spring 2008

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AACTE Annual Meeting Spring 2008. Report on NCATE’s Institutional Support Resources Boyce C. Williams, PhD. There are various roles and responsibilities involved in the NCATE accreditation process. Institutions Unit Report Compilers Program Review Compilers Unit Review Operations BOE

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aacte annual meeting spring 2008

AACTE Annual MeetingSpring 2008

Report on NCATE’s

Institutional Support Resources

Boyce C. Williams, PhD

there are various roles and responsibilities involved in the ncate accreditation process
There are various roles and responsibilities involved in the NCATE accreditation process
  • Institutions
        • Unit Report Compilers
        • Program Review Compilers
  • Unit Review Operations
        • BOE
        • State
        • UAB
  • Program Review Operations
        • SPA Coordinators
        • Program Reviewers
2007 statistics on accreditation
  • 72 institutions in the pre-candidate and candidate status
  • ~1200 programs reviewed per year
  • ~140 units accredited per year
  • 2 online institutions attempt to get accredited
total number of institutions in ncate system accredited candidates and pre candidates 2000 2007
Total number of institutions in NCATE system (accredited, candidates, and pre-candidates) 2000-2007

phone calls











emails and phone calls about 18 000 email responses to institutions questions in 2007
EMAILS AND PHONE CALLSabout 18,000 email responses to institutions’ questions in 2007

Assistance provided over email and telephone concerned:

  • Budgeting for the visit, questions about the costs
  • Writing of conceptual framework, writing of the preconditions report
  • Writing of the institutional report, trigger report
  • Program review – policies, procedures, assessment
  • Distinction between initial and advanced programs
  • Interpreting unit standards
  • Public queries about schools of education; parent queries about accreditation
  • Distinction between unit review and program review
  • Streamlining process
  • Delays
other electronic communication coming from ncate includes
Other electronic communication coming from NCATE includes:
  • Periodic evaluation invoices to institutions with visits that semester
  • Quality Teaching newsletter-twice a year
  • Periodic 'NCATE Update' emails to all deans and coordinators alerting them to key information
ncate website

Most of NCATE resources for institutions are available on the website, for example: samples of reports, archived web seminars, BOE modules, or the handbook. In 2007 all documents and guidelines on the website were updated.


publishing in 2007
  • 1286NCATE publications were ordered and mailed out to the institutions (books, CDs, and DVDs).
  • Printed 1000 brochures to facilitate ordering of publications
  • Printed 3000 Fact Sheets about NCATE for distribution to faculty and other external audiences
  • Professional journal articles on accreditation
  • Letters to editor and editorials to newspapers providing correct information about accreditation and schools of education to the public
  • Produced online Press Packet which provides sample news release and strategies for media coverage when institutions are accredited – help institutions advertise their accreditation.
  • NCATE Newsletter
  • Produced Reading DVD
publishing in 2007 cont
PUBLISHING in 2007 cont.

In 2007 NCATE worked on 3 major publications:

  • “Preparing Effective Teachers of Reading: Putting Research Findings to Work for Student Learning” Edited by Boyce Williams;
  • “It’s All About Student Learning: Assessing Teacher Candidates’ Ability to Impact P-12 Students” Arthur E. Wise, Pamela M. Ehrenberg, Jane Leibbrand, Editors;
  • “Professional Standards, for the Accreditation of Teacher Preparation Institutions 2008 edition”
regional training
  • Meeting with the Deans – OK, IL, AK, Puerto Rico
  • State BOE training – institutions often attend – OH, MA, SD, IN, NM, ND
  • Consultation with teacher education staff and faculty – MD, TX, OH, MI
  • State institutional training – CT, SC, MI, DC, AK, CA, PR
  • Orientation – SC, GA, NC
  • Attended Annual Conventions of all SPAs
  • Presentations during conferences - AACTE, ATE, HBCU Family Reunion, NBPTS Partnership Conference, NMSA, NASP, NASBE, NABSE
  • Institutional Orientation – twice per year
    • Access to NCATE Staff
    • Resource room – about 300 visitors per year
    • Examples of program reports
    • Experts in assessment, standards
web seminars

In August of 2006, NCATE launched online web seminar series - an interactive online training and communications initiative that provides support and outreach to the various audiences involved in the accreditation process through the use of our own virtual classroom.

In 2007, NCATE Staff offered over 70 web seminar sessions.

web seminars in 2007
  • streamlining process
  • designing and finalizing visits
  • PRS
  • program review
  • new standards
  • web seminars for
    • faculty of Arts and Sciences
    • pre-candidates and candidates
    • the pilot institutions
    • institutions with upcoming visits
    • institutions with focused visits
    • BOE chairs
other ways of supporting institutions
  • financial review committee - financial review for the “non-institution universities”
  • in early September and early January, send out periodic evaluation invoices to institutions with visits that semester
  • developing new systems and databases – e.g. PRS, database for submitting evaluations
  • assisting colleges and universities in modifying master’s degree programs so that they are built upon NBPTS standards
  • convocation speeches
other activities at ncate in 2007
  • In 2007 international visitors from the following countries came to learn about NCATE and our accreditation system: Turkmenistan, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Jamaica, Pakistan, Burma (Myanmar)
  • Staff also consulted with and visited Zayed University – Dubai/Abu Dhabi
  • Research and grants
    • MetLife Foundation Research Project - NCATE has initiated an Urban Teacher Residency Project to study teacher residency programs, which are targeted at preparing and retaining qualified teachers in high needs schools.
    • Foundation for Child Development - Child and Adolescent Development Research and Teacher Education – joint report with NIH and NICHD has been published – NCATE received a grant to further investigate the topic of child development and teacher education.
Our work is done with the focus on NCATE’s mission:

IMPROVEMENT of teacher performance through quality teacher preparation

ACCOUNTABILITY to children, their parents, and the public-at large for quality teacher preparation

Thank you for working with NCATE to meet the challenge of providing high quality teacher education to our children.